Paul Rudd Had Hella 80s Hair in College

Paul Rudd in his undies

Paul Rudd was a member of Sigma Nu back in the 1980s when he went to school at the University of Kansas. Someone posted a picture of his fraternity composite from back then to reddit and you MUST SEE HIS HAIR! After the jump! ... See the Rest

Transformations in New York: Ryan Burke

Video thumbnail for youtube video - World of Wonder

In the second episode of my New York Transformation odyssey, we have next-level makeup artist/photographer/nightlife personality Ryan Burke who gives me... hmmmm.... kind of a Darth Maul makeover. But Darth-Maul-Goes-to-Bushwick, if you know what I mean. It's all very artistic and modern and VERY Burkesque. You're going to just love it. Check out new episodes every Tuesday and don't forget to ... Watch Now

Kendall Jenner Slays It on the Cover of Dazed

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.53.14 PM

The MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN FASHION, Kendall Jenner, who has RISEN LIKE A PHOENIX from the tragedy of her birthright, appears on the cover of Dazed magazine wearing THE MOST AMAZING JUNYA WATANABE OUTFIT (made of flattened dodgeballs?). It's a lot to take in, I know. But let your eye travel. The innovative cookie-cutter shape. The helmet (with its clear plastic perimeter). The leather bear. The ... See the Rest

You Need This: Dog Dressed as Teddy Bear on Treadmill


Check out this adorable dog dressed as a teddy bear on a treadmill. Because why not? Happy Tuesday! ... See the Rest

Watch Now! All-New Cher Tweets With Chad Michaels – Cher Impersonators

Cher Tweets Chad Michaels

Cher (Chad Michaels) discusses Cher Impersonators. She talks about how she REALLY feels about all of them!  Watch new episodes of Cher Tweets every TUESDAY, only on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

The Park Is Open…

Video thumbnail for youtube video The Park Is Open... - World of Wonder

It's here! Universal Studios surprised everyone today when they released the first official trailer of its most highly-anticipated sequel/spin-off to hit theaters next year, Jurassic World. Guys, it looks SOO GOOD. But will it have dino droppings? That's the real question. Oh, and it also stars the gorgeous and loveable Chris Pratt. 'Nuf said.   ... See the Rest

Buy Now: The Instagram Art of Mathu Andersen Available for Purchase Online

The Instagram Art of Mathu Andersen

Were you bummed out that you weren't able to attend The Instagram Art of Mathu Andersen at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery? Were you hoping to hang a Mathu Andersen on your wall? Did you really REALLY want to buy one of those fabulous t-shirts? Well, NOW YOU CAN! You can get yours online NOW! T shirts coming soon! ... See the Rest

Let The Music Play with Sharon Needles – Dressed to Kill

Sharon Needles Let The Music Play

Sharon Needles talks about her song "Dressed to Kill" and shows exclusive footage from the official music video! Watch new episodes of Let The Music Play every TUESDAY, only on WOWPresents! PG-13 is available on iTunes and Amazon. ... See the Rest

This Is Sweet: 100-Year-Old Woman Sees Ocean for the First Time

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.56.59 AM

My nerves are still so jangled after last night's news that I thought we'd just look at soothing videos today. Here's one: 100-yearold Woman Sees Ocean for the First Time. Awwww. Ruby Holt spent most of her 100 years on a farm in rural Tennessee, picking cotton and raising four children. When she told the folks at her assisted living center that she had never seen the ocean, they contacted a group ... See the Rest

The Surreal Life: Tilda Swinton Strikes A Pose At The Menil

the Menil Collection, Houston, Tilda Swinton wears Dior

Tilda Swinton is photographed here at the Menil Collection, the museum Dominique de Menil founded in Houston, for W by photographer Tim Walker. This shoot is the third collaboration between Swinton, Walker, art director Jerry Stafford, and stylist Jacob K. They have all traveled together to Iceland (“Planet Tilda,” W, August 2011) and to Las Pozas, the Surrealist sculpture garden built by the ... See the Rest

#GenderEquality: Surprising 40 Year-Old Letter To Parents From Lego


Legos puts kid's imagination in the driver's seat at play time, right? Their building blocks are uniform and unspecific so that any child can create whatever they like. That mission seems to have been set out by this note. In a pic that looks to be going viral, a letter addressed to parents from Lego strongly encourages them to let their kids – no matter what gender – to allow their imaginations ... See the Rest

#GenderEqualityToo: Georgia O’Keeffe Sets An Auction Record, But Is It Politically Incorrect To Mention It?


Georgia O’Keeffe's “Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1” 1932 oil on canvas 48 x 40 inches just sold at auction for $44,405,000, which is a record for a female artist. (I look at this painting a LOT as it is the cover of a huge book of O'Keeffe's work that sits next to my bed.) I saw this posted first on a friend's Facebook wall. My friend is a female artist herself and was dismayed, to say the least, ... See the Rest

Bette Midler Lets Ariana Grande Have It

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.04.35 PM

Bette Midler is back in the news these days as she is going around supporting her new album of covers, It's The Girls. I was lucky enough to smell her hair and be in her presence backstage in London at Alan Carr's show, Chattyman. Turns out, all The Divine Miss M needed to get chatty was some liquid courage. Bette spoke to The Telegraph about the modern state of pornificated pop music and Better ... See the Rest