Annoying Song by Cute Guys of the Day: “The Trucker’s Hitch” by Ylvis

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As a follow up to last year's super-viral "What Does the Fox Say?," Norwegian cuties Ylvis have made a song about... the difficulty of tying a Trucker's Hitch knot? Yeah. And it's not even some sort of sly metaphor, it's just a straight-up knot tutorial. Norwegian's are weird. But cute. But weird. Stick around 'til the end. Are they lovers? I like to think so. ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Let The Music Play with RuPaul – Geronimo

RuPaul Geronimo

Let the Music Play stars the world’s most famous drag queen – RuPaul – who spills INTIMATE and SECRET details about his latest album, Born Naked. Let the Music Play gives fans an in-depth look at the songs from the phenomenal album, which DEBUTED AT #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts. On this episode, RuPaul talks about the hit, "Geronimo!" New episodes of Let The Music Play every TUESDAY, only on ... See the Rest

BeBe Zahara Benet Bares All In New One Woman Show


“…a far cry from the usual drag shtick of aping Britney and Whitney—(Bebe) carries it through with hypnotic dance music, droll banter, and astounding costume changes.”                                                                                           —Michael Musto, Village Voice Bebe Zahara Benet’s one-woman show, Reveal, takes place Monday, July 21st at 7pm and Thursday, July 24th at ... See the Rest

Transformations: Mariah Balenciaga’s MUG4DAYZ

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Yes, GAWD! RuPaul's Drag Race Season Three LEGEND Mariah Balenciaga joins us in the Transformation studio today to BEAT MY FACE INTO OBLIVION! The end result is somewhere between Marlene Dietrich in Garden of Allah and Divine at Studio 54, but TRUST ME, it's absolutely faaaaaaaaaaabulous. Watch it below. And, omg, don't forget to subscribe to WOWpresents! ... Watch Now

Check Out these Pop Art Portraits of the RDR Girls By Sham Ibrahim!

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Bianca! Sharon! Raven! Alaska! and Jinkx! In all their garish glory! Check the faaaaaabulous portraits after the jump. And don't forget to come to Sham's opening night gala at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery this Thursday! It's going to be BANANAS! (invitation blow). ... See the Rest

Soft Robot Slithers Through Fire and Gets Run Over By a Car – And Continues Its Inexorable March Toward Robo-Domination

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Skynet called. They want their Terminator T-800 prototype back. Harvard University has created an unnerving soft quadrupedal robot whose "silicone body is innately resilient to a variety of adverse environmental conditions including snow, puddles of water, direct (albeit limited) exposure to flames, and the crushing force of being run over by an automobile." Greeeeeeeeeat. Watch the terrifying ... Watch Now

The First Ever Tsunami Flip in Mountain Bike Competition

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What's going on here, you ask? Why would James care about some mountain bike contest? Isn't that a tad... hetero for the WOW Report? Well yes and no. Far be it to me to pooh pooh a sport that's nothing but nothing but yummy hot bad boys. And watching them twist through the air really is a thing of beauty. Here we see Szymon Godziek landing the first ever Tsunami Flip on a mountain bike in contest ... Watch Now

Groundskeeper Willie Weighs in on Scottish Independence

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Opinion polls have put the pro-independence and pro-union camps neck-and-neck in the run-up to Thursday's referendum. To help sway voters, The Simpsons' resident Scotsman has thrown his support behind Scottish independence with this funny new video. In it, he rips off his shirt to reveal printed on his chest the words: “Aye or Die.” “That’s not a tattoo, it’s a birthmark,” he roars. From The ... Watch Now

Ryan Serhant Shuts Down Time Square to Propose to Fiancée Emilia Bechrakis

Ryan Serhant Proposal Emilia Bechrakis

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Serhant is taken OFFICIALLY! 7AM this past Sunday, Million Dollar Listing New York's Ryan Serhant, literally shut down Time Square in New York to propose to his girlfriend Emilia Bechrakis. She obviously said YES! Ryan told E! News: "I’m only going to propose once in my life, so I wanted to make sure that I did something special." And we're all in luck! The ... See the Rest

No! No! No!: This Shot of the Columbian Women’s Cycling Team Is Freaking Out The Internet


This women's cycling team is an international media sensation, but has nothing to do with their racing abilities, unfortunately. Their "Brazilian" uniforms um, well they look like THIS. (Inexplicably, the team was backed by the Colombian Ministry of Sport and sponsored by their capital city of Bogota.) As a friend said, when I posted this on Facebook, "Where's Joan Rivers when you really need ... See the Rest

InstaSlam: Snoop Dogg Makes A REALLY Homophobic Comment – Then Deletes It

Snoop Dogg seen leaving DSTRKT night club in London

After (allegedly) posting an incredibly offensive anti-gay rant on Instagram, the iconic rapper quickly deleted it -- but not before it amassed 9,000 likes from followers. Snoop's post reads [sic]: "U n ya boyfriend since u like Jumpn on my page disrespectn bitch boy go suck ya man n get off my line f. A. G." Myself, I have no comment but the obligatory "apology" better surface soon. This is ... See the Rest

Let It Go: Ellen & Kristin Wiig Do The Best Frozen Cover?

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Well, it's not the best singing, or the highest notes ever hit but the passion and funny are off the charts. Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig both revealed yesterday on Ellen that they actually don't know the song from "Frozen" at all. Ellen declared; "We will be the worst of all the videos!" Uh, I don't think so, watch and see what you think? I prefer it to the overblown Adele Dazeem ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Nick Jonas Is Nude (& Possibly Bi) In Kingdom


Nick Jonas flashed his abs at a gay club in NYC, and now, it looks like we may see him flash more than that on TV. Last week on WWHL with Andy Cohen, Nick talked about his upcoming series, "Kingdom," which is about a group of MMA fighters in Venice, CA. Jonas revealed he WILL be naked on the show – and he said his character has a storyline revolving around his sexuality. Andy seemed excited about ... See the Rest