2011: The Year in Pictures

Pepper Spray, Occupy Portland

Pepper spray, UC Davis

84-year-old Dorli Rainey is pepper-sprayed at Occupy Seattle

Students protest educational reform in Bogota, Colombia

Love among the chaos: Couple caught kissing during the Vancouver riots

Two million protestors crowd Tahrir Square during the Egyptian uprising

Ugandan police spray gorgeous pink water on protestors

Niagara Falls the night NY legalized gay marriage

The Situation Room, as Bin Laden's death unfolds

Corndog gobblers, Iowa Straw Poll

Newsweek's defining portrait of Michelle Bachman

Weiner's weiner

A streaker photobombs reporter covering Hurrican Irene

Hurricane Irene from space

A wave from the Japanese tsunami flows into the city of Miyako after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck Japan March 11, 2011.

Post-tsunami tides off the coast of Japan

A boat amid the devastation in Japan

The Puyehue volcano erupts in the Andes mountains of Southern Chile

Massive sandstorm, or "haboob," rolls into Phoenix

A black rhinoceros is airlifted across South Africa to its new home in the Limpopo province

Suicidal bride, China

William and Kate marry

The Kardashian wedding


Newspapers covering Amy Winehouse's death, July 24th

Lindsay sends a message to Judge Marsha Revel

John Travolta photographed wigless

Chaz's exhilarating rumba on DWTS


Kimora aligns herself with the 1% by soaking her feet in champagne

The Alexander McQueen exhibit breaks attendance records at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Andrej Peijic captures our hearts

Maroon Five's Adam Levine makes a PSA for testicular cancer awareness






The picture that sent shockwaves through the internet







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