From Ranch to Raunch

From Ranch to RaunchThe 1970’s marked a highpoint in modern hedonsim, and the “sex and drugs” lifestyle was played out most spectacularly in California. This was the era when wife-swapping became a reality, and the new, sexually liberated way of life created a new look – captured in all it’s glorious excess and tastelessness by the movie “Boogie Nights”. Los Angeles was a land of bachelor pads and the conventional suburban homes – Ranch houses – were transformed with the addition of shag pile carpet and new inventions like the waterbed and the Jacuzzi, into sensual, swinging party houses. The result is an iconic image of modern decadence that has become part of the visual language of movies and music videos to this day.

Executive Producers: Liz Hartford & Fenton Bailey
Field Producer: Jane Fitzgerald
Editor: Derek Inglis
Producer / Director: Paul Tilzey