Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like BoysFinding love and companionship in New York City can be a serious struggle for the modern girl but these four women have found the perfect match… sort of.

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is a groundbreaking series that explores the special relationship between a straight woman and her gay best friend. They party together. They shop together. They work together. They do nearly everything together… well, except that of course! But more than anything, through the good times and bad, through all the drama and laughter, and the struggles and triumphs, they’re there for each other. Girls Who like Boys Who Like Boys follows four very different straight female/gay male couples living in New York at major crossroads in their lives.

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: Nashville
Season 2 of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

Sundance Channel is set to loosen up the buckle on the Bible Belt with the explosive second season premiere of the critically-acclaimed hit series GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS on Friday, November 18th at 9 PM et/pt. The groundbreaking unscripted series that celebrates and explores the special relationship between women and their gay best friends moves to Nashville, Tennessee and the all new cast provides more drama and higher stakes than ever before. Each of these dynamic women is eschewing the traditions of their conservative Southern home-town with a rebel yell and a proud partnership with their GBFs. The women stand by their men and share laughter, love and unwavering support while experiencing life’s biggest milestones and challenges, even when the drama is overwhelming.

The new season debuts with back to back episodes on Friday, November 18th at 9:00 and 9:30pm. Beginning Friday, November 25th one episode will air every Friday at 9:00 pm.

“Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys,” which drew critical acclaim and a passionate following, including more than 215,000 Facebook Fans in its first season, returns with four new “couples” from all walks of life: from a #1 hit songwriter trying to reconcile his sexuality with his beliefs as an evangelical Christian and his best friend, an Aussie singer-songwriter and former “Facts of Life” child star, to a gay single dad who recently divorced his wife (from a straight marriage) who moonlights as a stand-up comic, and his best friend, a pregnant school therapist whose husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan. The couples also include a self-proclaimed “country hick” who was raised Mormon and his best friend whom he calls his “ebony queen”and an eccentric, well-connected duo who can’t seem to agree on anything except how fabulous the other one is. The cast of “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” is as vibrant as they are eclectic and the diversity of characters combats the sentiment that there is one type of gay man—or one type of friendship.

The conservative “red state” setting provides these couples with an interesting new set of challenges including living in a community where many people are still in the closet and lack the support of family members. Drama unfolds right from the beginning with a blow-up fight between best friends Jared and Tenisha, and viewers will quickly see that these are not ‘made-for-TV’ relationships. Each remarkable relationship unfolds over the course of the season as a real-life tribute to lasting alternative love.