Let’s End Our Friday with a Little Meryl Streep: Here’s the “Into the Woods” Song You Never Got Hear Her Sing


"She'll Be Back" is a song that Stephen Sondheim wrote for Meryl Streep's witch character that was left on the cutting room floor for some capricious reason. It did, however, make it into the extras on Blu-Ray/digital version of the film though, and now we get to enjoy it in all its glory. ... See the Rest

Who Will Play the New Spider-Man: Dylan O’Brien or Logan Lerman? (Or What About Devin Druid?)

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Andrew Garfield is too old, of course. And after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received – how shall we say? – somewhat tepid reviews, he's OUT. Sony needs to reboot the franchise AGAIN, with someone young and dynamic. Enter WOW Report favorite Dylan O'Brien, who will probably owe me a percentage off the back end for promoting him so relentlessly year ... See the Rest

RuPaul to Attitude Magazine: “I Don’t Think Drag Will Ever Be Mainstream”

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Ru, looking luscious on the cover of British gay mag Attitude, says she doesn’t think drag will ever be a truly mainstream proposition. “I don’t think drag will ever truly be mainstream, because of everything that our culture holds dear. Drag’s whole purpose is to mock society; to call out hypocrisy. It will never been mainstream because people ... See the Rest

He Lived Long and Prospered: Leanard Nimoy, Dead at 83

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Sad news today: Leonard Nimoy, who played the pointy-eared Vulcan, Dr Spock ,in the original Star Trek series, died of pulmonary disease after being hospitalised earlier this week. He was 83, and seemed damned near immortal. Hard to believe he's gone. From the Guardian: Nimoy co-starred with William Shatner on the original Star Trek TV series ... See the Rest

I Love Kylie’s White & Gold Hair

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A photo of celebubrat Kylie Jenner's new hairdo has sparked a worldwide controversy. Within a half-hour of being posted on social media, the picture of Kylie's new hair color had attracted worldwide attention, with people on social media debating whether it was white and gold (obviously) or blue and black (huh?). Within an hour, tens of thousands ... See the Rest

The Secret Life of Superhero Toys by Edy Hardjo

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Photographer Edy Hardjo poses his highly detailed superhero action figures in weird and compromising positions. After putting the figures into their picture-perfect poses, he removes the stands he uses to prop them and some of the more obvious joints with Photoshop to make them seem more life-like. The results are hilarious and often slightly ... See the Rest

Danny Franzese on His Groundbreaking Looking Character: “I Think It’s a Move Towards Body Positivity in the LGBT Community”

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Danny Franzese as EddieBear on the HBO hit Looking is absolutely mesmerizing – truly unlike anybody else on TV right now – and somebody who is actually changing the landscape of LGBT depiction in the media. I asked him what he thought about the hullaballo surrounding his character. "I think the specific casting of me in this part is a move ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: The Hourei Lift Bra for Your Face

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From Japan, of course. It's a "face bra" that lifts your nasolabial folds! When worn daily, the miracle beauty strap combats the signs of aging – and looks super groovy while doing so! Wear it to the office or the club – and get an instant facelift. And at only $39, it's a BARGAIN.  ... See the Rest