The Art Show

The Art ShowThe Art Show is a most misleading title for this eccentric and provocative series about contemporary culture. In the first two series, films have encompassed everything from searing polemics against art and cinema from Jake Chapman and Vincent Gallo.
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Spoils Of War

Simon Norfolk, one of Britain’s leading war photographers, specialises in documenting the less obvious effects of war. Often going in after the conflict has ended, Norfolk captures the unexpected consequences of war, the mess battles leave. This engaging film reveals his stunning photographs and shows him on location shooting battered landscap

I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman

Randy Newman is a lifelong hero of journalist Jon Ronson. In this intimate profile, Newman takes Ronson to his Bel Air home, plays some original songs, and muses on his inexplicable lack of popularity.

Why Do People Buy Art?

Ben Lewis investigates the vagueries of the modern art market in New York.

Confessions Of A Sheepshagger

Jacques Perettis film about the welsh author Nialls Griffith.

Beware Live Art

Jacque Peretti investigates the pretension and absurdity of the world of performance art.

I Love Carbuncles

Architectural critic Tom Dyckhoff sings the joys of concrete brutalism now being demolished around the country thanks to the hate campaign mounted by Prince Charles.

The Late George Shaw

Enamel painter George Shaw imagines his own Obituary.

London Sucks

Jacques Peretti rants about the lichen-like London sprawl swallowing up all of the British countryside.

Linklater St Richard of Austin (60 min)

Ben Lewis meets his hero filmaker Richard Linklater and becomes ensnared in a Waking Life style attempt to figure out the meaning of his oeuvres.


Series Editor: Janet Lee
Series Producer: Jacques Peretti