The World’s First Hoverboard Is Here!

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It's not QUITE Back to the Future, but Hendo Hover of Los Gatos, California has created a real-life hoverboard that uses magnetic fields to hover one inch off the ground. Well, one inch off the ground "above special surfaces." The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to build development kits for the board and help create areas to ride them. ... Watch Now

Transformations: On Location at the Queen Mary “Dark Harbor”

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It's a very special Halloween edition of Transformations today, where we go ON LOCATION to the Queen Mary "Dark Harbor" fright fest in Long Beach. Transformation all-star Jen Fregozo and ghoul coordinator Christina Cofran gave me a lovely decomposing sea hag makeover, covering me in lichen, barnacles, and mold. I then got to run around, talking to ... Watch Now

Save the Date: Steed Lord Performs at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood THIS FRIDAY

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This weekend, Icelandic sensations Steed Lord bring their ultra-fashionable, New Wave nuttiness to Space 15 Twenty in LA, and it's a show you definitely don't want to miss. The exclusive showcase is for the release of their new single "Stutter" off their new albumThe Prophecy Pt. 2, and they promise to deliver an unforgettable never-before-seen ... See the Rest

Money-Making Opportunity of the Day: Sell Your Poo!

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If you live in Massachusetts and are full of crap, you're in luck! An independent non-profit stool bank  – what world, what a world – called OpenBiome is willing to offer volunteers $40 per poo deposit. The stool samples will be used for fecal transplants to fight the deadly superbug C. difficile, which affects more than 500,000 and kills 14,000 ... See the Rest

Street Artist Skid Robot Paints “Homes” for LA’s Homeless

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Straddling the line between installation art and graffiti, the anonymous street artist Skid Robot has been going around Los Angeles’ skid row spray painting imaginary homes for  homeless people while they sleep (and leaving care packages for them when they wake up). I've seen them around town, and I always gasp at their... inappropriate whimsy? I ... See the Rest

The Entire Halloween Series in Two Minutes

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Cinefix recaps the convoluted saga of Michael Meyers, from the original 1978 John Carpenter movie to those horrible Rob Zombie reboots – with a all the retcons, revivals, and re-visits along the way. ... See the Rest

“Tuck Me In” – The One-Minute Horror Short that Will Scare the BEJEEZUS OUT OF YOU

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One minute. That's all it will take to give you nightmares. Watch it now after the jump. ... See the Rest

Tune For Today: “Chili Can Be Served with Cheese” – a Wendy’s Training Film from the Early ’80s

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Superfab Wendy's training film from the 1980s using an awkwardly rhyming disco song to demonstrate the proper way to prepare and serve chili, a Frosty, a chocolate chip cookie and milk. Sample lyrics: Chili can be served with cheese/Fill a third cup with the grated kind/Sprinkle on the top and put the bowl on the middle of the tray every ... See the Rest