#RPDR: Drag Race Cocktails Named After Some Fierce Queens (Btw, There’s Just 1 Ingredient in a “Katya”)


Just in time for Labor Day Weekend, Flazéda (it's a real thing) has come up with some new Drag Queen Cocktails! But not just any drag queens, but some of your faves from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Below are their ... See the Rest

#LGBT: Gay Stylist Offers To Give Kim Davis a New ‘Do, “God Gave Her Beelzebub-Brown Hair…”


You've seem the memes of clerk Kim Davis, mainly about her dowdy appearance and the fact that she OBVIOUSLY doesn't know any gay people. Well, the owner of Jim Brofft Salon ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Composer, John Cage

John Milton CAGE  (1912-1992) Amerikaanse avant-garde componist tijdens een masterclass bij het Conservatorium in den Haag. foto VINCENT MENTZEL==Nederland. Den Haag, 21 november 1988

September 5, 1912- John Cage: “I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.” John Milton Cage was a most important American experimental music composer, writer, performance & visual artist. His most famous & controversial musical composition is the 1952 piece 4'33", ... See the Rest

September 5: It’s YOUR Birthday, Bitch!

Rose McGowan - World of Wonder

Billy Luther Venus D Lite Bob Newhart Carice Van Houten Carol Lawrence See the Rest

BUSHWIG: Fourth Annual Festival of Drag, Music & Love in Brooklyn!


Bushwig is baaaack kiddies! The over-the-top festival of drag in Brooklyn, New York returns with 3 days of fun, folly and OVAH 150 self-proclaimed Proud ... See the Rest

Blake’s Snake of the Day: There’s a Freakin’ King Cobra on the Loose in Orlando RIGHT NOW! *STILL*

king cobra

UPDATE: The king cobra is STILL on the loose. I repeat! STILL ON THE LAM! I hope all our Orlando queens are accounted for down in Orlando, FL! Roxxxy Andrews, you coo? Ginger Minj, you good? Anyone got eyes on See the Rest

Gia Gunn & Laganja Estranja Share Their Personal Photos and Videos of Their Miley Cyrus VMA Experience

Laganja Estranja Gia Gunn

Complete with photo and videos! That's right! Team Too Much, aka Laganja Estranja and Gia Gunn, share their behind the scenes images and videos from the MTV's 2015 Video Music Awards performance with Miley ... Watch Now

Man’s Enormous 19-Inch Penis Is RUINING HIS LIFE!

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.49.07 PM

Step aside, Jonah Falcon! There's a new record-holding giant weiner in town: See the Rest

How Much Pot Do You Have to Smoke Before You Overdose and Die?

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.06.25 PM

The boys from AsapSCIENCE are back, this time with a list of surprising things that can kill you. For instance, did you know it takes 70 cups of coffee to kill a 150lb person? And that while 13 consecutive shots of alcohol can be lethal, drinking six consecutive litres of WATER is just as deadly? Also: Never, ever bite into a cherry pit, of course. ... See the Rest

Drool Over World of Wonder’s Weekly Island Report


If you’ve been watching Island Hunters on HGTV, then YOU KNOW the jaw-droppingly sumptuous private islands that are out there on the market. Every week on our Island Report, we’re bringing you a hot new property you DIDN’T see on the show. This week we have one that is truly on another ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s DragCon 2016: Sign Up So You’ll Be the First To Know ALL the T!

RuPaul's DragCon

The SECOND annual RuPaul's DragCon will be here before you know it! Want to know how you can be the first to know when tickets go on sale, which of your favorite #Queens and #WOWlebrities will be there, and which vendors ... See the Rest

#InstaGlam: Mina Gerges “Can Turn a Curtain Into a $10,000 Dress”

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.41.54 AM

Yes, Mina Gerges (@KeepingUpWithMina) says she can turn a curtain into a $10,000 dress and told the Huffington ... See the Rest

#LGBT: Gay Couple Who Filed Suit Against Kim Davis Are First To Get Marriage License!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.05.03 AM

James Yates and William Smith, Jr. sued Kim Davis for being refused a marriage license SIX TIMES since July. They also asked the Rowan County Attorney to file a charge of official ... See the Rest