Butch Queens First Time In Drag…”Fem” Book by Luke Austin


Check out Australian photog Luke Austin’s latest Mini Beau Book ‘Fem’ (featuring NYC gogo icon Matthew Camp)- the third installment of hot boys that Austin has encountered and photographed during his travels around the world. This time around, he went for a more girlie approach, dressing the boys up in not much more than Dolly Parton-esque wigs. You can buy Fem on his website…and if you’re in NYC ... See the Rest

Of Course You Need a Radical Queer 2015 Tarot Calendar

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 6.14.12 PM

Super-cute queer 2015 calendar (hey - it's still January) is out now and getting love at the LA Art Book Fair downtown at MoCA this weekend. It's from LA-based queer-artzine JIMMY THE ZINE and it features an array of beardy/hippie boys from LA, Atlanta, New Orleans and all over posing as various figures from the Tarot card deck. And our very own sex god John Polly is one of 'em! ... See the Rest

A Message to Mary Cheney from RuPaul’s Drag Race

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After seeing a promo for RuPaul's Drag Race (premiering March 2 on Logo TV!) Mary Cheney (daughter of Dick) likened drag to black face. Ooo, Mary. We see this as a teachable moment. Time for a Drag Herstory lesson. Learn it, and learn it well. Watch Ru's message to Miz Cheney after the jump.  ... See the Rest

CoverGurlz2 is Coming: See ALL 14 Music Videos Monday Night!

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Season 7 is getting closer with each passing minute! To hold you over until March 2, we have a special gift JUST FOR YOU! In a Beyonce-style release, you can enjoy ALL 14 of the RuPaul's Drag Race season 7 gurlz' music videos from RuPaul presents CoverGurlz2 on Monday night at midnight RIGHT HERE on the WOW Report! Get a sneak peek after the jump! ... See the Rest

Breaking News: Ghost Pushes Woman to the Ground in Chile

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Paranormal experts around the world are buzzing about this TERRIFYING VIDEO which purports to show A GHOST! knocking down A WOMAN! for no good reason! Cecilia Carrasco of Santiago, Chile, was knocked to the ground recently by what she describes as a paranormal entity. The moment was captured on video by a surveillance camera, which you can watch after the jump. (The video is in Spanish.) “I ... See the Rest

Help! Venus D’Lite Is Addicted to Looking Like Madonna on the New Episode of My Strange Addiction

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 LEGEND Venus D'Lite aka Adam Guerra has spent a minor fortune trying to look like Madonna. He's had over 18 surgeries to acquire Madonna's facial features and painstakingly recreates every one of her outfits "down to the seams." His long-suffering mother understands that he finds Madonna to be an inspiration, but she doesn't want him to lose himself in the ... See the Rest

#OMG: You Won’t Believe Atheist Stephen Fry’s Shocking Answer To, “What Would You Say To God?”


The openly gay Stephen Fry is an unapologetic atheist. If you're going to ask him a question about God then you had better fasten your seat belt. Gay Byrne was interviewing him for his RTE showThe Meaning Of Life. On it, he asks guests that when you die, you'll walk up to the pearly gates and you're confronted by God, what will you say to him?: "I'd say, bone cancer in children? What's that ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Day 23

Michelle Fab

I write to you today from one of England's smallest cities from my phone. Technology eh? Katie bad-tan Price told Zelda she liked her but stands by everything she said previously and reckons she won't be friends with Michelle once they leave the house. Zelda tried to deflect with usual childish drivel, Katie P replied "Im not going to come down to your level". The house has a new queen of ... See the Rest

Watch Oprah Winfrey’s Hair Evolution 1986-2015

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Obviously 1988 and'89 were the ABSOLUTE EPITOME of glamour for Oprah. She should have just STOPPED RIGHT THEN AND THERE, as she was never going to recapture the beauty and grandeur of that era. I was on her show (twice!) during that period and I can personally attest to it's shellacked perfection. The other eras are fun, too. A little too much bang action in the '90s, but that was the style in ... See the Rest

One Million Moms Are Mad at This Pop Tart Commercial, Can You Figure Out Why?

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Conservative watchdog group One Million Moms always has its knickers in a twist over SOMETHING. This time it's a rather innocuous Pop Tart commercial featuring a talking jar of peanut butter and a talking jar of jelly who are celebrating the birth of their lovely PBJ Pop Tart baby. A hospital nurse, rubbing her hands together and ready to devour the baby pop tart, says, “Time for a feeding.” The ... See the Rest

BroLaska with Alaska Thunderfuck & Cory Binney – Call Nana


Cory and Alaska get a surprise call from their Nana on this episode of Bro'Laska! The adorableness of this episode will make you so happy you just want to poop! New episodes every Friday on WOWPresents. ... See the Rest

The Top 5 Sexiest Royals

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Fairy tale princes! Dashing daddy kings! We've rounded up the top five hunkiest royals for your morning perusal. From the Tumblr-ready Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (right) to the impossibly dreamy heir to throne of Dubai, prepare to swoon. These kings are ROYALLY GORGEOUS. ... See the Rest

Colby Keller’s Package & Poetry

Package and Poetry

Sit back. Relax. Light a cucumber melon candle. Philosopher/Pornstar Colby Keller brings us a moment of beauty and blinding spiritual clarity in his new WOWPresents series "Colby Keller's Package & Poetry." This week, Colby does yoga stretches in his underwear and reads from Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken." It's utterly mesmerizing. Eat your heart out, Jack Handey. ... Watch Now