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Possible RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 Winner

I mean really, if this kid doesn't show up on the main stage of RuPaul's Drag Race in a few years, then I will give eat my extensions, because miss ... See the Rest

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Giant Rats Invade Liverpool

                      I absolutely LOVE Scouse accents, like ... See the Rest

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Mariah’s #DemBabies Singing On Album

So Mariah is talking to ET Canada here about her new album and the fact that her kids, #DemBabies are singing on her new album. But that's not what ... See the Rest

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A Natural Beyoncé On Vacation

Beyoncé is on vaca with her hubby and daughter and one of the things I love about Bey is the fact that she not only shares her intimate pictures with ... See the Rest

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Lady Ga-Ga-Gorgeous

When it's all stripped away, what lies beneath is a beautiful woman. You can see the look of exhaustion after Lady Gaga played the final shows the NYC ... See the Rest

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That Was Quick: Naya Rivera Is Single Again

                  Blink and ya missed it. Some ish must've gone down because ... See the Rest

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Rob Lowe Still Owns the Sexy

I mean, look at him. Rob Lowe just turned 50 on St. Paddy's Day and hot damn is he still fine as hell. He is just a man who was blessed with insane ... See the Rest

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Rumer Has It

And by "it" I mean her mama's bad ass body! Rumer Willis posted this shot on Instagram of her being shot by amazing photographer Tyler Shields. She ... See the Rest