Epic TV: The Top Ten Miniseries of All Time

Epic TV: The Top Ten Miniseries of All TimeEpic TV: the Top Ten Miniseries of All Time, is a look back at the television genre that broke new ground for scope, quality, and impact in television programming. In Epic TV, we examine the ten greatest miniseries ever made, as picked by a panel of industry experts, and through them, the history of TV’s prestige pieces. From behind-the-scenes stories to their life altering impact on our society, the history of the miniseries is explored with footage, clips, and interviews with the likes of Richard Chamberlain, Jeremy Irons, LeVar Burton, Armistead Maupin, Tim Daly, Dan Curtis, etc.

Which famous love scene had to be reshot because it was too boring? Which miniseries took two years to film? What happened when a superstar got shipped to Japan to make a miniseries with a crew that didn’t speak any english? And who found working on the set of a miniseries so intense that they can’t remember three days worth of filming? Find out the answers to these questions on “Epic TV: The Top Ten Miniseries of All Time!”

Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Producer & Writer: Craig Browner
Segment Producer: Caroline Stack
Associate Producer: Loren Roberts
Researcher: Terrance Austin
Narrator: Jane Seymour
1×60 min