Fenton and Randy Cover Next


Looking GORGEOUS! From the article: “‘Everything I dreamed I could achieve I saw reflected in their eyes,’ RuPaul explains via telephone. ‘That was from the moment I met them in 1985. They got me. They didn’t even have to say they got me. I saw it in their eyes, and I trust them. We all come from the school of ‘the rest of the world will catch up.’ The fact the public doesn’t ‘get it’ now, don’t let that stop you. Do it anyway. And they had also just been through some hell with this record contract publishing deal, so I knew what to avoid when dealing with ‘The Man.’ RuPaul represents a quintessential example of how WOW’s Bailey and Barbato — who first met in NYU Graduate Film School, united by a mutual hunger for fame—have not only exalted pop culture and its icons, befriending and documenting them from an insider’s vantage point (e.g. Monica Lewinsky, Anna Nicole Smith, Tammy Faye Bakker), but have shaped it at the same time. Not only that, but with an unabashedly queer bent. ‘They love the eccentrics, the loonies, the colorful people who make the culture fun and slightly dangerous,’ says Michael Musto, a regular guest on Barbato and Bailey’s first outing, the weekly public access cable talk show The Flaunt It Club! TV, taped at storied nightclub, Limelight. ‘TV used to reflect the reality in clubs, but now it’s the reverse. Real life imitates RuPaul’s show, and everyone with a razor and some sequins goes out every night hoping to get discovered to be on it.”

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