Gay Hollywood

Gay HollywoodBeing gay in Hollywood has never been more mainstream, with openly gay producers, writers and studio heads attached to some of the most successful films and TV shows in the business. But what is it really like to be young and gay in Hollywood? Does it open doors or slam them shut? Or does it make any difference at all?

THE AMC PROJECT: GAY HOLLYWOOD, is an informative, moving and entertaining journey of discovery by five gay men as they are trying to make their mark in Hollywood. GAY HOLLYWOOD is a candid, unscripted exploration of what it’s like to work and build a career in Hollywood when you happen to be gay.

Robert is an actor who faces the prospect of what jobs he can get after ten years of struggling; Lance is a writer/director who worries about being niched as a gay filmmaker because he is looking to tell other stories; Morgan is a writer who believes you have to work with what you’ve got to get ahead; Micah is a struggling performer who moonlights as “Bridgett of Madison County” at Dragville in West Hollywood, and Allan is a writer/director with several film festival hits behind him and mounting bills ahead of him.

Through interviews, round-table discussions and glimpses into the world of gay power players in Hollywood, this provocative new show takes on issues of sexuality, discrimination, social lives and politics and life’s triumphant moments.


Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Producer & Director: Jeremy Simmons
1 x 60 minutes