Call of Doodie: World Leaders on the Can

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Sure why not? Italian artist Cristina Guggeri has created a fabulously disrespectful series of poop art paintings featuring presidents, popes, prime ministers and queens answering nature's call. Because, as we all know, no matter how powerful, well-known, and respected you are – everybody poops. Check out the images after the jump. (via Bored ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Kayvon Zand’s “Home”

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A moody and evocative new music video from clubking Kayvon Zand. Whereas other video ventures have had him in da club or blasting off into space, here he stands on a deserted beach in a billowing cape with his Louis Quatorze curls fluttering about his face, contemplating death and rebirth – it's all very Madonna's "Frozen," as sung by Boy George. ... Watch Now

Video Montage OTD: Hitchcockian Hitchockisms

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A hypnotic video essay exploring reoccuring visual themes in Alfred Hitchcock movies, including falling, ascending and descending staircases, opening curtains, reading newspapers, poisoning drinks, women’s hairstyles, shoes, train compartments, sleeping and dreaming, pulling away from and dollying in on the action, overhead shots and characters ... Watch Now

Lady Gaga Talks About the Making of the “Bad Romance” Video

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We all remember it like it was yesterday, of course. The "Bad Romance" video was THE seismic event of 2009 – a watershed moment for music and art and and fashion and pop culture. I'm going out on a limb and say: It's release was one of THE DEFINING EVENTS of the millennia, right up there with 9/11 and the election of Barack Obama. It took a star ... Watch Now

Transformations: Landon Cider Gives Me a Lumbersexual Makeover


Well, this is a Transformations first. Drag KING Landon Cyder stops by the studio to teach me how to be a man. Yep. No more lip gloss, limp wrists, and silly lisps for me! I got that big-dick swagger now, boyeeee. It's a life-changing episode after the jump – you LITERALLY will not recognize me. Oh, and as always,  don't forget to subscribe to ... Watch Now

“Gabriel in the Dreamscape” – A Surrealist Skateboarding Fantasy

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Combining animation and live action, “Gabriel In The Dreamscape” is a short skate video created by filmmaker Eric Lerner starring a surreal oblong cartoon character who performs in a real-world skate park. Beautifully rendered and visually compelling. You need to watch this. (via The Laughing Squid) "Considering what I am, you know... ... See the Rest

Casting News: Matt Bomer Will Play Montgomery Clift in Upcoming Biopic

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Golden Globe winner Matt Bomer is set to star as the hunky – and tormented –  Montgomery Clift in a new HBO biopic, Monty Clift. PERFECT CASTING! And... it's about time! Montgomery, of course, has been sadly relegated to the dustbin of matinee idols, while his contemporaries James Dean and Marlon Brando continue to adorn refrigerator magnets and ... See the Rest

Matthew McConaughey’s Recently Unearthed Dazed and Confused Audition

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Well alright, alright, alright. The Criterion Collection recently released a video of McConaughey’s audition for Dazed and Confused to commemorate the movie’s Criterion release, and WOW. I had forgotten what a little cutie patootie Matthew McConaughey was! Check it out after the jump (complete with fake driving of a fake car). ... See the Rest