Mario & Courtney, Not Your Ordinary Wedding Special

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In this day and age of docu-soap TV, we are inundated with flipping tables, boo-boo-liscious hype, and crocodile hunters.  And yet, I find myself blessed to be at the helm of a show that delivers on so many levels. After wrapping 10 Kids 2 Dads, I started working with Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza on their wedding special, airing tomorrow night ... See the Rest

The Iconic Steel Magnolias, 25 Years Later…

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What a star-studded gala this will be!  A dear friend, David Youse, has organized a staged reading to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Robert Harding's Steel Magnolias.  BTW, I cannot believe it has been nearly 25 years since I fell in LOVE with Shirley McLaine's Ouiser (the scene at the funeral is classic). The evening will not only celebrate ... See the Rest

10 Kids Are Coming Again!


If you happened to miss the 10 Kids 2 Dads premiere last week, you are in luck. OWN is running the episodes again tonight. The series follows a suburban gay couple who always wanted a family so they adopted ten kids.  The all-boy entourage, ranges from three years to 19... and they are a hoot!! As the Advocate expressed, "The beauty of 10 Kids, 2 ... See the Rest

Good Fortune of 10 Kids 2 Dads


  I consider myself blessed by the projects that I work on at World of Wonder and 10 Kids 2 Dads is no exception. Not only was I lucky enough to work with them in Michigan, but through the magic of editing I spent the last four months up close and personal. I grew to love them – the charm of Clint, the subtlety of Bryan, and the spark ... See the Rest

Tonight’s Tori & Dean Finale….


Tonight's finale of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is again packed with events and fun twists and turns. There really is no event that can top the arrival of Hattie Margaret. Emotions are high as the whole family prepares but, as many know, you never can be prepared for a birth. Dean mans the camera and we get to witness Hattie's first ... See the Rest

Viewing Party with Tori & Dean


Join in on a LIVE chat with Tori & Dean from their Hollywood home this Monday on OxygenLive starting at 9:30PM ET while you watch the season finale of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood on Oxygen at 10/9c. Gusband Mehran will be chatting it up on the West Coast starting at 9:30PM PT. And don't forget to RSVP for your chance to interact and ... See the Rest

It’s a Family Affair for Tori & Dean

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Tonight's episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is a true family affair. Tori plans both Stella's and Simone's Birthday parties; the family packs up and travels to support Dean while he is working in Toronto, which brings up his past relationships with his sisters; and, lastly,Tori and her mom Candy say goodbye to the mansion! It is a ... See the Rest

Tonight Tonight… on Tori & Dean

The second installment of the all-new season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood airs tonight! Last week, Tori told Dean that they were pregnant. How do they keep this a secret while she produces several parties for a new party-planning book, makes personal appearances, and celebrates Liam's birthday? The episode is packed with family fun and ... See the Rest