BUSHWIG 2014 Is Happening! In Related News, Brooklyn Drag Queens Are Taking Over the World!


On the weekend of September 6th and 7th, the 3rd Annual drag madness known as Bushwig is gonna destroy Brooklyn. YES, two days/nights of nonstop drag performance and insanity will electrify Bushwick's Secret Project Robot. ... See the Rest

Watch Now: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Extra Lap Recap with John Polly – Season 6, Episode 14: “Reunited!” We Have a Winner!


SPOILER ALERT: IT HAS HAPPENED!!! A new America’s Next Drag Superstar has been crowned! And I’ve got Season 6’s last Extra Lap Recap, dishing the big Reunion/Finale! Meet the winner—and some hunky dancers! AND... I pop the question to my beloved(s)! ... Watch Now

Watch Now: #JohnPollySays – Scary Questions with Colby Keller

Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Now: #JohnPollySays - Scary Questions with Colby Keller - World of Wonder

Colby Keller is an artist, a blogger, a sex advice guru and a porn star! And he's a RuPaul's Drag Race superfan! Not surprisingly, he likes scary stuff and drag queens. Watch! ... See the Rest

Get Off-Broadway! Three Theater Things to Consider in NYC


What's It All About? How about 7 nice-looking musicians and 90 minutes of non-stop Bacharach goodness?   If you're in NYC this week, you should… A) Wear sturdy footwear. It's still a constant barrage of snow, sleet and icy cold wet weirdness day-in, day-out. And B) Consider seeing some Off-Broadway gems downtown. It's the ... See the Rest

John Grant’s “Glacier” Video Is a Gay History Epic


  …And it’s also a gorgeous song. Big props to openly gay and openly HIV-positive Brit musician John Grant (currently up for a Brit Award for his 2013 album Pale Green Ghosts). Beautiful work! ... See the Rest

Gotta Get Off, Gonna Get, Need to Get…


My pal Luke P. Brown just won Instagram with this one from snowy New York today, posted moments ago. Anne Welles would approve.   ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Drag Race Extra Lap Recap: Best Moments Ever? From All Seasons?

Video thumbnail for youtube video RuPaul's Drag Race Extra Lap Recap: Best Moments Ever? From All Seasons? - World of Wonder

  Like, for real? Pick your fave RuPaul's Drag Race moments, ever? That's like having to choose a favorite Pepperidge Farm cookie! Impossible. (Okay, it would be the late-great mint Brussels, but I'm trying to make a point.) Lovely and talented blogger/author and Drag Race superfan Justin Hernandez was in the neighborhood, so he and I ... See the Rest

Johnny Cash Sings His “Thanksgiving Prayer” to June. Dr. Quinn Listens. We Sob.


June Carter Cash was a recurring guest on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman back in the day, and on one Thanksgiving episode Johnny Cash appeared as her husband who didn't want June to know he was dying, so he sings the beautiful song to her and... Oh hell, just watch. The devotion between Johnny and June is apparent as he sings this astonishingly sweet ... See the Rest