Fabulous Halloween Costumes That Use Smart Phones to Come to Life

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These are so freakin' cool. Via the Laughing Squid: "Former NASA scientist Mark Rober has created a series of See the Rest

Shangela Interviewed in Forbes Magazine: “Know Your Worth and Stick to It”

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RuPaul's Drag Race season 2 (and 3) standout, Shangela was interviewed by the venerable Forbes magazine about "What she did differently than other contestants from the show to remain relevant ... See the Rest

French Bulldog Protects Her House From Big Bears!

Jules the French Bulldog

Jewels the French Bulldog showed these big bears who was boss when they showed up on her porch! It happened in Monrovia, CA which is just east of Los Angeles at the home of Jewels' human David ... See the Rest

Transformations: Vanity Venom Is BACK!


Our gorgeous friend from the Sherwood Forest, Vanity Venom aka Emily Clayton,  is back in the Transformation studio after winning the NYX UK Face Awards 2015. She brought with her a goodie bag filled with new products to transform me into her entry look for the contest –  a 1920s avant-garde flapper. And be sure to keep an eye out for the ... See the Rest

$%#@! Auto-Correct!


ALWAYS check the text before you hit send! ... See the Rest

The 23 Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids


Single Dad Laughing asked his Facebook readers to submit the ... See the Rest

WE TV Greenlit New WOW Show “Selling It: In The ATL” For November Premiere!


That's right! Keep your eyes open because the new show produced by World of Wonder, Selling It: In The ATL, is coming to WE tv this November! The show follows seven diverse ... See the Rest

Exterface’s “Urban Myths” Calendar Will Cause You To Immediately Start Sweating


First things first: Grab a towel, bros. The first calendar by the talented Paris-based photography duo Exterface contains 50 images of 12 SUPER HOT guys (or as described by the boys, "American demigods") brilliantly imagined as a collective contemporary reading of Greek mythological characters. ... See the Rest

Nightmare Fuel: Cosplay Superfan Cuts Nose Off to Look Like the Red Skull

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A comicbook fan who dreamed of looking like Captain America's archnemesis Red Skull has had his nose removed (!!!), ridges implanted under his skin, and the whites of his eyes and face tattooed. Whether or not you choose to click over to the reveal is entirely up to you, but I must warn you: It's definitely A LOOK YOU WON'T SOON FORGET.  ... See the Rest

Aw Hell No OTD: Fire Ants Form Giant Floating Island to Escape the South Carolina Floods


Poor South Carolina. Houses underwater. Cars and trucks just floating away. Death and destruction everywhere you turn. Now this: GIANT FLOATING ISLANDS OF HORROR as thousands upon thousands of fire ants form a living life raft to float to safety. A See the Rest

Rihanna Covers Vanity Fair, Proclaims Rachel Dolezal “a Hero”

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Amazing pics of Rihanna in Old Havana for her Vanity Fair cover shoot, really must-see stuff. Aaaaaaaand then we get to the interview. As you may have already heard, Rihanna weighs in on Rachel ... See the Rest

#HorrorHairography: Which Gale Weathers Hair Are You?

Gale Weathers - World of Wonder

Let's be honest: Drew Barrymore stole Scream. With her blonde bob, mom jeans, and gigantic cordless phone, starring (and dying) in just the first five minutes of the entire film, she became iconic. For all you millenials, the first three Scream ... See the Rest

#OscarAlert: Travolta Says Lady Gaga To Star in Streisand’s “Gypsy”!


You remember these Instagram shots that got everyone all excited this summer? Here's how it all came about... John ... See the Rest