Bright Light Bright Light Debuts New Video, Tours West Coast, Makes Us Believe in Hope!

Rod Thomas pop music Make Me Believe in Hope In Your Care Handsome Brits Del Marquis dance music Bright Light Bright Light 90s pop

Bright Light Bright Light is the music moniker of Rod Thomas, a super-talented Welsh-born musican who cranks out blissfully danceable 90s-infused-Brit-flavored pop music, and I loooove him. He’s been fawned over by Elton John (who’s a big fan), snagged admirers like Michael Stipe, collaborates with Scissor Sister Del Marquis, and he’s toured Europe with Ellie Goulding. And the music? Very Erasure meets M People meets Robyn, with lots of sentimental sweeping melodies and bad-ass booty-thumping beats.

ANYWAY… Rod debuted BrightLightx2′s latest video in NYC night before last (“In Your Care” — it’s gorgeous; see it below), and in less than two weeks he’ll kick off his first tour of the West Coast. (He also DJs and is known in his current home of London for the 90s-fueled thumper “Another Night” at Vogue Fabrics in Dalston.) First off he hits the Bootleg in L.A. on Dec. 3rd, then Cafe du Nord in San Francisco on Dec. 5th, he’ll DJ at Dickslap at the Eagle in SF on Dec. 7th, then hit the Nark Party at Seattle’s Neighbors on Dec. 13th. Go see him! You heart and soul-loving soul will thank you.

Watch below, and then go get into my faves of his past tunes, “Disco Moment,” “Feel It” and the sublime “Cry at Films.” And pre-order his new EP, Make Me Believe in Hope, due this weekend! And follow Rod/BLBL on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Plus, he’s handsome as all get out and just a dear. XOXOX!!!




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