Your Moment of Zen: Flippy Lid

Video thumbnail for youtube video Your Moment of Zen: Flippy Lid - World of Wonder

Oh, flippy lid,  flippy lid, flipping in the sink. Wasting water, wasting time, forcing me to think: Flippy lid, flippy lid.... What am I doing with my life? ... Watch Now

Ts Madison in Wait A Minute – Good Eatin’

Wait A Minute TS Madison

Ts Madison loves herself some yummy food at delicious restaurants! But when you throw a cockroach into the mix.... NO MA'AM PAM! New episodes of Wait A Minute with Ts Madison every Wednesday, only on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

Watch Now: WOWPresents Network Recap!

WOWPresents Network

Check out the latest videos from our WOWPresents Network! Mike Diamond, Skarlet Starlet, Greg Scarnici and MORE all have new videos! Watch all these and more right now on the WOW Report! ... Watch Now

Nick Jonas on Claims That He’s Queerbaiting the LGBT Community with Those Abs

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Poor Nick Jonas, bless his heart. Can't seem to keep his shirt on. The wind keeps BLOWING IT UP, revealing that laser-cut 6-pack. Time and time again. It happened  when he embarked on his recent whirlwind promotional tour of New York City's gay bars. And it happened again during a cover shoot for Flaunt magazine. Damn drafty photo studios. Boy can't catch a break.  In an interview with Pride ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Tonight on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Million Dollar Listing Los ANgeles

Tonight Josh Flagg's new client has a very unusual, antique-filled new listing to sell! OMG... I'm obsessed with this lady!!!! Watch the preview from tonight's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles here and now. Then tune in to Bravo tonight at 9PM to watch the all-new episode in it's entirety!  ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: The Theme from Angie

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Best theme song EVER? Yes. Yes. Nothing else even comes CLOSE. "Let the time flow, let the love grow, let the rain shower, let the rose flower..."  GodDAMN, that's good stuff. Maureen McGovern's "Different Worlds" reached number 18 on the Pop charts and number one on the Adult Contemporary charts in 1979 and THE WORLD WAS NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. The show only last two seasons, but ask anybody who ... Watch Now

Watch Now: WOWPresents Network Spotlight: Button & Bly

Button and Bly WOWPresents

Meet one of the newest members of our WOWPresents Multi-Channel Network, Button & Bly! Make sure you subscribe to Button & Bly on YouTube so you never miss a new video! ... Watch Now

Flashback 1963: Bette Davis on Gender Roles

Video thumbnail for youtube video Flashback 1963: Bette Davis on Gender Roles - World of Wonder

A 1963 interview with Bette Davis is animated (BRILLIANTLY) in the latest installment of PBS's Blank on Blank, which combines old interviews with famous people and new animations. Says Bette about the difference between men and women: "I think men have got to change an awful lot. I think somehow they still prefer the little woman... I think millions of women are very happy to be by themselves, ... Watch Now

Adore Delano on Ring My Bell TODAY at 5PM PST!

Adore Delano Ring My Bell

RuPaul's Drag Race season 6 badass, Adore Delano is taking calls on Ring My Bell TODAY (October 1st) at 5PM PST! Call Adore Delano at (323) 319-4777 or @ WOWPresents on Skype (SET UP YOUR SKYPE ACCOUNT NOW), and make those connections, guuuuuuurl! (Only your voice will be recorded.) If the phone keeps ringing, don’t get impatient just wait and we’ll try our hardest to connect your ... See the Rest

Carrie Fisher, Is That YOU?

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Wowlebrity Carrie Fisher looked BEYOND amazing at the Midnight Mission Golden Heart Awards Gala in Beverly Hills last night. Literally, I thought she was a twenty-something fashion editor from Sassy or Teen Vogue. It's like she was separated at birth from Tavi Gevinson. Check out the pics after the jump. You're going to plotz. ... See the Rest

Gee, GE!: Jeff Goldblum In An Exceptionally Weird Ad – For Lightbulbs?

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What the wha? Famous person, Jeff Goldblum sells the new GE Link LED light bulbs (they last 22 years?) in a strangely funny new ad. Directed by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim who are known for their Adult Swim show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show. It's worth a watch. ... See the Rest

Parenthood: It Looks Like Fun, Huh?


I hadn't meant to combine this post with the one about overpopulation, but hey, they ended up together on a Wednesday. But, Lord help poor parents... were we ALL this awful? They call them the "terrible twos" for a reason... looks like most of these little $%#@! are about that age. It's funny because it's true. (via Sad and ... See the Rest

No Joke: Click To See What’s In Store For This Kid…


I found this funny photo hanging around on imgur and saved it. And then I came across a statistic that summed up why this pic was not so cute. This is the a headline story on The Guardian: "Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF – Species across land, rivers and seas decimated as humans kill for food in unsustainable numbers and destroy habitats" We see stats ... See the Rest