Boys Destroy 13th-Century Castle Trying to Light Cigarettes

Krásna Hôrka, towering over the village of Krasnohorske Podhradie in Slovakia, was gutted by a fire after it was discovered “two local boys aged 11 and 12 were trying to light up a cigarette.” The London Metro reports: “As workers at the castle fled, 84 firefighters were deployed to tackle the blaze. The Slovak National Museum said Krasna Horka suffered extensive structural damage but that 90% of its historical collections were saved. The castle’s roof burned down completely, as well as the new exhibition in the gothic palace and the bell tower [where] ‘three bells melted.’ Despite the extensive damage the two boys will not face prosecution as the age of criminal responsibility in Slovakia is 15.” YouTube comments on this video run the gamut from sarcastic all the way to bitchy: “If your castle can be burned down by a couple gypsy kids, it was a pretty shitty castle”  ”Hope new building gonna be better” and “Ahaha, when you can’t sell 14th century castle, burn it and get insurance.” Humans are horrible, aren’t they?


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