25iest: Power Couples


25iest: Power Couples is a new pop culture countdown show exclusively for Oxygen. Hosted by Hollywood pair Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, 25iest: Power Couples counts down the most influential couples across Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, and Politics.

With the help of a Blue Ribbon with guests such as Melissa Rivers, Popsugar, Toccara, Cat Sadler, Ant, Rebecca Cory and much more, we explore America’s fascination with the couples that define and influence our cultural landscape. Breaking down these dynamic duos on the lines STYLE, MONEY, SEX, LOVE, and IMPACT, we will see how these power couples have made their unique imprint on pop culture.

The Blue Ribbon Panel will lend their expert opinion on the inner workings of the world’s most fascinating pairs. From Posh and Beck’s success in athletics and fashion to Gwen and Gavin’s rock steady marriage, our Blue Ribbon Panel will tell us how and why all our power couples made it to the Top 25.