Dixie Chicks Style: A Fashion Analysis of the Best Female Country Group of all Time

Dixie Chicks - World of Wonder

Before Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, and See the Rest

Watch the Justin Bieber & Alyssa Edwards Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed Until Now!


The fabulous T. Kyle created a mash-up of Alyssa Edwards' iconic tongue-pops from Alyssa's Secret ... See the Rest

WOWlebrity Daniel Franzese AKA ‘Whatsupdanny’ Drops Holiday EP and New Video

daniel franzese

Our good friend Daniel Franzese has released a holiday EP as his alter ego Whatsupdanny called Christmas Wrapping, with Ellis Miah who also worked with mother See the Rest

Watch New Videos From the WOWPresents Network! New Videos From The Ryan & Amy Show! Mike Enders! Billy Francesca! Steven Sims! Mrs. Kasha Davis!


Check out the latest videos from our WOWPresents Network! The Ryan and Amy Show, Mike Enders, Watch Now

RuPaul’s “Slay Belles” Named The Best New Christmas Album In Entertainment Weekly Because Duh


Although it's no surprise here, RuPaul's Slay Belles was included in See the Rest

#FriendsgivingAstrology: Which Friends Character Are You On Thanksgiving?

Friends - World of wonder

It's that time of year WOWers... ...where we DISCOVER our love for second servings, double dipping, and elastic sweatpants. See the Rest

Here Are 20 Times The #ThanksgivingClapBack Was Too Real


We all know that feeling when you're at Thanksgiving dinner and your family members don't let you live. Thus, in this week's lead-up toward Thanksgiving day, the hilarious #ThanksgivingClapBack hashtag was born on Twitter. Edges were lost, granny's potato salads were disrespected, and uncle's credit score was called into question. Trust me, you ... See the Rest

Blake’s Snake of the Day: Cobra Down the Shirt While Driving


A man maintains his cool as his friends pull a freakin' cobra out of his shirt while he drives. It's unclear if the snake crawled up into his shirt on its own or if his friends put it there. I know I'd have a few less friends if anyone stuck any kind of snake down my shirt. Whether I was driving or not! Watch the video below. ... See the Rest

A New Christmas Classic Is Born: Mariah Carey’s “A Christmas Melody” Is Coming!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.15.06 AM

The living Christmas Diva herself Mariah Carey is releasing her directorial debut with her new musical holiday movie extravaganza this season! It's called A ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s DragCon 2016: Meet Hot Chocolate

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 3.00.53 PM

RuPaul's DragCon 2016 is fast-approaching! May 7th and 8th! DO YOU HAVE YOUR TICKETS YET? See the Rest

#SexSells: Newport’s “Alive with Pleasure” Cigarette Campaign Was Subliminal Marketing 101

6-30-2010 8-23-44 PM

Sexual innuendo in advertising doesn't get any more textbook perfect than Newport's "Alive with Pleasure!" ads that were everywhere in the 70s and 80s. The subconscious imagery was taken to new heights in the Newport ... See the Rest

#HolidayGiftIdeas: “Golden Girls” Granny Panties Might Be the Perfect Present –DEPENDS!


Is there someone on your list that would appreciate granny panties featuring Dorothy, Rose, Blanche or Sophia? As the headline says –it just Depends. (Get it.) ANYWAY, it seems Utah housewife ... See the Rest

#RIP: Gay Porn Star, Dimitri Kane


Less than a week after we reported gay porn actor Zac Stevens died at the age of 25, Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW) reports that Dimitri ... See the Rest