Watch This Now: Candidly Nicole #Recap – How to Say Yes

Candidly Nicole

Beth Crosby, who you may know as one half of Hunter & Jessica, will be recapping Candidly Nicole every Friday! Nicole destroys a piñata, practices yoga, and tries stand up comedy for the first time! Tune in to Candidly Nicole every Thursday at 10PM on VH1, and then watch Candidly Nicole #Recap every Friday on WOWPresents! ... See the Rest

“Baby girl!!!!!”

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Valerie Cherish needs to know she's being heard...The Comeback series return on HBO in November 2014 ... See the Rest

Rose McGowan Goes Pixie

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If you told me that she did it, I'm not sure I could ever imagine Rose McGowan in a pixie cut in my head, but now that she's done it, I kinda love it. I am also not-so-secretly jealous that she can pull it off so well. It's perfect for this time of the year in Los Angeles. Totes adorbs, Rose. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Brow Beaten: Every Other Celeb, Cholafied!


Every culture has their thing – but I'm NOT going to try to explain what "Cholafied" means but it's as LA as the Hollywood sign and award shows, if you live in the right area. The eyebrows, the right ink and hair, and these celebs – some on the planet, some gone – are now styling' for the streets. Enjoy! (via Cholafied) ... See the Rest

Legacy: A Great Robin Williams Story I’ll Bet You Never Heard…


Found this the other day and had to share. The guy was even cooler than we thought... "Years ago I learned a very cool thing about Robin Williams, and I couldn’t watch a movie of his afterward without thinking of it. I never actually booked Robin Williams for an event, but I came close enough that his office sent over his rider. For those outside of the entertainment industry, a rider lists ... See the Rest

It’s Birthday, Bitch

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Carla Gugino Courtney Stodden Deborah Van Valkenburgh Elliot Gould Frances Ruffelle Joel Schumacher John McCain Lea Michele Liam Payne Lucas Cruishank Mark Morris Michael Jackson Meshell Ndegeocello Rebecca De Mornay Richard Attenborough Robin Leach Temple Grandin Todd English William Friedkin William Levy ... See the Rest

BABYMETAL’s Chocolate: Scream and Dance

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This is some crazy sh*t y'all. BABYMETAL is a Japanese metal electronicore vocal and dance group. Babymetal's official site credits Su-metal (age 16) as the main vocalist, while Moametal and Yuimetal (both age 14) are credited with scream and dance. See you in the mosh'sh pit! ... See the Rest

#TBT: Damiana with Delta Work, India Ferrah and Venus D-Lite at the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Finale Party

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Damiana Garcia had a thrilling RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 reunion with gorgeous queens Delta Work, India Ferrah and Venus D-Lite at the Season 6 finale party. The ladies spilled the T about their top picks for Season 6, and Venus explained why every "Drag Race Reunited" taping is like The Poseidon Adventure. More of Damiana's interviews are coming soon - be sure to subscribe to Michael Lucid ... See the Rest

“Squares”: Cute Hipster Jonathan Kluth Makes Music in His Car

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“Squares,” by hipster musician Jonathan Kluth, is composed of musical loops played on an acoustic guitar, a plucked violin and the percussive sounds he makes by banging on the interior of his car. It's pretty impressive stuff. And his man-bun makes me love him even more. The single off his debut album, Ophelia. ... See the Rest

Celebrity Roundup

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All the heppest cats in Hollywood, in one crazy post. See which of your favorite stars have been papped – BUT GOOD! – by the paparazzi in today's CELEBRITY ROUNDUP.  ... See the Rest

AHS Freak Show: Wes Bentley Has Two Faces + The Full Cast Poster!


We’re still more than a month out from the debut of American Horror Story: Freak Show, but more details about the upcoming fourth installment of the macabre anthology series keep emerging. The latest informed rumor is that Wes Bentley (American Beauty, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) will play Edward Mordrake, a purportedly real 19th century aristocrat who was born with a second face on the back ... See the Rest

Courtney Stodden Naturally – Dating Tips

Courtney Stodden Dating tips

On this episode of Courtney Naturally, Courtney Stodden doles out her best advice about dating! Take notes ladies, and gentlemen. Watch new episodes of Courtney Naturally every Thursday on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

Mark Your Calendars: Sham Ibrahim Is Coming to the WOW Storefront Art Gallery, September 18th!

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Well, this is just GOBSMSACKINGLY gorgeous news, THE WORLD OF WONDER STOREFRONT ART GALLERY IS BACK! For a limited time only, but OH! How exciting! Do you SMELL 2009 and in the air? Our first (possibly only) exhibition will be a retrospective of Sham Ibrahim's ouvre. You know Sham. He does those ultra-vivid digital Pop Art portraits of Lindsay's mug shot and Rihanna's battered face and Miley ... See the Rest