The 23 Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids

SHINING, THESingle Dad Laughing asked his Facebook readers to submit the creepiest things they’ve ever heard their kids say. The results are TERRIFYING;

1. My 4-year-old shook me awake one night and asked if she could sleep with me because tonight the old woman at the window was being mean for some reason.

2. “Mommy, there’s a kid covered in blood in my bedroom and he won’t go away.”

3. My daughter when we were home alone one night, “Mommy, who’s that man on the ceiling?”

4. My kids ( ages 5, 4, & 3) are constantly talking about the “bloody girls” in their rooms. They each go into detail about them. Their names… their clothes, what they talk about. It started when my oldest had just turned three. He said that they had been in a small green car, that fell in the water. The water turned red and their mommy and daddy were really sad. He said they liked their rooms because they have fun toys.

5. My son (three at the time) threw a huge tantrum when we were trying to leave the house because he “didn’t want to crash and die”. After about 10 minutes he just stopped and was ready to go. As we were walking out of the house there was a very bad accident on the street in front of our house – right where we would have been driving if he hadn’t thrown his fit.

6. “The shadow man keeps talking to me at my window.”

7. I was reading a story to my daughter when she suddenly slammed it shut, point to the empty doorway, and screamed “You get out of here! You’ve killed enough people!”

8. My two-year-old talks and walks in his sleep. About a month after his second birthday I heard him talking in his sleep in the middle of the night so I thought aww cute I will go listen. Peeked in and he was sitting bolt upright in bed eyes wide open hands folded in lap. He said, “Naughty mummy. Naughty daddy. No more mummy, no more daddy.” Then he laughed really creepily lay down and started snoring.

9. After finding a dead baby bird in the driveway from a nest up above, my 4-year-old told me he knows where to bury it so it will come back alive.

10. “Daddy, when can we get rid of that kid hanging in my closet?” I asked her what she was talking about and she told me all about a teenage boy who was hanging by a belt around his neck in her closet. I went to her closet there was nothing there, and she said he only is there when I’m not around.

11. My son was crying in bed at 3AM and tells us he is afraid because there is a man in his bed. We ask him about the man and tell him to ask the man to go away. The following day he tells us the man’s name is Frank… my husband’s uncle who died the night before. Also later that week we were driving along in our van in complete silence and my son said “Frank’s here.”

12. “There are three dead kids buried in our back yard. They told me where we can find them.”

13. My brother was giving all the kids candy. One of my daughter’s friends was over and my brother asked her, “You want some candy little girl?” She said, “You’re supposed to be behind a bush when you say that.”

14. My 5-year-old handed me a rock and said, “You can use this for your grave.”

15. My son, Mason, told my fiancé he was going to cut his heart out and eat it… He’s three.

16. When my son was three he told me that he really likes his new daddy, he’s really nice. My husband is his one and only daddy. I asked “Why is that?” He replied “My old daddy was really mean. He stabbed me in the back and I died. But I really like my new daddy, he’d never do that to me.”

17. My daughter had an imaginary friend named Sally, she told me once about how Sally was in jail for chopping her mom’s head off….

18. An 8-year-old I used to teach had a hard time with eye contact and appropriate touch. He looked me straight in the eyes one morning, not missing a beat, and told me, “You know, I think you’d look a lot better if you were dead in my basement.”

19. As she pointed to the old wood stove in the middle of our front room, my daughter said: “Jimmy said that was where he did it.” I asked her who Jimmy was and what he was talking about, she said “Jimmy is the guy who comes and talks to me at night. He said he killed his mom right there.” My daughter was five.

20. My six-year-old was crying in her bedroom. It took lots of asking and she finally told me that a strange man had shown up and told her that I would be dead before midnight.

21. “Mom, why is that lady from the cemetery sitting in my room?”

22. A friends daughter (3 years old at the time) told my friend in a very quiet voice:  “I will put a towel over your face and send you to live with Jesus!”

23. “Aren’t you gonna say hi to Uncle Chris?” By my 3-year-old when I was watching her jumping on the trampoline…. Uncle Chris drowned in the lake nine years before she was even born, and nobody in our family talks about it, ever. I asked her where he was and she pointed to the garage and said  “He tells me to be careful.”

(t/y Tom)