WOW Exclusive: Watch this 2004 Interview with Wes Craven About the Super Secret Rules of Horror Films

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In this WOW exclusive, the brilliant Wes Craven (who passed away Sunday at the age of 76) talks about the reasons for the various clichés in horror movies (i.e. slutty kids ... See the Rest

How Much Pot Do You Have to Smoke Before You Overdose and Die?

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The boys from AsapSCIENCE are back, this time with a list of surprising things that can kill you. For instance, did you know it takes 70 cups of coffee to kill a 150lb person? And that while 13 consecutive shots of alcohol can be lethal, drinking six consecutive litres of ... See the Rest

Odious Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Releases Statement: “This Is a Heaven or Hell Decision”

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Kim Davis – clearly the George ... See the Rest

SNL Hires Super-Cute New Castmember, Jon Rudnitsky

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Because hiring cutie-patootie Pete Davidson last year was an absolute stroke of genius, Saturday Night Live has hired another adorable young ... See the Rest

Tempest DuJour’s Showgirl Transformation (and Incredible Story of Survival after a Deadly Car Crash!)


RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 fan favorite Tempest DuJour is in the Transformation studio today to give me a super-glamorous Vegas makeover – truly, I am a dazzling femme du monde at the end credits. But it's the harrowing story of ... See the Rest

Eddie Redmayne Is HEARTBREAKING As Trans Pioneer Lili Elbe in the Trailer for ‘The Danish Girl’


Inspired by the true story of Danish painter and trans pioneer Einar Wegener, The Danish Girl stars Eddie Redmayne in what is a clearly the role of a lifetime. Do NOT be surprised if he wins the Oscar for the second year in a ... See the Rest

Save the Date! Angelyne Art Show, September 19th!


Think Pink! Saturday, September 19th, Angelyne is having an art show at the Museum of Digital Art (MODA) in ... See the Rest

Man’s Enormous 19-Inch Penis Is RUINING HIS LIFE!

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Step aside, See the Rest