Book ‘Em: Wowlebrity Portraits in The World According to Wonder


Gorgeous, gorgeous Holly Woodlawn. Living legend. Drag icon. SURVIVOR. Such an important person in the history of gay culture. What she did in the ’70s – along with Divine, Jayne County, and Tim Curry in Rocky Horror – was provide a bridge between old school female impersonation and modern drag with its completely original, self-invented characters. Without Holly, there would be no Boy George. There would be no RuPaul. They’d still be dressed like Judy Garland and Carmen Miranda. We all need to bow down to the goddess whenever we see her. And go watch her movies. Her performance in Andy Warhol’s Trash still shocks nearly 45 years later. It remains one of the saddest portraits of unrequited love ever put on film. When Holly fucks herself with a beer bottle to get Joe Dallesandro’s attention, it will just break your heart. Holly has been involved in a number of WOW projects over the years, most notably the documentary Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture. She’s appeared in numerous Daily Freak Show episodes as well as contributed to the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery.

From The World According to Wonder: “Holly Woodlawn, performer, author, Warhol superstar. Holly’s autobiography Low Life in High Heels has been an inspirational text when it comes to the basic human right of ‘if you want something, just go out and grab it by the balls.'” Here, here. Photographed at her home in West Hollywood by Idris + Tony.


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