It’s the WOW Report Longer Reads Section!

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Welcome to our Sunday morning Longer Reads section. It's your chance to catch up on some of the more interesting and obscure news items you might have missed. This week: The importance of pubes, gift ideas for gender non-conforming kids, and who knew pizza raves were now a thing? ... See the Rest

SLINK’s “Pink Christmas” Is the Gayest Christmas Song EVER

Video thumbnail for youtube video SLINK's "Pink Christmas" Is the Gayest Christmas Song EVER - World of Wonder

Must-Watch! Must-Watch! SLINK is the super-gay trio formed by SSION's Cody Critcheloe, Samantha Urbani from Friends, and Seth Bogart from Hunx and His Punx. Their music video for “Pink Christmas” features  superstars Peaches, Jesse Camp, Geneva Jacuzzi, and our beloved Angelyne, along with bevy of hipper-than-hipsters, making it altogether TOO ... Watch Now

The True Story Trailer

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Gosh, it seems like we never hear anything at all about that guy... what's his name? James Somethingorother. Franco. Yeah. What's HE been up to lately? Had a movie that didn't really go anywhere, I hear. But now he's got a very seroius movie, True Story, in the pipeline. Fox Searchlight Pictures has just released the trailer for director Rupert ... See the Rest

Ben Mckenzie Is GREAT in Bed, Says Ben McKenzie

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Gotham's Ben Mckenzie spoke to Elle magazine about his awkward early years, how fame prevents him from joining Tinder, and what his exes would all agree upon ("He's great in bed"). Check out some of the choice bits after the jump. From Were you really that awkward? I wasn't awkward so much as quiet. I tried to milk the quiet, ... See the Rest

WOW EXCLUSIVE! The Warwick Rowers Sing Christmas Carols… In Their Underwear!

Warwick Rowers

The humpy Warwick Rowers have been EVERYWHERE in the news lately, promoting their nude calendar, but only WE have them singing Christmas carols in the WOWPresents studio... IN THEIR UNDERWEAR! Check out the internationally famous athletes AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE after the jump! It's OUR Christmas present to YOU! ... Watch Now

5 Possible Career Options for Embattled Sony Exec Amy Pascal

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As the dust begins to settle on the Sony Hacker scandal, one thing is perfectly clear: Poor beleaguered Sony exec Amy Pascal is persona non grata in Hollywood. Seriously. Even Kim Jong Un came out of this mess looking better than she did. I heard BILL COSBY called her the other day and was like, "Dayum, woman, you got an IMAGE PROBLEM." She's less ... See the Rest

And the Winner of World of Wonder 2014 Belle of the Ball Is….

Belle of the Ball

The votes are in. We checked and double-checked and counted every hanging chad. It was neck-and-neck for a few days there. We were on the edge of our seats. YOU, the fans, really TURNED IT OUT with the voting – Over 10,000 votes were cast! But the clear winner is.... AFTER THE JUMP! ... See the Rest

Is Weird Al Yankovic Secretly A WIZARD?

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Check out Weird Al Yankovic's mysterious floating orb trick - it's absolutely spellbinding. Until it isn't. Waaaaaait for it..... ... See the Rest