Missy Elliot’s Got A Nu Playthaaang Sharaya…and She’s “Banji”


We've been following Missy Elliot's new pop/hip hop protégé Sharaya J for a couple of years now. Back in 2013 she put out club banger Banji (an acronym for "Be Authentic Never Jeopardize Individuality), produced by Elliot, with cheeky lyrics like "If he gotta girl, bet I can make you leave her". But since then, we haven't heard much from the Jersey ... See the Rest

World of Wonder presents East London Drag Docu “DRESSED AS A GIRL” IT’S BEYOND!!!


East London’s alternative drag scene seemed to explode in the early 2000’s, and at the front of the trashy revolution were a handful of queens, featured in the new documentary Dressed As A Girl. I witnessed the whole shape-shifting first hand while living in London right at the beginning, hanging with my bestie and one of the stars of the film, ... See the Rest

NYC Drag Queen Marti Cummings Apologizes For Posing as Bruce Jenner for National Enquirer

bruce jenner

Soooo...way back in December, before Bruce Jenner officially came out about his transitioning, the National Enquirer ran a cover pic of Bruce apparently stepping out of his SUV, in full cocktail attire. As with most of NE's pics, this was a re-enactment...not the real Bruce Jenner. Anyway, now NYC scene queen Marti Gould Cummings, who actually ... See the Rest

Quote Of The Night: Christina Milian On Sam Smith’s Grammy Wins

sm smith

"I feel bad for any GIRL he's (Sam Smith) singing about right now. She's kicking herself in the butt right now."- Christina Milian. ‪(pic via Sam Smith Instagram) ... See the Rest

CAZWELL’s Got an “Ice Cream Truck” UNDERWEAR LINE!!!


Get into Cazwell's undies!!! Fashion designer Geoffrey Mac is collaborating with the NYC rapper on a new line of underwear, inspired by pygophiliacs (butt fetishists) and Cazwell's hit Ice Cream Truck song. “I love fashion for the same reason I love music,” says Cazwell. “There are no boundaries and endless possibilities. Fashion and music are ... See the Rest

Butch Queens First Time In Drag…”Fem” Book by Luke Austin


Check out Australian photog Luke Austin’s latest Mini Beau Book ‘Fem’ (featuring NYC gogo icon Matthew Camp)- the third installment of hot boys that Austin has encountered and photographed during his travels around the world. This time around, he went for a more girlie approach, dressing the boys up in not much more than Dolly Parton-esque wigs. ... See the Rest

Stream: Andy Butler (Hercules And Love Affair) “You Can Shine” feat. Richard Kennedy


Hercules And Love Affair creator (and my future husband) Andy Butler is about to release his debut solo project, a two song EP called You Can Shine. "It's kind of meant to be a inspirational number that I wrote with Richard Kennedy, the vocalist of the song", says Butler. "We decided to talk about periods of darkness in life (sounds familiar ... See the Rest

Willow Smith Reposts Her “Venus De Milo” After Instagram Censor


Willow Smith, fast becoming the most tricky of the Smith family, posted a pic of her in a Vfiles vintage Jean Paul Gaultier titty top that apparently got everybody gaggin' on Instagram. The Venus de Milo look features just the breasts of the Greek statue, but that was more than enough to have the internet rant about how she's 14, ... See the Rest