Barbra Is Back

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I mean, has she ever really gone away? Barbra is making the rounds on late night to pitch her new album, Partners, which is available now on iTunes, Amazon and her official store. Amazing duets to be had with the likes of Billy Joel, Michael Bublé, Stevie Wonder and Elvis to name a few. She was a star as usual on Jimmy Fallon's show, but my fave ... See the Rest

Buzzfeed Does Celebs In Drag

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Doesn't everyone just obsess over Buzzfeed at this point? It's like they have a mainline to my brain and know just what to post to make me happy. Now they are dipping their creative toes into the drag pool and the result is not slap-yo-mama funny, but it's creative how they did it and it's interactive. I just wish the drag wasn't like a FaceTune ... See the Rest

Ben Affleck Is Now Buff Affleck

Ben Affleck seen shopping with his daughter Seraphina in Beverly Hills

Well excuuuuse me, Mr. Got the Body. Ben Affleck is back to reprise his biggest role to date (besides Daddy of course), Batman. Let's be honest, who wants a wimpy Batman? Ben has clearly been hitting the gym to give us bat-lovers what we want. Though I prefer Michael Keaton, I will sit for 2 hours for Ben Affleck. (Photos: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Mariah Carey Gets a Makeover By Monroe

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Mariah Carey's daughter Monroe is starting early with her diva lessons, after all her mom is one of the biggest divas in town. Let us not forget that Mariah does have her cosmetology license. Sidebar: it's refreshing to see Mariah taking the high road thus far with regards to her marriage deterioration, but apparently Nick has been blabbing. ... See the Rest

Cheyenne Jackson Gets Married

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Broadway superstar and all around sexpot, Cheyenne Jackson, got married this past weekend to boyfriend Jason Landau. It's a love story of fate as they met in rehab (both there for alcohol addiction) beat their demons and won, and found love on top of it all. As they say, you are where you are supposed to be at any given moment. It's the first ... See the Rest

George Clooney Heads To Downton Abbey

Jim Carter, Elizabeth McGovern, Sophie McShera, Rob James-Collier, Joanne Froggatt and Hugh Bonneville, from the hit British show 'Downton Abbey', promote their upcoming season on the 'Today' show in NYC

That headline was not meant to be a joke. On the upside, it's just for the Christmas special. Mind you, I am not a Clooney hater, I happen to LOVE Rosemary, but unless it's the diva-est of divas aka Shirley Maclaine et al, there needs to be no sightings of Americans in Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey. Yes, he's gorgeous, but this is different. ... See the Rest

Jared Leto’s Trouser Meat Promises To Please

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My. Sweet. Lord. I have always maintained, from my personal experiences, skinny guys always pack the biggest punch in the penis department and by the looks of this? Jared Leto would fall right into that stereotype. I need a shower.....and some batteries. ... See the Rest

Cara Delevingne’s New Ink

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Ubermodel Cara Delevingne is adding more ink, but because she is pretty much the hardest working model in the game right now, she has to be super creative about where she puts them. Cara professed her love of pork by tattooing the word "bacon" on her foot. Ow. ... See the Rest