They’re back!!! It’s been a minute since NYC pop/electro trio The Ones‘ self-titled debut album came and went. Changes in labels and music biz politics made it a bit of a trip from hit single “Flawless” (later covered by George Michael) to refocusing on what made their infectious sound a playlist necessity on both sides of the Atlantic. Last week, Nashom Wooden, Jojo Americo, and Paul Alexander got back on track with a 90-minute, over-the-top event for the release of sophomore album Blast From the Past that was a full-on production directed by Peace Bisquit label head Matthew Dailey (pictured center), which included no less than five costume changes, video wall projections, and onstage duets with Nomi Ruiz (Hercules and Love Affair), Amanda LeporeJustin Bond, and ex-porn star Colton Ford. “This album symbolizes a new beginning for us,” says Paul. “It’s very much a party album that harkens to our youth and every dance floor between here and then.” A reworked cover version of Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” gave a nod to ’80s pop culture. “The Pussycat Song,” a double entendre jingle that was cleverly directed towards Amanda Lepore seemed sweetly placed among the multimedia display, and dance floor behemoth “Let’s Celebrate,” featuring Nomi Ruiz, proved that The Ones’ bangin bass beats and identifiable lyrics are standouts among the soulless pastiche offered up by froshy gimmick groups. The sold-out show was packed with fans and friends, including photog Aaron CobbettDJ Honey Dijon, celebrity make up artist Bobby Butz, nightlife nonagenarian club kid Zelda Kaplan, and Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field! (via Zeitgeist World; photo by Fifibear)