We Have Our Christian Grey

new movie hot guys Fifty Shades of Grey Charlie Hunnam BDSM And it’s none other than Sons of Anarchy star, Charlie Hunnam. Universal made the official announcement today along with revealing that the role of Anastasia Steele will go to relative unknown, Dakota Johnson. I’ll give you a moment to do a quick Google search… Back yet? OK, so this REALLY is encouraging news. Ever since I saw Charlie Hunnam years ago in Nicholas Nickleby, I’ve been a casual yet devoted fan of his body work. And I think the casting is perfect on Universal’s part. Hunnam has all the cards in his favor to play the S&M enthusiast: He’s beautiful and charming BUT can be totally dark and intimidating. All in all, I co-sign this even though I was secretly holding out for Chris Hemsworth. Fifty Shades of Grey is set for an August 2014 release, but tickets aren’t available yet. We checked. Anyway, what do you think of the casting?


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