Celebrity Big Brother UK Is ON!

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And it promises to be a good house too. After the last one, I was really hoping for a great cast in Celebrity Big Brother UK and I think we got it, save for the obligatory duds. The Americans that are repping our fair country are: Stephanie Pratt (yawn), the amazingly nutty, Gary Busey and our savior Leslie friggin' Jordan! Yes! Beverly Leslie is ... See the Rest

Walking Dead: Is Daryl Gay?

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That's the latest, anyway. So Daryl had the weird exchanges with Carol, but nothing ever blossomed out of that, so of course, the detectives on the interwebs have been going nuts. Literally. With the intentional risk of sounding ignorant, there is apparently a "letters section" in the Walking Dead comic book, and a fan asked AMC if they would ever ... See the Rest

Simon Cowell Hearts Betty Boop

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Simon Cowell hearts Betty Boop so much that he's put his money up to resurrect her on the big screen. He's teamed up with the company that made the mega-hit movie, The Lego Movie to put together a "music driven comedy." Sounds horrendous to me, but so did The Lego Movie, so what do I know? Boop boop e doop, that's what. ... See the Rest

Jenny McCarthy’s New Kid Did Her Right

Jenny McCarthy shows off her huge engagement ring and a cat sweater as she makes her way through LAX

Jenny McCarthy is engaged to former New Kid On the Block'er Donnie Wahlberg and that NKOTB money did him right because that right ain't no joke. Canary diamond, about 1,000 carats, obvs. (Photo: Pacific Coast News) ... See the Rest

Courtney Stodden Is Engaged To Doug Hutchinson….Again

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Confirmed by our sweet Courtney Stodden herself on twitter, 'tis true; our lovable blonde has gotten engaged to her ex-hubby Dough Hutchinson. According to her mom, Courtney just realized after being separated, just how much she really has for Doug. They never actually got divorced, so they are allegedly going to renew their vows before the end of ... See the Rest

OMG! Lauren Goodger To Go In CBBUK House

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PLEASE let this rumor be the true one. The word is that ex-TOWIE'er Lauren Goodger is entering the Celebrity Big Brother UK House in just one short week. You all have NO idea how obsessed with her I am, for all of the wrong reason, natch. Look, I am watching anyway, but this is just whipped cream on an already tasty sundae. Also rumored is Gary ... See the Rest

Could Cara Delevingne Be the Next Bond Girl?

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That's the word, anyway. I know a whole bunch of Bond enthusiasts that might take issue with this, but hey, supermodel Cara Delevingne is young, sexy and gorgeous, so why the hell not?? ... See the Rest

Lady Gaga’s Hospital Lashes Are On Point

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Lady Gaga was performing in Denver when the altitude got to her and she had to make an unplanned visit to the ER. She, of course, shared that moment and she wore the perfect lashes for the occasion! ... See the Rest