Watch This Video Now: WOWPresents The Weekly WOW Report – #MarcoMarcoShow, Mathu Andersen, Transformations


On this episode of WOWPresents The WOW Report, Adam and Blake discuss the Marco Marco Show currently airing on WOWPresents, Mathu Andersen's upcoming art show in the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery, and James St. James' trip to the Queen Mary for Transformations! ... Watch Now

Watch Now: The Marco Marco Show Episode Fourteen – Boys Arrive & Liquid Lunch

Marco Marco Show

Bring in the Gogo Boys! And pour the booze! It's time to start getting into that gig! Click over and watch! ... Watch Now

Why Does Everything Have To Make Sense? (Ebola Edition): Have A Great Weekend, Kids!


... See the Rest

Watch Now: Nick Jonas Guesses The Celebrity Bulge

Nick Jonas Bulge

Nick Jonas plays "Guess The Celebrity Bulge" with He's given a few close up photos of some impressive celeb bulges and has to guess who's birdie belongs to who. You got to watch this! If not for the obvious reasons, then for the fact that Nick throws Justin Bieber some shade, shady, shade! This is totally something that me, James St. James, and Blake would make Nick do if we got ... Watch Now

Watch This Video Now: Bestie$ For Ca$h – Mike Diamond and Christopher Daniels

Couples For Cash Mike Diamond

WOW Youtuber Mike Diamond and his bestie Christopher Daniels compete for some cash on this episode of Be$tie$ For Ca$h! Click over, watch, and see how well they know each other! New episodes of Bestie$ For Ca$h very Friday on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

Britney Spears Gets Her Own Holiday


Yep, that's right. Britney Spears is getting her own day in Las Vegas. Britney Day will be on November 5th, and you can benefit from it! Especially if your name is Britney. No..seriously. From E!Online: Beginning at 8 a.m., the first 100 people who can prove that they, too, are named Britney will be given two tickets to Spears' Piece of Me concert at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, plus ... See the Rest

Flashback Friday Raven and Beth Ditto


Raven and Beth of those times in life with two great people walk past each other and you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Love. ... See the Rest

Flashback Friday! Sharon Needles’ Horrorscope

Sharon Needles' Horrorscope

Halloween is next week and to get in the spooky mood, click over and watch Sharon Needles' Horrorscope! Sharon Needles blows the dust off some old VHS and takes a look at some horror films that may have been neglected.  Click over to watch all episodes!  ... Watch Now

Watch New Videos From The WOWPresents Network!

WOWPresents Network

Check out the latest videos from our WOWPresents Network! Tammie Brown, Zachary Campbell, Josh Rimer, James Majesty, and SO MANY MORE all have new videos! Watch all these and more right now on the WOW Report! ... Watch Now

Not The FIRST Queen, But THE Queen, Sends Her First Tweet

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 1.30.01 PM

Yes, it was the Tweet read 'round the world. Queen Elizabeth herself sent out a Tweet yesterday from the account @BritishMonarchy to open a new exhibit and signed it Elizabeth R. The "R" supposedly stands for Regina. It's cute and another sign of the times for a woman who has lived through practically every modern invention of the 20th century, so chalk another one up to technology. Remember, she ... See the Rest

Save the Date: Steed Lord Performs at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood TODAY

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.09.10 PM

This weekend, Icelandic sensations Steed Lord bring their ultra-fashionable, New Wave nuttiness to Space 15 Twenty in LA, and it's a show you definitely don't want to miss. The exclusive showcase is for the release of their new single "Stutter" off their new albumThe Prophecy Pt. 2, and they promise to deliver an unforgettable never-before-seen experience for this special evening. It's going to be ... See the Rest

She’s Living For This!: Watch Sherry Vine’s “Dawn of the Drag” & “The Exorcist Is Burning”


I somehow missed She's Living For This!, Sherry Vine's comedy mini-series on HereTV from 2012, inspired by 70s variety shows like Sonny & Cher and The Carol Burnett Show. All six episodes, featuring appearances by guests like downtown luminaries Justin Vivian Bond and Joey Arias, and regulars Busted and David Ilku are now on Netflix. So here, in honor of Halloweek, are these sketches, featuring ... See the Rest

That’s Hollywood: Something’s Funny About Benedict Cumberbatch?

Madame Tussauds Unveil New Wax Figure Of Benedict Cumberbatch In London

Maybe you weren't fooled, but when I first saw the shot below on the photo agency site, Pacific Coast News, I was for a second. Yes, it's a wax figure of Benedict Cumberbatch that was just unveiled in London at Madame Tussaud's. It made me curious about the 200 year-old museum. There's been one in New York and Vegas since 2000 and ones opened in DC in 2007 and Hollywood in 2009, which is just up ... See the Rest