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The 21 Pics That Will Make You Wish You Were at Comic-Con Right Now

OK. DEEP BREATH. Let me put my nerd googles on and see if I can identify all these Comic-Con cosplayers. (And a huge thank you to our intrepid reporter Michael Roha for the pics!) ... See the Rest

Candidly Nicole Courtney Act

Candidly Nicole GIFs – Episode Two

Check out GIFs from last night's new episode of Candidly Nicole! Getting drunk at the supermarket and Courtney Act talks tucking your junk! ... See the Rest

Queen Elizabeth II attends the Solemn Drumhead Service at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

Epic Queen Elizabeth Photobomb

I mean, first you get to play with your team in the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, then you snap a selfie and WHO photobombs you? THE FRICKIN QUEEN OF ENGLAND! Yup, Queen Elizabeth aka Lizzie Windsor dropped a bomb on the ladies and they got a picture that will be viral in no time. Print and scene. ... See the Rest

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Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Cover

Nicki Minaj's new single Anaconda comes with quite the demure picture of her, as you see right here. She had to be coaxed out of the bathroom and begged to let loose for the shoot and against her judgement, she relented. That last part is pure sarcasm. I clearly have a past with reading Penthouse ... See the Rest

Birthday Featured Image- World of Wonder

It’s Birthday, Bitch

Jake Slane Bobbie Eakes Darren Star Illeana Douglas Iman James Lafferty Matt LeBlanc Michael C. Williams Tera Patrick Thurston Moore Verdine White   ... See the Rest

Bianca Del Rio Alyssas Secret

Bianca Del Rio on an Upcoming Episode of Alyssa’s Secret

RuPaul's Drag Race season six WINNER, Bianca Del Rio, will be on an upcoming episode of Alyssa's Secret! Click over to watch the exclusive video! ... Watch Now

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Which Sex & the City Star Is Related to a Grisly Axe Murderer? And MIGHT BE MAD HERSELF?

Find out which beloved SATC star recently discovered she has MURDER and MADNESS coursing through her family's bloodline? And now must worry that SHE, ... See the Rest


Watch Now: Latrice Royale Recaps Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce – Episode 7

Latrice Royale recaps last night's episode of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce! Latrice talks about the big ass moment from episode 7. Click over and ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Life Changing Scientific Breakthrough of the Day: Microwavable Cake Batter in a Spray Can!!! - World of Wonder

Life Changing Scientific Breakthrough of the Day: Microwavable Cake Batter in a Spray Can!!!

Two Harvard students have created Spray Cake – YES! – cake batter in a whipped cream-style can that can be microwaved in 60 seconds. Unbelievable! ... Watch Now

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Justin Bieber Has Uploaded Snippets of 11 New Songs On to Instagram – Will Any of Them Be Good Enough to Put Him Back On Top?

Rampaging fame monster Justin Bieber has been in the studio lately, tirelessly working to put out a record that will put him back on top and earn the ... See the Rest


7 Job Interview Follow-Up Questions That You Need to Know!

It's always awkward at the end of the job interview when the interviewer asks "Do you have any questions?" and you're like "Nooooooope!" because you ... See the Rest


Gaspard Ulliel is Gaspingly Gorgeous In the Saint Laurent Trailer, of Course

The trailer for the REAL Yves Saint Laurent biopic has arrived and it's GAYMAZING. What a cast! The hottest frenchmen of ALL TIME: Gaspard Ulliel! ... Watch Now

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The Saddest Pics of Leonardo You’ll Ever See

Leonardo DiCaprio stands on the bough of a yacht in a towel with his shoulders slumped, looking utterly defeated. Like an old guy in the locker room ... See the Rest