Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole

Dark Roots: The Unauthorized Anna Nicole

Y’all Gather Round
To Hear Our Story
Of A Young Girl’s Dreams
Of Fame And Glory

She is at the eye of the storm in the Texas-sized battle between big tits and big oil. At first blush this is a classic Beauty vs. the Beast story bursting with titillating elements: kinky sex, big money, courtroom theater, class warfare and an outrageous family feud.

But at the core of this complex legal entanglement, is really the tragic story of a simple girl from the South caught up in a whirlwind beyond her control. We will show that, in addition to legal prejudice, Anna Nicole is also a victim of popular prejudice, the high price to pay for being blonde, beautiful, busty and a woman. In Annas case, the cost of being an object of desire is often to be treated as an object by the very people who are supposed to support her: her family, her boyfriends, her attorneys and possibly her dead husband.

If Anne Nicole Smith had not existed, nobody would have dared invent her In an era of outrageous media stories, the story of Anna Nicole is a rags-to-riches fairytale that should not be read to children. Born in Houston in 1968 and abandoned by her father as an infant, raised in a blue-collar home by a mother with whom she fought constantly, Vickie Lynn Hogans early years were a blur of trailer-parks, failed relationships and strip bars.

But by 1993 she had transformed herself into a platinum blonde reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Her statuesque frame was everywhere Playboy, Guess Jeans ads and exploitative thrillers. She was also head over heels in love with an 89-year old oil tycoon named J. Howard Marshall.

When J. Howard Marshall passed away just fourteen months after their marriage, Anna was staring at hundreds of millions of dollars of inheritance and the Marshall heirs were apoplectic with rage.

The ensuing legal sideshow has transfixed the nation: Anna decked out in revealing clothing, slurring her answers on the stand thanks to a slight pain-killer addiction, allegations of attempted murder, evidence tampering, lesbian relationships and sexual abuse. And whats at stake? Just a half a billion dollars.

The Anna Nicole Smith story has a cast of characters that would make Tennessee Williams proud: A tragic central figure, Lone-Star money, Hollywood sleaze and big business barons.

In the end, we take a stab at the 500 million-dollar question: Who is Anna Nicole Smith? Is she a cold-hearted gold digger? Or is she a simple girl with big appetites for who too much happened too fast?


Produced, Directed, and Written by: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Gabriel Rotello