Meet The Stars of Girlfriend Intervention – Tracy Balan & Nikki Chu

Nikki Chu Tracy Balan Girlfriend Intervention

We'd like to introduce to you the stars of WOW's new show Girlfriend Intervention! The new makeover show premieres tomorrow at 10PM on Lifetime. Click over to get to know Tracy Balan and Nikki Chu a little before the premiere! And check back tomorrow to meet Tiffiny Dixon, and Tanisha Thomas!  ... See the Rest

Because ART: Taser Photoshoots

Video thumbnail for youtube video Because ART: Taser Photoshoots - World of Wonder

Wheeee! What fun! (*rolls eyes*) Photographer Patrick Hall films people's reactions as they get tased with a handheld stun gun. The results run the gamut of screams of terror to screams of orgasmic delight (PEOPLE ARE WEIRD). Check out the video and the pics after the jump.  ... Watch Now

New Stevie Nicks: “Lady”

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"Lady" is the latest tune to surface from Stevie Nicks' upcoming solo record, 24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault  –and, omg, you're going to do BACKFLIPS, it's THAT GOOD. Yep. Straight up Stevie. No back up singers, no big production numbers, just Stevie and her piano! Says Rolling Stone: Nicks wrote the tunes that will appear on 24 Karat Gold, due out October 7th, mostly between 1969 and ... Watch Now

Oscar Watch: The Whiplash Trailer

Video thumbnail for youtube video Oscar Watch: The Whiplash Trailer - World of Wonder

Major Oscar bait with Miles Teller as a tortured jazz musician – LITERALLY TORTURED – by his abusive music teacher, played by JK Simmons, who is SO HATEFUL, SO SCARY, it's actually  painful to watch. Talk about suffering for your art, yeesh. Critics have dubbed Whiplash "Full Metal Jacket at Juliard." ... See the Rest

Excerpt: Lena Dunham’s New Yorker Piece (+ That *$#! Emmy Dress)

Lena Dunham attends The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

Yes, Lena Dunham, is not a skinny girl. Can we move on – jeez? People once again couldn't WAIT to say that Lena did NOT look good in this dress. Do they not get it? This is like saying that Patti Smith needs to dye her hair. She. Doesn't. Care. I love that she wears what she wants and does what she wants. She has a TV show, money in the bank, a bright future and a cute guy (see Jack Antonoff, ... See the Rest

WATCH NOW: Sneak Peek at Girlfriend Intervention

Girlfriend Intervention World of Wonder Lifetime

World of Wonder's new makeover series, Girlfriend Intervention, premieres on Lifetime TOMORROW (August 27th at 10.9c.) Click over to watch the first trailer for the new series in which Tracy Balan, Nikki Chu, Tiffiny Dixon, and Tanisha Thomas help everyday women with their confidence. ... See the Rest

Transformations: Ridge Gallagher Does Him

Transformations Ridge Gallagher

Ridge Gallagher is back on Transformations to transform me into the EVER SO FABULOUS Powerpuff Girls villain, HIM! Transformations alum Boom Boom stops by to help out! You gotta click over and watch this one. New episodes of Transformations every Tuesday on WOWPresents! ... See the Rest

Watch this: Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion


Stop whatever you're doing and watch this tiny hamster in a tiny mansion. This may be the cutest thing I have ever seen, and/or the dumbest post I have ever made. Who knew that hamsters could be sooooo entertaining? What will this hamster do next? You won't believe ... watch to find ... See the Rest

The Internet Has Spoken: The Hottest Guy at the Emmy’s was Cary Joji Fukunaga

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.47.52 AM

Holycrapholycrapholycrap. How have I never heard of the blessed angel Cary Joji Fukunaga? Like a thunderclap he rose from the audience last night to accept his Best Director win for True Detective and THE WORLD GASPED. That square jaw! The chiseled cheekbones! The nerdy glasses! Those kooky French braids! Yeah.... Cary could get it. I'm starting the Cary Joji Fukunaga fan club today. Via The NY ... See the Rest

Happy National Dog Day!: Lauren Bacall Left $10,000 To Hers


Yes, it is National Dog Day (...afternoon. Sorry.) The late Betty Bacall left behind a $25 million+ estate – and $10,000 of it went to her dog, Sophie. No, Sophie doesn't get DIRECT access to the cash, or she'd blow it all on bitches and kibble, no doubt. Her youngest son, Sam Robards, gets the $$ to look after her. I wish I could show you the picture of Bacall with Sophie but we don't have the ... See the Rest

Sweetie! Darling!: The AbFab Movie Is Coming!


You know that earlier this year, Jennifer Saunders confirmed that she was writing the script for the movie spin-off of her hit sitcom Absolutly Fabulous. Now she's said that all the show’s original cast will reprise their roles. “I haven’t got the storyline completely sorted out yet, but I want to cast everyone who has ever been in the show in it.” Well, there was no shortage of superstar ... See the Rest

Iggy Azalea Is a Steve Madden Girl

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.42.38 PM

Australia's Iggy Azalea has teamed up with shoe giant Steve Madden to do an Iggy line. I don't know about y'all, but I never look at her feet.....but good for her. The exclusive collection is to be unveiled in February. ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Drag Racers Celebrate Ottawa Pride

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.26.08 PM

And we had the best time ever! Last year Ottawa had karaoke for their big pride celebration and they had a whopping 16 people show up. 16. This year we brought the RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons Tour to Ottawa and we packed the house with well over 1000 proud people. What an incredible night and what a gift for us to be a part of it. ... See the Rest