Gwen Stefani Looking Glamorous Backstage

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Mommy first, superstar second. Perhaps, but Gwen Stefani can't help it if her glamour always takes center stage. Gwen posted this pic from backstage at The Voice where she was getting her mommy time in with 8-month-old son, Apollo. She inspires me every day to remember that mommy doesn't mean diaper jeans. #WerkBitch ... See the Rest

Katy Perry’s New Finger Ink

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Katy Perry got a new tattoo. She got the world's most famous kitty inked on her middle finger. She posted this pic on her Instgram with the caption, "Does this make my gang signs look soft?" She's such a thug. I will say this, whomever did it has talent. It looks great. ... See the Rest

Madonna Gets Laced

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Madonna needed help lacing her Givenchy boots, but not from one, not from two, but from three assistants. If you had any doubt who the Queen was, this should take care of that. ... See the Rest

Liv Tyler Confirms Her Pregnancy With a Costume

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So stinkin' cute. Liv Tyler confirmed her pregnancy with her Halloween costume. She was an oven with a bun in it. Get it? Congrats to Liv, hubby and son on the new addition soon to come. ... See the Rest

Bethenny Frankel Worries Her Fans

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Yes SkinnyGirl was her brain child, but fans fear Bethenny Frankel is taking that title a bit too literally. She posted this pic of her reading her cocktail recipe book and the Twittersphere went NUTS. I can see why. In this case, I read the comments and the comedy far outweighed the concern. ... See the Rest

Robbie Williams Is a Daddy Again

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 10.08.02 PM And he documented the whole thing pretty much on YouTube. His wife Ayda is not only gorgeous, but so tolerant. They welcomed a baby boy to join big sis Theodora.   ... See the Rest

What Do YOU See?

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Tesco, the massive supermarket chain in the UK is red in the face after putting out buttermilk containers with what appears to everyone on the planet, a penis on the carton. Of course they deny it's a penis, to them it's a just a jug pouring out buttermilk. Yeah, BOY buttermilk. Sign me up for a liter.... ... See the Rest

First Look: Iggy Azalea for Steve Madden

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If Iggy Azalea's popularity will translate into shoes sales is yet to be seen, but she gave everyone who follows her Instagram a sneak peek of her shoe line for Steve Madden. Not for me, but I am willing to bet we will see a lot of these bad boys stomping around a local mall food court in your neighborhood sometime soon. ... See the Rest