At Home with GoGo-Boy-Turned-Renaissance-Man Matthew Camp

(Brooklyn, yesterday) When the subway comes up from underground, it runs along a sprawling cemetery and stops at a short, run-down building. I walk to See the Rest

I Sat Through Nymphomaniac Volume 1 So You Don’t Have To

I went to the front lines of extreme cinema, and what I found wasn't so extreme. Nymphomaniac, you've read all about it: Lars Von Trier's latest in his oeuvre of ... See the Rest

Out & About, New York: Paul Sevigny’s FEEL UP!

Intrepid it-boy Christian Ellermann reports on all the hippest haunts of the NY club scene. This week: Paul Sevigny's FEEL UP! at the Gilded Lily ... See the Rest

At Home With: Trans Icon Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox says "I'm drunk enough to get nude for you". And it's like the world stops. She slips out of her sheer black tank and unclasps her bra. I can't tell whether ... See the Rest

Out and About New York: Q Thursdays at Marquee

From top, left: Daughters of Devotion, Jodie Harsh, Gage of ... See the Rest

Out & About New York: Sharon Needles at Le Baron

Sharon Needles: The kind of woman who can kill you with a look and then bring you back from the dead. Here in Geoffrey Mac gown and accessories at the premiere of her music video "Call Me on the Ouija ... See the Rest

Out and About NYC: The Zand Collective’s Dorian Gray Wednesdays

See the Rest

Out and About: Alyssa Edwards at WESTGAY

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