#RIP: Illustrator, Robert de Michiell

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Illustrator and man-about-town, Robert de Michiell has died. This from his See the Rest

#AnnieHall2: Check These Prank “No Parking” Signs for the Least Wanted NYC Sequels


I live in the West Village, which besides being one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city is also a permanent film set. Every other minute there is a crew restricting the already ... See the Rest

#HappyEaster!: Those Famous Easter Island Heads Have Bodies Too!


Yes, I know it's Columbus Day, not Easter but in honor of myth-busting history (we know Christopher Columbus didn't discover anything, the Indians were ... See the Rest

#WatchNow: Obama’s 3 Tips For Kanye’s 2020 Run


President Obama has some political wisdom to share with Kanye West, who announced earlier this year at the VMA's that he had decided in for ... See the Rest

#LGBT: Watch This Trans Man’s 3 Year Gender Transformation In 30 Seconds


Jamie Raines, 21, began snapping a selfie-a-day when he started taking testosterone to transition from female to male right before his 18th birthday. And this amazing clip ... See the Rest

#NationalComingOutDay: The Rhodes Brothers’ Top 10 Coming Out Tips


You know it's National Coming Out Day today. Seventeen magazine LGBTQ editor and YouTuber Raymond Braun invited his friends ... See the Rest

#NationalComingOutDay: ANTM Nyle DiMarco Identifies as “Sexally Fluid”


America's Next Top Model contestant Nyle DiMarco, 26, came out as "sexually fluid" to his Twitter followers. The NYC boy, who is a ... See the Rest

#LGBT: Campbell’s Star Wars Gay Dads Ad Has Homophobes Flaming Mad

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The new Campbell's Soup ad features a real life married gay couple feeding soup to their son. The actors are a real-life married couple, and have ... See the Rest