Who’s That Hot, Young Actor?

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Guess the celebrity in the slouchy grey suit on the set of their new movie, Three Generations. Answer after the jump. (Difficulty rating: 6) ... See the Rest

Brooklyn Gallery Celebrates the Fold-In Art of MAD Magazine Cartoonist Al Jaffee

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Remember the back page of MAD magazine? How it had the picture that was one thing unfolded, then another when it was folded? Well, the Scott Eder Gallery in Brooklyn is giving the iconic, long-running artist Al Jaffe his due with an exhibit of his work. Jaffee, who has been working for the comedy magazine since 1955, developed his iconic fold-in in ... See the Rest

About Those Drug Allegations Made Against Zayn Malik on the Today Show

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Zayn Malik is apparently furious over allegations made on live TV yesterday that he is having substance abuse issues. His One Direction bandmates are apparently furious that they were ambushed on air about it. And One Direction fans are furious at host Matt Lauer for going rogue and attacking their precious puppyprince OUT OF THE BLUE. I'm not ... See the Rest

Art Break: The Everyday Sh*t of Jesse Edwards

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Meet graffiti-writer-turned-formal-easel-painter Jesse Edwards who, the story goes, traded in a life of crime for painting unconventional still lifes. Check out his impressionistic renditions of  tenderly cared-for weed plants, a wank rag and sock, and Krylon can arrangements after the jump. ... See the Rest

Surprise, Surprise: Whoopi Goldberg Defends Bill Cosby

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Professional celebrity apologist Whoopi Goldberg defended Bill Cosby on the View yesterday, asking why the victim didn't go to the authorities for proof that she was raped. "Perhaps the police might have believed it. Or the hospital. Don't you do a kit when you say someone has raped you?" she asked. "But there was a settlement," Rosie O'Donnell ... See the Rest

How Superheroes Would Have Looked in the 16th Century

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French photographer Sacha Goldberger has created a fabulous photo series of superheroes, supervillains, and some rando Star Wars characters re-imagined as 16th-century Flemish portrait models. One of the most striking things about the “Super Flamands” photo series, other than the brilliant idea itself, is the fact that it isn’t Photoshopped. ... See the Rest

The November WOWie Nominees!


It’s time for another batch of WOWie Award nominees! Every month we nominate the best in social media for a coveted WOWIE: The best blog, the best YouTube channel, the best Twitterer, the best Instagrammer, and the best Viner. Next month, we’re handing out the awards to the winners on the red carpet at the annual WOW Christmas party, and it’s going ... See the Rest

Frozen Parody of the Day: Walter White Sings “Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Frozen Parody of the Day: Walter White Sings "Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?" - World of Wonder

Frozen parodies are so last year, as are all things Breaking Bad, but this is still pretty perfect. Walter White is knocking at Jessie's door, and he has one important question: "Do you want to build a meth lab?" Warning: Contains many, many spoilers. ... See the Rest