25iest: Celeb-u-tots


25iest: Celeb-u-tots is a new pop culture countdown show exclusively for Oxygen.

Celeb-u-tots! They’re the biggest trend sweeping Hollywood! You can’t be considered for the A-list without one… or two… or three. Tot-phenom is taking over Hollywood with almost every top list star popping out a kid and every magazine at the checkout counter running baby bump alerts and the latest on Hollywood’s next generation of stars: Are Suri Cruise and Cruz Beckham having a playdate? What designer gave J-Lo’s twins custom fur wraps? Who just got their 12 year old son a starring role in a major motion picture?

On this edition of THE 25IEST we’re counting down the Celeb-u-tots we can’t get enough. Whether they’re a tantrum throwing two year old or a troubled teen, if they’re the child of a star then we’re obsessed with them. And we’ll rank them based on just how fascinating these famous offspring really are!