Getting on the Property Ladder

Getting on the Property LadderCompromise is the name of the game tonight as wannabe homeowners Bronwen and Matt search for their ideal first home in the beautiful rural setting of Shropshire. Having rented for years near the Welsh border, this young couple are now looking to settle down and are focussing their search in the Ludlow area. Matt a printer by trade, wants an easy life that a new build would offer and Bronwen has her heart set on original features and character, but with only 150,000 to spend the couple will have to get creative and agree on something in order to get those all important keys to their first home.

Property expert Tony Jacobs has to work hard to keep their property dreams on target. WATFORD (tx 27th July 2006) Tonight there’s sibling rivalry as property expert Tony Jacobs helps brother and sister buy their first house… together. London police officer Ross is tired of sharing with mates and longs to get on the property ladder. His sister Christina a communications executive, also shares that dream, so by pulling their cash and teaming up they embark on the road to own their own home. A cottage in Royal Windsor is their ideal, but with only #210,000 between them, will the dream of borrowing sugar from local residents Elton John and the Queen be just that, or can property expert Tony Jacobs help smooth the path to their very own front door? FULHAM (tx 3rd August 2006) London’s pricey Fulham area gets the treatment tonight as first-time buyers David and Leigh search for their very first home. South African Leigh is a graphic artist and David a PR executive from Canada, are desperate to find a home by their beloved coffee shops in the Fulham area. Their number one requirement is that the neighbourhood passes their all important cappuccino test, but it’s an uphill struggle all the way as their #180,000 budget will barely buy them a broom cupboard in an area better known for footballers’ wives than struggling first time homeowners. Property expert Tony Jacobs battles with the postcode snobs to find their dream home. MANCHESTER (tx 10th August 2006) We’re in property market booming Manchester this week where Mancunian twenty-somethings Kate and Allan are fed up with going back and forth of each other’s parent’s homes so they decide to fly the coop and take the plunge and buy their first home together. Kate works for a European insurance company and Allan is a recruitment consultant, but even with their combined salaries, the couple will have to stretch their finances to their limit. And with only #95,000 to spend in one of the trendiest cities in the UK, property expert Tony Jacobs has his work cut out for him. CHISWICK (tx 17th August 2006) With the average price of a London home now approaching #300,000, it’s no wonder first time buyers struggle to get a foot on the property, but this week city slickers Rachel and Dave decide to give up their comfortable rented Chelsea flat and start the search for their very first home. Rachel and Dave both work in high pressured jobs in PR in the capital’s financial square mile and are looking for a quiet retreat they can both call their own. But with the high cost of London living and rocketing house prices, property expert Tony Jacobs will have to do some quick maneuvering to get these two the key to their dream home. NEWCASTLE (tx 24th August 2006) Property expert Tony Jacobs heads to Newcastle to help first-time buyers and engaged couple Anna and Ross find their ideal family home. Newcastle Utd fan Ross and his fiance Anna both work for a Christian youth charity based in the Northeast. Having rented separately for years in the Newcastle area, the two have finally set the date and their goal to buy before their forthcoming marriage. But with a tight budget, high expectations, and only months before the wedding, the pressure is on for Tony who has to pull out all the stops for the bride and groom to be.