On the Red Carpet: The Les Miserables Premiere

KA-POW! Anne Hathaway is LETTING YOU HAVE IT with her floppy-armed, pearl-encrusted, shoulder-free Givenchy 2013 haute couture gown. And if THIS is how she’s dressing for the London premiere, can you IMAGINE the over-the-rop nuttines she’s going to be swanning around in by the time the Oscars roll around?

And even though CLEARLY this is Anne’s moment, if you look at the pictures from the red carpet you’d think it was The Amanda Seyfried Show. Just look at her throwing her head back and letting loose a throaty laugh for the paps. And there she is nuzzling up to Eddie Redmayne. “Oh Eddie, the THINGS YOU SAY, aha ha ha ha!” There are other pictures (which I didn’t have time to download) where she’s attached herself to Hugh Jackman like a barnacle in heat, and still others where – I KID YOU NOT – she breaks out into a frenzied Charleston when the attention starts to fade and SHES NOT READY TO LET THE MOMENT GO! Talk about your attention shifters! She’s gone BERSERK!

Elsewhere on the red carpet we have Hugh Jackman looking handsome and Sacha Baron Cohen with his lovely wife Isla Fischer. And although I am certainly NO FAN of Cohen’s I heard that “Master of the House” (his duet with Helena Bonham Carter), is one of the high points of the movie, so I suppose I’ll give my burning hatred for him a temporary pass.

Finally, we come to model Laura Bailey, looking very sweet in pink ball gown, which manages to be both demure and indecent at the same time. Let me get this straight: You’re wearing a floor-length taffeta skirt, 19th century mutton sleeves, a high collar, and then letting THOSE LOW-HANGING NIPS shine through? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN? Where is your modesty? Your sense of decorum? It’s like the Jenna Jameson for Laura Ashley collection.


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