Children of God: Lost & Found

Children of GodFilmaker Noah Thomson goes in search of the young adults who have made a life for themselves outside of the controversial christian cult “The Children of God’. Many children of this cult have failed to thrive in the outside world and committed suicide, unable to adjust to life in a society indifferent to their abuse as children. Noah isnt just a documentary filmmaker on a mission, he himself grew up in the Children of God before leaving as a young adult, and his search for other former child members of the group leads him on his own heartwrenching investigation into his own childhood and search for his mother. Noah Halley Thomson was born in Brazil in 1976 in a Children of God commune. As a child he grew moving around, living in campers and tents in various communes. Ever since he can remember he wanted to make films. At 18 he moved to a commune in Japan and worked for the Children of God’s in-house video production unit. After leaving the group, he started collecting video footage to document his childhood. Children of God: Lost & Found is his first film. He lives in Brooklyn.

Executive Producers: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Director & Producer: Noah Thomson
Co-Producer: Mona Card
Editor: Mike Rysavy