Watch Bonnie McKee’s New Christmas Classic “California Winter”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Bonnie McKee's "California Winter" - World of Wonder

It's your new favorite Christmas song! The criminally underrated Bonnie McGee out-Ariana's Ariana Grande in this boppy Christmas ditty. Check it out after the jump. ... See the Rest

Watch This Video Now: Alyssa Edwards’ Secret – 2014 Holiday Party Part 1

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Alyssa Edwards takes it to the streets at the World of Wonder 2014 Holiday Party! Tune in next Monday for a very special guest. Get into new episodes of Alyssa’s Secret every Monday on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

RIP Billie Whitelaw

'Armchair Theatre - You and Me' TV Programme - 1968

Spellbinding British actress and frequent muse to playwright Samuel Beckett, Billie Whitelaw, has died at age 82. “I could have easily have become a nun, or a prostitute, or both,” Billie Whitelaw is quoted in The Guardian as saying. Instead, she claimed that acting allowed her to use both sides of herself in a career that included theater, films, television – and a special place in the affection ... See the Rest

Harry Styles and Kristin Wiig Dancing at the SNL After Party

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One Direction's third appearance on SNL was a bit lackluster (TWO ballads? Really, guys?), but this Vine of Harry Styles and Kristin Wiig getting their groove on at the after party – to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack no less –kind of makes up for that. PLEASEGETMARRIEDANDHAVEBABIES.  ... See the Rest

Supercut OTD: Dr Zachary Smith Screams


"Oh, the pain, the pain! Save me, William!" Watch this supercut of the of the villainous Dr Smith shrieking like the little bitch he was on the '60s sci-fi campfest Lost in Space. On playing the villainous Dr Smith, actor Jonathan Harris once said: "I was deliciously wicked. I was selfish, self-pitying, pompous, pretentious, peremptory, conniving, unctuous, scornful, greedy, unscrupulous, ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Big Dipper on Ring My Bell

Big Dipper Ring My Bell

Rapper, DJ, and music video artist Big Dipper takes your calls on Ring My Bell! He talks with his fans about an array of topics including his new (NEXT-LEVEL) music video that is coming out soon! We here at WOW saw a sneak peek and it looks.... AMAZING! ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: RuPaul On Being Offended


RuPaul is nothing if not honest. In an interview with Engadget, but this quote really jumped out at me; "We live in a culture that's so over-analyzed ... self-analyzed, that we're offended by everything. Everything in the world offends us. And we as a culture believe that if other people change their behavior, then my life will be so much better. When the truth is, why would you give that power ... See the Rest

#WeAreExcited: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Home Town “Erected” A Statue In His Honor

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Soccer superstar and hottie Cristiano Ronaldo is beloved by excitable soccer fans. So, when the nice people in his hometown of Funchal, Portugal on the island of Madeira, decided they wanted to build a statue of their favourite son, they got very excited too, I'm guessing. Or the sculptor was very excited about his commission. Or Christiano was semi-excited. By the looks of the finished statue, ... See the Rest

#ShareTheLove: Elton John & David Furnish Got Married Yesterday

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Sir Elton John and David Furnish officially married Sunday on the ninth anniversary their civil partnership, under new laws implemented in England earlier this year that now allow same-sex marriages. They posted this picture preparing to sign official documents. "That's the legal bit done. Now on to the ceremony!" They planned a big celebration at their estate near Windsor Castle. The ... See the Rest

#EarnXtraCash: Hey, Want Guaranteed Income For Life? Write A Christmas Classic


Tired of actually working for a living? (Sick of hearing Mariah's All I Want For Christmas?) Maybe you just want to find a way to earn a little extra passive income this holiday season? Next time you have a few hours free, sit down and write a Christmas classic. Easy, right? Hey, just listen to the lyrics –how hard could it be? (I'm looking at you, Ariana Grande?) There's a fortune out there up ... See the Rest

You know James Franco, Courtney Love, & Lady Gaga. But Who’s Klaus Biesenbach?


Is the art world the new black? If so, apparently MoMA's Klaus Biesenbach is its celeb touchstone. The silver fox/ MoMA PS1 & Chief Curator at Large/ art star magnet had a little shindig in his tiny (but glam) NYC pad the other day. SO tiny that the tree had to go in the closet and the guests on the bed. But before guests James Franco, Courtney Love, Marina Abramović, an others arrived, Gaga sent ... See the Rest

Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga Unite

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For a photo, anyway. The super diva powers known as Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga posed for some Instapics when Gagaloo went to see Mariah's show in NYC at the Beacon Theatre. Everything gay around them imploded. The end. ... See the Rest

#RealEstatePorn: Isn’t This Sexy Hollywood Pad Perfect For Nick Jonas?

2118 Beech Knoll Rd, Los Angeles, CA - Ted Dhanik

I'm usually not in the business of finding people houses in LA, but this 4500 square foot pad with 3 beds and 3 baths, just off the Sunset Strip seems perfect for Mr. "Flaunt It", Nick Jonas, doesn't it? In the West Hollywood Hills, it has a young, sexy vibe with beautiful details and a modern, metrosexual vibe –just like Nick. With three levels and sweeping views of LA, it has state-of-the-art ... See the Rest