Neil Patrick Harris To Host The Oscars

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You knew it was bound to happen, didn't you? I mean he killed the Tonys dead, and now Neil Patrick Harris will prove his worth by doing the ultimate hosting gig: The Academy Awards aka The Oscars. NPH posted a pic of his "bucket list" with the last box left to be ticked and that was how he announced via Moby Picture. Loves the modern twist. Break a ... See the Rest

Beyoncé’s Floating Fringe

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Okay. Beyoncé cut some fringe for a minute and decided to rock it last night in London town. Now, is it me, or is her fringe totally floating? It's as it it's trying to run away from her beautiful face. If anyone out there is as big of an anglophile as I am or are actually British, you will know what I mean when I say that she looks like Jill ... See the Rest

Kaia Gerber Is Ready for Her Close-Up

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Look. At that. Face. Cindy Crawford's gene do NOT mess around. Kaia Gerber is 13 and beyond ready for prime time modeling gig. Her dad posted this pic of her on his Instagram and I know she has dabbled a little with the modeling, but she is her mama's doppelgänger. And? She is tall. Score. ... See the Rest

Abby Lee Miller Pushes a Dance Moms Kid Too Far

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Personally? I can't believe this hasn't happened sooner, straight up. Abby Lee Miller has pushed show favorite Paige Hyland (far right) too far and now Paige is suing her for alleged emotional and physical abuse during her years on Dance Moms. I loved the show the first two seasons, but I can't watch it anymore because of this very reason. It makes ... See the Rest

This Is What Happiness Looks Like for Ian Somerhalder

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How sweet is this? Ian Somerhalder seems to be completely over Nina Dobrev and completely enthralled and in love with current squeeze Nikki Reed. He posted this on his Instagram with the caption, "day with 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the universe. Wow smiling is such a beautiful part of the human experience-I highly recommend it." So ... See the Rest

Loving Lady Gaga’s Shress

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Lady Gaga is in Berlin and wearing this gorgeous Keith Haring shress (shirt+dress=shress) with nothing but some sensible (for a change) black pumps and fishnets a la Liza with a Z. I love a girl with a heavy black line. I also love a girl who dresses her dog in matching ensembles....okay maybe I actually fear that last part a wee bit. ... See the Rest

Kelly Clarkson Shows Us Her River

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I mean, look at those cheeks! That face! Kelly Clarkson posted this pic from the set of her latest video-to-be from her song Wrapped In Red and showed us her baby girl River Rose. Kelly looks fantastic and you can just tell by looking at her how in love she is with her baby girl. So cute. ... See the Rest

Blake Lively Is Preggers

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Congrats to Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds as they are expecting their first perfect baby. I say perfect because with these two as parents, how could baby not be perfection? They told the world via her new lifestyle website called Preserve which, quite honestly, confuses the hell out of me, but I digress.....they are over the moon as they ... See the Rest