Loving Lady Gaga’s Shress

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Lady Gaga is in Berlin and wearing this gorgeous Keith Haring shress (shirt+dress=shress) with nothing but some sensible (for a change) black pumps and fishnets a la Liza with a Z. I love a girl with a heavy black line. I also love a girl who dresses her dog in matching ensembles....okay maybe I actually fear that last part a wee bit. ... See the Rest

Kelly Clarkson Shows Us Her River

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I mean, look at those cheeks! That face! Kelly Clarkson posted this pic from the set of her latest video-to-be from her song Wrapped In Red and showed us her baby girl River Rose. Kelly looks fantastic and you can just tell by looking at her how in love she is with her baby girl. So cute. ... See the Rest

Blake Lively Is Preggers

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Congrats to Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds as they are expecting their first perfect baby. I say perfect because with these two as parents, how could baby not be perfection? They told the world via her new lifestyle website called Preserve which, quite honestly, confuses the hell out of me, but I digress.....they are over the moon as they ... See the Rest

Nicole Eggert Has An Ice Cream Truck

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Nicole Eggert aka Summer from Baywatch, has reinvented herself, this time as an entrepreneur. Nicole has a an "ice cream shoppe on wheels" and it's appropriately, though not creatively, called Scoops. You can follow her on Twitter at scoops_truck to see where she is wheeling and dealing her daily dairy. She herself is doing it, so brava to her! ... See the Rest

Amanda Bynes Back On Twitter Under a Pseudonym

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This. Is. Tragic. It's literally a replay of what happened last time before her mental break. Amanda Bynes is now 28 years old and no longer under her parents conservatorship. They didn't even know where she was when she was busted for DUI in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Well, she has resurfaced on Twitter using the name @PersianLa27 and ... See the Rest

Jennifer Lopez Serves Fashion At American Idol

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Jennifer Lopez takes her fashion verrrrry seriously as you can see here. She is back to shooting American Idol as we all know, but he is giving it to us with the ensembles. Nails on fleek and this gown goes all the way down to the ground. Love the boho chic hats on her, no one rocks them quite like La Lopez. Great makeup here too, heavier for her, ... See the Rest

Rylan Clark Is Getting Married

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I loves me some Rylan Clark. You know if you've been reading the WoW Report for a while that I became obsessed with Rylan Clark when he amazed the British public with his gaycentric performances on X Factor UK and then again in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which he won. That gig begot him his current gig, hosting the Big Brother after show Big ... See the Rest

EJ Johnson Is Ready To Look Cute

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Magic Johnson's son and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills superstar EJ Johnson decided to go through with the gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight for health. It's the same surgery Rosie O'Donnell had and she has since lost 50 pounds after a heart attack scare. He talked about wanting the surgery on his reality show and now he's done it. He said he is ... See the Rest