Hot Looks of the Day from the Givenchy Show

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Really amazing stuff going on at the Givenchy show last week. I'm still absorbing it all. I would lovelovelove to werk that FKA Twigs baby hair that all the male models sported, and the mouth-pierced-shut thing is beyond the beyond. As always Richard Tisci (in collaboration with Pat McGrath) is completely on point. Check out more looks after the ... See the Rest

Butch Daddy Sam Smith Opens Up to Rolling Stone About First Crushes, Being Bullied

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Looking raaaaather uncomfortable in an über-butch leather motorcycle jacket and red hankie ("Now give us a sad puppy pout!"), Sam Smith poses on the cover of the February issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Inside, he opens up about his weight, being bullied as a child, and how he'd give his Grammy to Beyonce if he actually won. ... Watch Now

Charli XCX Sings “Boom Clap” in Japanese

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And she sounds pretty good! A bit stilted, like she learned it phonetically (obvs), but oddly enough her pronunciation gets BETTER in the fast parts. Check it out after the jump. ... Watch Now

Paris Hilton Has a New Single: “Never Be Alone” (featuring DJ Poet)

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Now before you dismiss it out of hand, let me remind you of a simpler time, a happier time. 2006, to be exact. You and your best friend, driving down the highway with the car top down, hair blowing in wind, singing along to Paris Hilton "Stars Are Blind." Remember? You were young then. And, oh, so happy. I think you owe it to Paris to listen to her ... See the Rest

#BrandsSayingBae: “It’s Cool When a Corporation Speaks Like a Teenager!”

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Yep, they all got the memo. The cool kids are saying "bae" now. And "bruh" and "fleek" and "basic." Watch as the world's biggest corporations desperately tweet the latest lingo in an effort to sound cool. Because that'll really make you want to buy their products, right? ... See the Rest

Beyond Creepy: Konstantin Kofta’s Leather Bags and Backpacks

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You NEED to check these out: Kiev-based fashion designer Konstantin Kofta's leather accessories inspired by human anatomy – purses with realistic folded hands, shoes that look like bare feet, and most fabulously, skin-colored backpacks with protruding human vertebrae – all of which can be found on his “Hug,” “Roots” and “Born” fashion lines. After ... See the Rest

WOW’s Top 10 Power Lunch Spots The Hollywood Reporter Neglected to Mention


The Hollywood Reporter today released it's la-dee-dah, super-serious list of THE MOST IMPORTANT SPOTS TO LUNCH IN LA RIGHT NOW, which includes predictable stalwarts like Soho House, Chateau Marmont, Mr Chow, The Ivy, Spago, and La Scala.  Sure, they're great and all, but our idea of power lunching is a little different. After the jump, the WOW ... See the Rest

Vaguely NSFW: 1009, A Haunting Short Film Starring Chris Abbott

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After cutie Chris Abbott left Girls last year because he "couldn't relate to his character's arc" (*eye roll*)(fuckin' actors, man), he did an off-Broadway play and a few indies before popping up last month in A Most Violent Year. All well and good, and we're all very happy for him I'm sure, but here he is doing what he does best – being shirtless ... See the Rest