The Hottest Hunks of the Day: Tom Hardy, Macaulay Culkin… and Jackie Mason?

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We run the gamut here on the WOW Report. Hunks of every stripe. Young, old, pint-sized, burly – we've got all your favorite dreamboats – from a beardy Tom Hardy to preternaturally pretty Harry Styles to suddenly sexy octogenarian Jackie Mason AND MORE... why, it's almost TOO MUCH ... See the Rest

Weekend Reading: Frederik Eklund’s Sizzling New Self-Help “The Sell: The Secrets to Selling Anything to Anyone”

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Well, this is exciting! Our very own Frederik Eklund of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York shares his secrets for superstar success and getting what you want out of life — no matter who you are or what you do. His fascinating new book The Sell: The Secrets of Selling ... See the Rest

#DragQueenProblems: Jodie Harsh’s Hilarious Outtakes


After the season two finale we found a buttload of super-hysterical outtakes that we NEED to share with you. You'll laugh till you cry when you see Jodie try to say the drag name "Iona Karr," have a giggle-fit while she adjusts her mic, and do a spot-on American accent. Make sure ... See the Rest

BREAKING NEWS: Zayn Shaves Head, Fans Weep

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Making drastic changes to your physical appearance is the sign of some sort of inner turmoil, of course. Zayn is obviously trying to send a message here that he's a new man, that he's cut ties with his old life, that he's making changes. But... COME ON. Why, oh, why, did he have ... See the Rest

Matthew Mcconaughey’s Reaction to the Star Wars Teaser Is the Reason the Internet Was Invented

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Even after being burned by Jar-Jar Binks and three less-than-spectacular prequels, there's still something about Star Wars that can bring us all to tears. "It truly hits something that is deep in the bedrock of certain people's souls and connects us back to bliss filled, ... See the Rest

The Teaser Trailer for the Horror Film “The Gallows”


Decent teaser trailer for the upcoming horror flick The Gallows. All the familiar tropes are here – a crying girl, a hand-held-camera, something slithers in the dark, then BOO! We've seen it a thousand times before, but it's still effective. I'm still not quite sold on the plot, ... See the Rest

“God” Has Sex with a Tree While High on Flakka, Assaults Police Officers

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Another day, another looney story coming out of Florida about a deranged Flakka user. A man in Melbourne, Florida – high on the new synthetic drug and calling himself God –  attacked a police officer when he was discovered having sex with a tree. HA! reports ... See the Rest

The Teaser for the Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Is Here

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This morning, the world awoke to the tweet announcing the teaser for the trailer (God, I hate modern media rollouts) for the long-awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In its brief 21 seconds, we see the batsuit, the supersuit, and the (by-now familiar) mashup of the ... See the Rest