Deep Thoughts with Adam Driver

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Adam Driver waxes existential in the new issue of GQ. Swoon.  "Here's the thing," he says, and pauses to take a bite of a hamburger. "Life's shitty, and we're all gonna die. You have friends, and they die. You have a disease, someone you care about has a disease, Wall Street people are scamming everyone, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer. That's what we're surrounded by all the time. We ... See the Rest

Transformations: The Return of Ginava

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Aussie clubkid Ginava is back, this time transforming me into an undersea GOD with the help of some yarn, blue paint, and one of his patented monster onesies. I really need to get me one of those. Check it out after the jump. ... See the Rest

NSFW! Celebrity Peen Print: Dane DeHaan (You’re Going to GASP!)

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Life After Beth, the new zombie rom-com starring Hollywood it-boy Dane DeHaan and Parks and Rec star Aubrey Plaza, is merely so-so, and yet... and yet... there's a scene with Dane in underoos that makes it TOTALLY worth the $14 price of admission. In the scene, he pivots slightly from a side shot to a full frontal and POW! BAM! You can see his religion. I am NOT KIDDING. See the (slightly blurry, ... See the Rest

Tumblr OTD: Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea

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If you've ever looked at Iggy Azalea and thought she looked like a stick of butter or a plate of digestive cookies, you're not alone. Single-serving tumblr FoodTheLooksLikeIggyAzalea is chock full of pictures comparing the Australian rapper to everything from moldy strawberries to a pepperoni Hot Pocket. "A blog for the sober and non-sober. A blog for the Iggy-lover and Iggy-hater," says the ... See the Rest

OMOTE: Electronic Makeup for the Future!

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“OMOTE” is an art installation of "living makeup" by producer Nobumichi Asai featuring "real-time face tracking and projection mapping." Essentially, it's a digital makeover that projects various "looks" onto a model's face and contorts almost seamlessly as she moves her head. ... Watch Now

The Trailer for Men, Women & Children (and the Problem of Showing Social Media in Film)

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Jason Reitman's new movie about "the sexual frustrations that young teenagers and adults face in today's world" as told through social media. Interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is seeing Ansel Elgort and Adam Sandler in the same movie. ... See the Rest

WATCH NOW: First Look at Girlfriend Intervention

Girlfriend Intervention

World of Wonder's new makeover series, Girlfriend Intervention, comes to Lifetime at the end of this month. Click over to watch the first trailer for the new series in which Tracy Balan, Nikki Chu, Tiffiny Dixon, and Tanisha Thomas help everyday women with their confidence. From the official press release: Lifetime® premieres Girlfriend Intervention, an all-new unscripted makeover ... See the Rest

New Leonard Cohen Song: “Almost Like the Blues”

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Poet / singer / songwriter / philosopher / cultural touchstone Leonard Cohen has confirmed the September 23rd release of his new album Popular Problems, set to be unveiled just two days after his 80th birthday. "Yet again, Leonard Cohen has broken musical boundaries with new creative inspiration," Rob Stringer, Chairman/CEO of Columbia Records said in a statement. "These nine new songs are ... Watch Now

Hot Look of the Day: Chicken Skin Gimp Suits!

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Fabulous serial killer chic from artists Victor Ivanov and Lewis G, who have created a onesie made of raw chicken flesh! Quick: Somebody tell Cara Delevingne! The two have parading around the streets of London, showing off their fashion flair in a street-art experiment that's "making a statement about our vanity-driven culture." Mmmkay. In an interview with Art Map London, the [Ivanov] ... See the Rest

Being Queen: Keep Calm & Golightly (The Honey Golightly Story)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Being Queen: Keep Calm & Golightly (The Honey Golightly Story) - World of Wonder

Kyle Peppers aka Honey Golightly, one of our YouTube network stars, has made a fascinating autobiographical documentary "Being Queen: Keep Calm & Go Lightly" about the trials and tribulations of being a young drag queen in a tiny town in Tennessee ... Watch Now

RIP SNL Announcer Don Pardo


Don Pardo, who introduced Saturday Night Live for nearly 40 years died today. He was 96. Pardo was NBC’s staff announcer for more than 60 years. On the original version of Jeopardy!, host Art Fleming would start the show with “Thank you, Don Pardo” and tease winners with, “Don Pardo, tell him what he’s won!” He began his career at NBC Radio as a war reporter during World War II and remained at ... See the Rest

Mommie Dearest Is Moving: Peek Inside Faye Dunaway’s Modest LA Digs


Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway lives in a very nice, but relatively modest house. This duplex in West Hollywood, which she bought for $315,000, according to Curbed, has been her main residence since 1998. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms and it sits on a large lot that's walled off from prying eyes by giant some hedges. Asking price; $1.75 million. There are all sorts of stories ... See the Rest

Mere Models On The September Issue? The Instagirls Cover Vogue


The September Issue is always eagerly anticipated, no matter who graces the cover. Lately, Vogue has been putting celebs on their covers to sell more magazines. (Katy Parry, Rhianna, and infamously, Kimye) So, if they're going to go for a cover with mere models, they're going to cover all their bases. Instagirls Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss are strategically positioned on the left ... See the Rest