Angelina: Saint or Sinner

Angelina Jolie, Saint or SinnerMan-eater, knife-lover, UN spokeswoman, bisexual, mother, home wrecker; Angelina has been labeled them all, capturing the world with her eccentric tastes, sexuality and goodwill. But while we can read the tabloid headlines and watch her traipse around the globe, what else can we wonder but…who is the real Angelina Jolie? ANGELINA: SAINT OR SINNER? pieces together Angelina’s life from her Beverley Hills childhood to those blood lettings that shocked and intrigued the world, to explain the present day conundrum that makes her both the worlds most irresistible Femme Fatale, and its most believable celebrity humanitarian. Interviewees from Tomb Raider director Simon West, to celebrated academic Camille Paglia, to school friends help to unravel the mystery of Angelina…and for the first time supermodel Jenni Shimizu gives us the scoop on her intimate relationship with Hollywood’s hottest star.

Executive Producer: Adam Perry
Director / Producer: Rachel Himbury