Flashback 1964: New York World’s Fair

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the opening of the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair. It's starting to sink in what a MAJOR time this was in ... See the Rest

Video thumbnail for youtube video Circuit Festival: - World of Wonder

Flash Foward: The 7th Annual Circuit Festival In Barcelona

I don't care much about circuit parties or the Circuit Festival, this year, which is billed as the "7th edition of biggest international gay event" ... See the Rest


Emma Stone Covers Vogue

Emma Stone is on the cover of the new Vogue, which means that fashionistas around the country can get off their soap boxes – and ledges; the Kimye ... See the Rest


Happy Earth Day! A Peek At Earth From Above

Today is Earth Day and I thought what better way to mark it than by looking at it – from above. But first, an alarming new statistic which will go ... See the Rest


Bad Real Estate Porn: Listing Photos That You Won’t Buy

You've heard of "staging" an interior for photos and to get the property sold, right? Well, these pics are Stage 4 – as in terminal. The photos are ... See the Rest

Gregory Vaughn, "Brian"

You’ve Got Male: Housing Works Art Auction

Proceeds from the Design on a Dime Art Auction will benefit Housing Works’ newest supportive housing development, the Hull Street Residence, a new ... See the Rest


Mirror, Mirror: Is There A Ford In Your Future?

I just had to share these. Couldn't you see Courtney Act or Raja in this in a New York minute? (Model Karmen Pedaru in Tom Ford by Miguel Reveriego ... See the Rest


Gay-Mazing!: Will & Grace Reunion In The Works

It's been talked about for years but now it seems that all four key cast members from Will & Grace really ARE ready to reunite with original producers ... See the Rest