#RIP: The 13 Worst Items Offered In Bankrupt SkyMall Catalogue

Zombie Of Montclair Moors – $99.99

You may heard by now that SkyMall filed for bankruptcy. Found in nearly every the seat-back pocket once held a captive audience they shilled too, but the times have changed. Xhibit CFO, Scott Wiley wrote: "With the increased use of electronic devices on planes, fewer people browsed the SkyMall in-flight catalog. The substantial increase in the number of air carriers which provide Internet ... See the Rest

#BlizzardWear: The 20 Best Coats From Paris Fashion Week

3 great coats from Paris Fashion Week

I've not made an extensive study of the the collections for Paris Fashion Week but I have checked out all the coats. Since we are about to get slammed by a blizzard in New York City now, outwear has been on my mind. The following are maybe not technically THE best, but more like my faves – from Browne to Balenciaga, Margiella to Miyake... some are over the top, others beautifully practical and you ... See the Rest

#Sundance15: Adam Scott & Jason Schwartzman Go Full-Frontal In “The Overnight”


I'll admit, I am out of the loop on Sundance (Wow is there, I know) but this did catch my eye. There's much much dick in the news lately –Rick Owen's penis peep collection... the woman in China who cut off her husband's.... and now, Adam Scott and Jason Schwatzman's full frontal in The Overnight. Spoiler alert! here's the plot according to Vulture; Adam Scott and Orange is the New Black's ... See the Rest

#SAGAwards: “Birdman, “Orange Is The New Black” & All The Other Winners


No HUGE surprises... "Birdman" took home the top prize at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu's comedy about a washed up actor –played by Michael Keaton– is now the presumed leader for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, inching ahead of critics' favorite "Boyhood". Excuse me, but I'll say "I told you so" now, and remind you of my Twitter review from an early ... See the Rest

#OhLord: These Jesus Paintings Are Unintentionally Hilarious

Jesus with Adam & Eve? (see, not Adam & Steve!) or is it Jon Hamm & Anne Hathaway? 
Anyway, that Garden of Eden hair care really works great!

Artist and Jesus-enthusiast, Nathan Greene has put Jesus in someone awkward positions, if you ask me. The artist has taken some liberties with where people want to have Jesus show up. I know, they are meant to be reassuring with the underlying message that "Jesus is IN your daily life" but the effect in these works of art are more funny, and a little creepy, like Jesus is stalking you, or just ... See the Rest

It’s Birthday, Bitch

Birthday Featured Image- World of Wonder

Daniel Blau Rogge Anita Baker Ann Jeffreys Bob Uecker Cameron Bright Christopher Hampton Christopher Massey David Strathairn Eddie Van Halen Ellen Degeneres Emily Hughes Gilles Marini Kirk Franklin Lucinda Williams Manti Te'o Mimi Leder Sara Rue Scott Glenn Wayne Gretzky ... See the Rest

London Calling…Holestar on #VisageWatch Days 17 & 18

michelle hard

Day 17 Calum had a sulk with Katie bad-tan Price for putting him up for nomination for being the least entertaining house-mate and Michelle told her to stop talking about her exes and more about herself. That would be refreshing. Cami Knockers is..why, who, what is she? Stropy little scrotum. Michelle gave Kavana a drag makeover. Unfortunately he looked more swingers-party-in-the-suburbs than ... See the Rest

Watch Now: Mike Enders AKA Accidental Bear on Ring My Bell

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 5.33.13 PM

WOWPresents network partner, the one and only Mike Enders from Accidental Bear is taking calls on this all-new episode of Ring My Bell! Mike talks about the origin of "Accidental Bear," tips on becoming a bear, gets a call from Big Dipper, and so much more! ... See the Rest

#DeflateGate: Conan Reminds Us The Patriots Have Cheated Before…

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.58.22 AM

I don't remember ALL of these instances (I don't care a bit about this scandal, so actually I don't remember ANY...) Honestly, Conan O'Brien made them all up on Thursday night. But he managed to work Bill Cosby's sex-assault scandal in there, which was tricky. Watch. ... See the Rest

#TakeItToTheBanksy: Will “Street Art Throwdown” Make Graffiti Mainstream?


Well, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and Gallery Girls weren't exactly mainstream hits but people are interested in becoming famous, and art is just another way of getting there. Enter Oxygen's new reality competition Street Art Throwdown, starting February 3. It will follow these 10 aspiring street artists as they compete for the $100,000 grand prize. According to the press release: "The ... See the Rest

#LArt: These Artists Are Collected By Some Big Hollywood Stars

Artist Ed Ruscha and Owen Wilson. Photo, Spencer Lowell for The Hollywood Reporter

Some would argue that LA is now the center of the art world. (Actually, I heard this in a meeting at WOW just last month...) Regardless of the truth of that statement, there are MANY celebs, like Steve Martin and Jack Nicholson, that have been collecting for a long time. And are MANY more LA collectors than listed here, but the works below are all currently available online at ... See the Rest

It’s Birthday, Bitch

Birthday Featured Image- World of Wonde

Bill Horn Michael Rourke Alicia Keys Ana Ortiz China Kantner Christine Lakin Dean Jones Dinah Manoff Jenifer Lewis Leiji Matsumoto Mia Kirshner Michael Trevino The Honky Tonk Man ... See the Rest

#MarriageEquality: Snooki (An Ordained Minister!?) Will Marry Her Gay Pals

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.05.14 AM

Yes, the 27-year-old Jersey "guidette", Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi just announced on Twitter: "I am OFFICIALLY ordained. Just call me Mama Reverend!" The tiny titan will preside over the June 19 wedding of her hairstylists, Bradley Moreland and Luis Miller, who will marry in Connecticut. "Can't wait to marry my loves. It's going to be filled with love, happiness, surprises and ... See the Rest