WOW Exclusive: Watch this 2004 Interview with Wes Craven About the Super Secret Rules of Horror Films

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In this WOW exclusive, the brilliant Wes Craven (who passed away Sunday at the age of 76) talks about the reasons for the various clichés in horror movies (i.e. slutty kids die/virgins live, the heroes always ignore the obvious warning signs, ... See the Rest

Actress and Icon Candis Cayne “It’s Nice to Know I had a Part in the Turning of the Tide “

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Glorious trans icon Candis Cayne sits down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about her childhood, her early days in New York, her transition, and the impact she's had on Hollywood. It's quite a talk. "It's kind of nice to know I had a part in the turning of the tide by getting on [Dirty Sexy Money], and playing a ... See the Rest

Million Dollar Listing LA Is Back TONIGHT And The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever!


Tonight marks the return of our favorite LA realtors on the premiere episode of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles on Bravo! The stakes are higher, and the drama is more intense than ever before! Get a glimpse of the ... See the Rest

The Huffington Post Confirms: “Nicole Richie Is Your New Favorite Gay Icon”


The Huffington Post has determined something we've known for a while: Nicole Richie is indeed everyone's new favorite ... See the Rest

Cate Blanchett to Star in Lucille Ball BioPic? Somewhere Tammie Brown Is Sobbing into Her Pillow

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Well, this is just odd. The ... See the Rest

Get Your OWN ‘Toot or Boot’ Tote Bag!

Toot or Boot

You'll be the most stylish bitch in the check-out line at your local grocer! Or farmer's marker! Or sex emporium! Or wherever you go! Raja & Raven from See the Rest

Did You Know OTD: “Bette Davis Eyes” Was Originally A Honky-Tonk Country & Western Song From 1974?

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Dangerous Minds has an interesting post about songs that you (probably) didn’t realize were cover songs. ... See the Rest

Watch New Videos From the WOWPresents Network! New Videos From Xelle! Peter Pratts! Zachary Campbell! Laganja Estranja! Max Emerson!


Check out the latest videos from our WOWPresents Network! Xelle, Peter ... Watch Now

Are You Following World of Wonder on the Internets? We’re on Twitter! Instagram! Facebook! Tumblr!


In case you didn't know, WOW's presence on the internet reaches further than just the WOW Report! Did you know we have a YouTube channel, WOWPresents? YUP! It has tons ... See the Rest

Completely Over-the-Top Title Sequence for Scream Queens Is Everything That Is Both Right and Wrong About Ryan Murphy

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Ryan Murphy reveals the nearly two-minute opening title sequence for his upcoming FOX horror series “Scream Queens” and it's, uh, completely batshit insane you guys.  As one reviewer from says: "It's ... See the Rest

Blake’s Cake of the Day: A 68-Year-Old Slice From Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding

Queen Elizabeth's Cake

Queen Elizabeth is getting ready to celebrate being the longest reigning monarch in British history and as part of all of the hoopla, a slice of her 9' tall, 500 pound cake from her wedding on November 20, 1947 was sold to someone in Los Angeles for £500. The cake was still wrapped in the ... See the Rest

Janice Dickinson Collapses and “Almost Dies” On the Set of Celebrity Big Brother

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After getting stung by a bee on the set of Celebrity Big Brother UK, Janice Dickinson appeared to have a seizure on-air and fell to the ground, unconscious. TMZ reports "the incident was touch ... See the Rest

Funny or Die’s Kim Davis Spoof: “Clerks & Recreation”


Footage of Kim Davis, the Terror of Kentucky, is interspersed with scenes of Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. "She's a grade-A bitch," says Ron in a voiceover as we watch Kim spew her hate. ... See the Rest