L is for Lame

Photo Courtesy: Michele Morrison
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Photo Courtesy: Michele Morrison

After six years of being dedicated viewers, my friends and I made boobie cupcakes and gathered to watch The L Word series finale. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. You might remember that I was prepared that we wouldn’t know who killed Jenny so at least that wasn’t my major complaint. I just don’t get it? What they were thinking? Now, I’ve never been one to say that The L Word has great writing, but one thing they do have is fans. And Ilene Chaiken, the creator, is always very honest about the fact that they listen to fans’ suggestions and what they want to see (fans wanted to see Jenny & Shane together and – POOF – fans hated Jenny and wanted her dead – POOF). Unfortunately, just appeasing the fans does not a great ending to a show make, as was evident last night.

The number of untied loose ends was unforgivable. Storylines were haphazardly thrown in and then sometimes thown away with merely a line. The L word here is Lazy. Lazy in story development and in resolving really any storyline before this episode. Not to mention the fact that the finale itself was pretty stagnant with not much happening.

Why were so many things left unexplained? It’s as if they were trying to create a motive for everyone to kill Jenny but, to be honest, after seeing these women develop over the past six years, I don’t think any of them could kill a friend. And this season didn’t develop anyone into a monster who seemed likely to kill Jenny. Sure, many characters were upset with her, but kill her? It’s so unlikely; not to mention not believable. (Click on CONTINUE to read the rest)

That being said, there were elements I did enjoy – Bette & Tina, for example. Their story was resolved nicely with their plan to move to New York. Another was Jenny taking the tapes; though revealed FAR too late in the episode, it was a nice touch. But again, the frustration came from no confrontation with Jenny & Tina or even Jenny & Shane about the letter from Molly.

I do applaud The L Word for portraying lesbians over the years in an honest way (I especially enjoyed the story of Transgendered Max – which is never done on TV) and the honest struggling relationship of Alice & Tasha. Although, what happened? Does Max keep the baby? Do Alice and Tasha end up together? We will never know. I do want to know: Were the writers just lazy? Did time just run out? Did anyone really kill Jenny? Maybe she committed suicide? Maybe she fell? What is with the murder-mystery element when there might not have been a murder at all? I could go on for days. I can’t imagine that Ilene and the team of writers can sit back and watch this episode and think to themselves, “This was a fabulous way to end this series.” AfterEllen sums it up nicely at the end of their review of the episode.

Suddenly an ensemble drama about the relationships between a group of friends was turned into a murder mystery in which every character had to have a reason to want to kill Jenny, which in turn led to character assassinations, poor pacing, and storylines that didn’t make any sense. The actors did a good job with what they had, and the writers managed to deliver a few entertaining scenes and episodes, but overall, The L Word’s final season was a mess.