Rosie Perez New “View” Co-Host

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It's true. Rosie Perez is one of two new co-hosts that will be joining Rosie and Whoopi when The View begins it's next season on September 15th. Also joining the mix is political commentator Nicolle Wallace. This is soooo opposite of the original names being tossed about including our sweet Ross Matthews amongst others. Will you watch The View ... See the Rest

I Present To You: Mr. & Mrs. Wahlberg

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Jenny McCarthy/Jenny Wahlberg (I have no clue what she is doing with her name, if anything) posed for their first Twitter picture together as man and wife. I have no clue how she found any space on her ring finger to fit a wedding band and that rock, but she did. I love these two together, hope it lasts a lifetime. It's the second marriage for ... See the Rest

Elizabeth Hurley and Her Gorgeous Son Damian

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Elizabeth Hurley has kept her 12-year-old son Damian out of the spotlight, completely understood, but she has been Instagramming photos of him and not surprisingly, he is GORGEOUS. Look at those eyeballs! He clearly takes after his gorgeous mommy. ... See the Rest

MAC Loves a Sweet Transvestite

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OMG why hasn't this happened sooner?? I can't believe we all haven't thought about this before, but thank GOD MAC did. The Rocky Horror Collection from MAC Cosmetics makes it grand debut on October 2nd (just in time to catch Bianca Del Rio as Magenta, Adore Delano as Frank n Furter and moi as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Show at Woodlawn Theatre ... See the Rest

Carrie Underwood Is Going To Be a Mommy

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Congrats to American Idol winner/country music star Carrie Underwood and her hubby, hockey player Mike Fisher on the announcement of their pregnancy. Carried Instagrammed this pic with the caption, "in honor of "Labor" Day...Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn't be happier!" Ace and Penny are clearly the dogs. ... See the Rest

Kristen Chenoweth Goes To the Dark Side

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Broadway legend Kristen Chenoweth "needed a change" and showed the world said change on twitter. Though it may not be dramatic for you or me, for the eternal blonde, it's a massive change. It's tough to leave blonde behind, but she's done it. Now, how long before she starts hitting the bottle again? ... See the Rest

Rose McGowan Goes Pixie

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If you told me that she did it, I'm not sure I could ever imagine Rose McGowan in a pixie cut in my head, but now that she's done it, I kinda love it. I am also not-so-secretly jealous that she can pull it off so well. It's perfect for this time of the year in Los Angeles. Totes adorbs, Rose. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Britney and Her Boys

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I just had back-to-school night last night (I spotted not-so-real housewife Brandi Glanville who was in a mini, super high heeled booties and applying lip gloss while walking) and it always makes me nostalgic and grateful to be a mom to two great daughters. I love when celebs feel the same way. Case in point: Britney and her boys. How cute is this ... See the Rest