Worst DJ Ever (with the Funniest Drops Ever)

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And we're building... building... the drop is coming.... the crowd is worked into a fever pitch... here it comes..... almost there.... aaaaaaaaaand: it's The National Anthem? Absolutely hysterical beat drops from the world's worst deejay after the jump. ... See the Rest

Watch This Video Now: RuPaul’s Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven – Social Media Ep 14


In this episode of Fashion Photo RuView,  Raja and Raven hit the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to TOOT and BOOT photos of Yara Sofia, Manila Luzon, Morgan McMichaels, Alaska, Roxxxy Andrews, and fan photo of Matthew and Samuel. New episodes of Fashion Photo RuView every Wednesdays on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

WATCH NOW: Preview Tonight’s New Girlfriend Intervention

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There's a brand-new episode of Girlfriend Intervention tonight! But before you tune in to Lifetime at 10PM, click over to get a sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode! Also if you missed last week's episode, watch Shangela's #GFIntervention recap! ... Watch Now

Now You and Groot Can Have Deep, Meaningful 3AM Texts

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Omg, you guys, I just got THE ULTIMATE A-LIST CELEBRITY phone number. Don't ask how. Let's just say, a friend of a friend hooked up with a certain Guardians of the Gallery star the other night and now GROOT and I are TOTAL BESTIES. It's true! And I'll give you his ACTUAL NUMBER after the jump! ... See the Rest

SQUEAL: New Nick Jonas Video “Jealous”

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Ab-flashing hunk Nick Jonas has a video for his new song "Jealous," and call me crazy but it ALMOOOOOOOST sounds like Drake. (Although Drake would probably die rather than sing a chorus like "It's my right to be hellish/I still get jealous.") From Hollywood Life: In his brand new video, “Jealous,” which he released at the South Street Seaport in New York City on Sept. 16, the 22-year-old ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Tonight on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

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Tonight there is some wedding planning drama and Ryan Serhant guest stars for a MDLNY/MDLLA crossover! Watch the preview from tonight's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles here and now. Then turn in to Bravo tonight at 9PM to watch the all-new episode in it's entirety!  ... See the Rest

Heroic Drag Queens Meet With Evil Facebook Representatives Over Shameful Name Change Policy

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Facebook, that evil corporate giant who has been denying drag queens their god-given right to use their self-created personas (as well as putting sex workers and victims of domestic abuse at risk), has agreed to meet with members of the LGBT community today. Sister Roma of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, plans to bring with her emails she has received from people around the country who have ... See the Rest

TOMORROW NIGHT! The World of Wonder Storefront Gallery REOPENS! Come to the Sham/WOW Show!

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Do you feel the rumblings? After five long years of dormancy, the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery is ROARING BACK TO LIFE. Like an art world Krakatoa, spewing Sham Ibrahim's pop culture goodies all over creation. It's going to MAGNIFICENT! AWE-INSPIRING! THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE DECADE! Are you going? Will you be there to witness magic? I hope so. We're all working feverishly to get the old ... See the Rest

Newlyweds: Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Reenact The Spaghetti Scene From Lady And The Tramp


Come on it's a cliché scene – but they are pretty damn CUTE. ... See the Rest

Hello Kitty!: Dogs & Cats Stuck In Awkward Places


Yes. Awkward. These pets got into some tight spots and seem to really not care. Princess in a bowl, Bowser in the dishwasher and Muffin between the couch cushions are all totally nonchalant as to how they will look on the internet. (via Sad and Useless) ... See the Rest

Nightlife Edition: Nora Burns’ New York Stories 3


Nora Burns is doing another edition of her New York Stories, this one focused on nightlife. I was lucky enough to be asked to do the last one, along with pals David Ilku, Linda Simpson & Anita Sarko and 6 other fascinating folks. It's happening again in two weeks, so mark it down on your calendar. When I first saw this latest list, I thought, "I know every single one of these folks!" (some better ... See the Rest

Jean-E-Ology: The A-Z of Dance Styles

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The 'A-Z of Dance', is a (not that new) video showcasing 26 dance styles from krumping and twerking to rumba and bangra... to sell Diesel's JoggJeans. Directed by Jacob Sutton and shot against the LA skyline, it showcases a host of talented racers including, Nicole 'The Pole' Williams, who starred in Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' video; Northern Soul gal Levanna McLean who performed with Pharrell ... See the Rest

Real Estate Porn (Hard Core): A Million Dollars For A Parking Space?


When a LOT of people want the same thing, that thing gets expensive, right? Welcome to New York real estate. I have a tiny place (that I'm lucky to have) in the Meatpacking District. Ten years ago when I bought the place I checked into renting a monthly parking spot in the building across the street. It was $600 a month. My exes rent stabilized apartment (which is only about twice the size of a ... See the Rest