10 Kids 2 Dads

10 Kids 2 Dads

2×30 – OWN – Premieres August 18, 2012  – 10PM

Meet the McCormack-Reamers: Papa Clint, Daddy Bryan, Mark, Kenny, Graeme, Garret, Seth, Keegan, Caleb, Liam, Hayden, and little Cooper. A true modern American family with 10 kids, 2 parents and 2 dogs.

As a committed gay couple living in suburban Michigan, Clint and Bryan wanted to start a family, but 10 African American kids and nonstop commotion wasn‘t exactly what they had envisioned. After their first successful adoption the agency kept calling with more children in need of a forever home. And Clint and Bryan created a full house.

10 KIDS 2 DADS explores the life and times of this amazing family as they  navigate the joys and challenges of parenting, deal with issues unique to adoptive families, and confront prejudice and misunderstandings in the world around them.

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10 Kids Are Coming Again!


If you happened to miss the 10 Kids 2 Dads premiere last week, you are in luck. OWN is running the episodes again tonight. The series follows a suburban gay couple who always wanted a family so they adopted ten kids.  The all-boy entourage, ranges from three years to 19... and they are a hoot!! As the Advocate expressed, "The beauty of 10 Kids, 2 ... See the Rest

Good Fortune of 10 Kids 2 Dads


  I consider myself blessed by the projects that I work on at World of Wonder and 10 Kids 2 Dads is no exception. Not only was I lucky enough to work with them in Michigan, but through the magic of editing I spent the last four months up close and personal. I grew to love them – the charm of Clint, the subtlety of Bryan, and the spark ... See the Rest

Tune-In Alert


10 Kids, 2 Dads is truly one of those shows  you walk away from  feeling good. I can go on and on about the dads Clint and Bryan, but this is something for you all to see. I am blown away by the love. We are the lucky ones who get adopted into such loving homes, and it makes me feel warm all over. Don't miss the love tomorrow on OWN at 10PM. I ... See the Rest

10 Kids 2 Dads on OWN

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Be sure you tune in to OWN and World of Wonder's one-hour special 10 Kids 2 Dads this Saturday  at 10PM on OWN! ... See the Rest

10 Kids 2 Dads

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10 Kids, 2 Dads is the real Modern Family, no acting involved. Just two gay dads in a conservative suburb of Detroit doing their best to raise their 10 beautiful boys. I give dads Clint and Bryan all the credit in the world. I could just barely handle raising my two daughters. Parenting is the hardest, most selfless job in the world and it just ... See the Rest

10 Kids 2 Dads Coming to OWN

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Variety announced today that in an effort to build up its programming base, OWN has given the greenlight to  World of Wonder's 10 Kids 2 Dads, about a Midwestern gay couple who have adopted 10 underprivilaged children. "As a committed gay couple living in suburban Michigan, Clint and Bryan wanted to start a family.  But 10 African American kids and ... See the Rest