Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Did Chick-fil-A Prevent Adam Lambert from Winning American Idol?

Homophobia conspiracy theories chick fil hate american idol Adam Lambert I can’t decide whether this one makes sense or it’s the rantings of a looneytune. Yahoo News is reporting that Allen Kiser, the Chick-fil-A franchise owner in Conway, Arkansas, spent thousands of dollars to keep Adam Lambert from becoming the Season 8 American Idol winner, motivated by his virulent homophobia. How? “While every measurable indicator favored an Adam Lambert victory around the nation, back in Conway, Arkansas, Chick-fil-A mounted a campaign to change that outcome. Week after week people gathered to vote at Chick-fil-A sponsored events. It was not just ordinary voting, but power texting with multiple phones and after-hour voting with West coast go-phones. Voters were encouraged to vote thousands of times each with free food and prizes. It was an appealing incentive in this sleepy collage town. Keep in mind that they could rack up an impressive number of votes. 10,000 votes from 2,000 people = 20 million votes, 3,000 people = 30 million votes. There were about 3,000 people at the Vote Party on the night of the final. Allen Kiser attended with his Chick-fil-A cows baring name tags that identified themselves as Vote Party ‘Staff’.” Adam did, of course, lose. And this all seems plausible in light of what we now know about Chick-fil-A, I suppose. But it could just actually be a case of that liberal paranoia the right so often accuses us of. What do you think?



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