Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco Covers W (Along with Kristen Wiig, Kiernan Shipka, and Cara Delevingne)

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Gorgeous! Simply breathtaking! And the spitting image of her mother. The 28-year-old daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco (and granddaughter of Grace Kelly) appears on one of the covers of W magazine's "Fashion Royalty" issue, with her hair swept back and a cut-out Gucci dress exposing her (oddly placed?) collarbone. ... See the Rest

The “Would You Hit It?” Quiz

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Thumbing through today's pick of paparazzi shots, I found myself mentally playing "Would You Hit It?"  over and over again, and thought I'd share the experience. Of course, there are no right or wrong answers, and just keep your final decisions to yourself (so you're honest).  ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: “Michael in the Bathroom” by Will Roland

Video thumbnail for youtube video Tune for Today: "Michael in the Bathroom" by Will Roland - World of Wonder

A lonely nerd at "the party of the year" hides in the bathroom rather than mingle with the party-goers. Cutie Will Roland specializes in singing songs about "nerds, mad scientists, awkward friends, robots, dorks, second bananas, and other straight up losers." He recently performed "Loser Songs" – his solo cabaret debut – presenting the stories of ... See the Rest

Quick! Ask RuPaul Anything on Reddit!

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Check out the lovely and talented RuPaul on Reddit RIGHT NOW. He's answering questions from fans on the site's infamous AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread. From Dragoholic: Starting at 6pm EDT (3pm PDT), RuPaul will begin answering questions submitted by Reddit users in a thread on the sub-Reddit called “IAmA.” RuPaul will be given an unlimited ... See the Rest

Casting News: Jack Huston to Star in Ben Hur Remake

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On the one hand: GROAN. Ben Hur is literally THE WORST. So pious. So self-mythologizing. Yuck. On the other hand: Jack Huston! WHAT A DISH! The BBC is reporting today that the yummy Boardwalk Empire actor has been chosen to play Judah Ben-Hur, the Jewish prince played by Charlton Heston in the classic 1959 version of the movie. Charlton Heston. ... See the Rest

Must-Have Home Decor: Horror Movie Pillows

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Superfab throw pillows from Horror Decor with printed images from classic horror films like  Night of the Living Dead, Nosferatu, and The Exorcist – and many others – on them. The square ones come in small and large and cost $14 and $20, respectively – and not all pillows come in both sizes. The rectangular ones cost $16. Check them out afte the ... See the Rest

Worst DJ Ever (with the Funniest Drops Ever)

Video thumbnail for youtube video Worst DJ Ever (with the Funniest Drops Ever) - World of Wonder

And we're building... building... the drop is coming.... the crowd is worked into a fever pitch... here it comes..... almost there.... aaaaaaaaaand: it's The National Anthem? Absolutely hysterical beat drops from the world's worst deejay after the jump. ... See the Rest

Now You and Groot Can Have Deep, Meaningful 3AM Texts

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Omg, you guys, I just got THE ULTIMATE A-LIST CELEBRITY phone number. Don't ask how. Let's just say, a friend of a friend hooked up with a certain Guardians of the Gallery star the other night and now GROOT and I are TOTAL BESTIES. It's true! And I'll give you his ACTUAL NUMBER after the jump! ... See the Rest