David Sedaris Lives for RuPaul’s Drag Race

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Read all about it - or in this case listen.   ... See the Rest

Bubbling Up


Andy. For Perrier. Story here.  ... See the Rest

You’ve Got Daily Mail

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Everyone tells me I shouldn't but I love the Daily Mail online, especially in the morning. It's my digital cronut.  ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Couch for Sale on Craig’s List

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Pam Griffiths, who worked on The RuPaul Show back in the day, just sent us this posting on Craigs List. In the course of its 99-episode run, it's pretty amazing to think of the starry asses that parked themselves on its lovely velvety surface. They include – as detailed in the book The World According To Wonder – Cher, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, ... See the Rest



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@beekman1802boys with best man Polka Spot day before the big wedding. ... See the Rest



All hail the Narcissus: Karl Lagerfeld's safe vs the monolith in 2001. ... See the Rest