#WatchNow: The Opening Of Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” Remains Spectacular


Even 35+ years later, the opening sequence to Woody Allen's Manhattan still gives me goose bumps. Shot in black and white, it's really a small story set in a big city. The monologue parodies this genre of film, and as the cliché goes, New York is just another character in the story and with this kind of set-up, it's beautifully clear. For this New ... See the Rest

#ArchitecturePorn: The Menil Collection Unveils Their New Drawing Institute In Houston

picabia drawing

I'm from Houston originally and one of the best things about the city, is the Menil Collection, one of my favorite museums. The building designed by Renzo Piano, is part of a series of structures in a residential neighborhood in a 30-acre complex designed by David Chipperfield Architects, that includes Piano’s Cy Twombly Gallery, the Dan Flavin ... See the Rest

Brooklyn Museum: Artist Kehinde Wiley Is Accused of “Seducing An Art Public Cowed by Political Correctness”


Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic at the Brooklyn Museum has been a highly anticipated show but apparently, not EVERYONE loves this artist. Kehinde's work raise questions about race, gender, and the politics of representation by portraying contemporary African American men and women. The artist uses the conventions of traditional European portraiture ... See the Rest

#FirstLook: Ryan Reynolds In His #OfficialSuit For “Deadpool”


Ryan Reynolds, who is playing everyone's favorite anti-hero in the upcoming Deadpool, tweeted out a picture giving us a first look at his costume for the movie. Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, in his full costume is sprawled out across a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire. Reynolds' caption for the image: "With great power comes great ... See the Rest

#SadNews: Soprano’s Actress Drea de Matteo’s East Village Apartment Burns Along With Dozens of Her Neighbors


Actress Drea de Matteo is among those who lost their homes yesterday after a massive fire destroyed three buildings in the NY's East Village. She Instagrammed the above pic with the caption: "NYC's finest trying to put out the flames to mine [and] many others' apartments. Speechless." The fire began in a sushi restaurant downstairs after ... See the Rest

#PussyGalore: Classic Album Covers Recreated With Kittens


The internet is kitty cat crazy, no denying. And if it had it's way, everything would be cat-tastic, 24/7. Alfra Martini imagined that and this is what some legendary album art from a world dominated by kittens would look like. From The Village Kitten's Macho Cat to Purr Division's Unknown Whiskers and a lot in between, here are some classics that ... See the Rest

#HateU: Ben Stiller On Joan Rivers: “She Didn’t Like Me…”


Ben Stiller was on with Howard Stern this Wednesday when the shock jock brought up Joan Rivers, who died in September. "She had a thing about it. She didn't like me. I'm glad you're bringing this up. Because I never had an interaction with her." Robin Quivers said that Rivers held a grudge against Stiller because he "ignored her on the red ... See the Rest

Quote Unquote: Fran Leibowitz On Dolly, Drag & Yoga Pants


The writer (who rarely writes) Fran Leibowitz, has an opinion on virtually everything, if asked. Elle magazine's Kathleen Hale queried her about her own style and that of others. The talk came around to specific people and she was asked about Dolly Parton's look: "It's great because she invented it for herself and she can wear it. It never ... See the Rest