Know Your British Boybands: One Direction

Oh, I’m so behind the rest of the world, I know, I know. I’m just discovering the British X Factor cuties now. And while the Tumblrverse seems to be going mad for Zayn, I’m rather partial to Harry Styles and his audacious mid-aughts boy bangs. There’s a marvelous story in today’s Daily Mail about him giving socialite/ slag Peaches Geldoff a fake phone number when she tried coming on to him at a recent event (good thing, too, as she probably would have eaten him for breakfast) and how he sometimes tells girls he’s gay so they’ll leave him alone. Which is SO CUTE! SQUEEEAL! OR MILDLY HOMOPHOBIC, I CAN’T TELL! YAY! From what I’ve heard so far, their music is just so-so but they make up for it by co-ordinating their outfits together nicely WHICH IS PARAMOUNT, YOU KNOW, and again, Harry has these bangs, see, that will make you LAUGH OUT LOUD when you see them in the video for “What Makes You Beautiful.” Watch it and then YOU tell ME he’s not a star.