TOO SOON! 117-Year-Old Misao Okawa Dies

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.30.19 AM

The World's  Oldest Person, Misao Okawa - born in 1898 - and one of the last five people ON THE PLANET who were born in the 19th century! – died peacefully in her nursing home yesterday. The daughter of a kimono-maker from Osaka, Mrs Okawa was born before cars, airplanes, radios, movies, telephones.... I mean, she was born when QUEEN VICTORIA was still on the British throne, for cryin' out ... See the Rest

Raja & Raven Say: Get Your Tickets to RuPaul’s DragCon

RuPaul's DragCon - Raja & Raven

Will Raja and Raven from RuPaul's Drag Race and Fashion Photo RuView be at RuPaul's DragCon? Well you'll just have to watch the video after the jump! ... Watch Now

Transformations: Vanity Venom Gives Me a Vivienne Westwood-Inspired Post-Punk Look


Vanity Venom – who hails from the actual Sherwood Forest in England! – is in the Transformation studios today for an all-new episode. She describes the look she gives me as "if Elizabeth I and Vivienne Westwood met at a clubkid party" and I was the love-child. Which is BEYOND FAAAAAAAABULOUS. It entails newspaper eyelashes, Union Jack eyeshadow, studs on my face, and a decoupage neckbrace... well, ... Watch Now

#BreakingNews: Arkansas Governor Says He WON’T Sign Religious Liberty Bill…


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) just announced he will NOT sign a controversial religious liberty bill because he wants lawmakers to make changes. His own son, Seth, he said, had asked him to veto the bill. He said: “What is important from an Arkansas standpoint is one, we get the right balance and secondly, we make sure that we communicate we’re not going to be a state that fails to recognize ... See the Rest

#BoycottArkansas: Walmart Asks Arkansas Governor to Veto Religious-Freedom Bill


As I reported yesterday, Arkansas wants to turn back time too. But almost immediately after lawmakers in Arkansas approved a "religious freedom" bill yesterday, very similar to Indiana’s controversial legislation, the state's biggest paycheck, Walmart, called on Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson to veto it. Doug McMillon, CEO of the Arkansas-based mega-giant said: “Today’s passage of HB1228 ... See the Rest

#GetWell: Joni Mitchell Hospitalized, In Intensive Care But “Awake And In Good Spirits”


Legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell has just been hospitalized in Southern California. Paramedics from the L.A. Fire Department went to her home around 2:30 PM yesterday for a medical emergency. Hospital spokesman Robert Hinojosa said: "Joni was found unconscious in her home (Tuesday) afternoon. She regained consciousness on the ambulance ride to an L.A. area hospital. She is currently in ... See the Rest

#AprilFools: Let’s Play Pac Man On Google Maps Today!


Is that Blinky & Pinky running down Broadway? Google is making April Fools' Day some throwback fun by combining Google Maps & Pac-Man. They are known for their April Fools' Day pranks. This year the company was a day early to the party, rolling out the Pac-Man game yesterday. It's SUPER-easy to play: Just pull up Google Maps on your desktop browser, click on the Pac-Man icon on the lower left, ... See the Rest

#FYI: Weirdly, “Weird Loners” Is Funny – & Weird


I always watch these new sitcoms thinking, "...are they trying to convince me that this is the new Friends – again?" But Weird Loners is about four (not six) relationship -challenged mid-30-somethings, who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives. In the pilot episode, they all manage to converge and form unlikely bonds in a townhouse in Queens. I had NO IDEA what to expect and I really ... See the Rest

#BoycottIndiana: 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates Back Anti-Gay Legislation

Former Florida Governor Bush waits to address the Detroit Economic Club about his "Reform Conservative Agenda" in Detroit

As the governors of New York, Connecticut and Washington ban state-funded travel, the mayors of New York, San Francisco and Seattle do the same of city-paid travel to Indiana. But the Republican Presidential candidates and GOP mouthpieces, of course all support Gov. Mike Pence and the discriminatory law. Jeb Bush, to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt: "I think if you, if they actually got ... See the Rest

#BoycottIndiana: USC Coach Won’t Go To State As “The Proud Father of a Gay Son”


USC athletic director Pat Haden tweeted yesterday that he will not attend a College Football Playoff committee meeting in Indianapolis this week due to Senate Bill 101, the controversial religious freedom law Indiana passed last week by Gov. Mike Pence. The law, which will go into effect in July, has garnered national attention this month. Proponents say the law protects individual religious ... See the Rest

#DailyShow: Is Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Trevor Noah, In Twitter Trouble Already?


Just days after Comedy Central announced Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart's replacement, people are already calling for him to be fired from his job before he even starts. It seems some Twitter detectives have uncovered some damaging old tweets from Trevor's account. You might call them racist, sexist even anti-Semitic, some going back to 2009, while others are as recent as last month. Comedy Central ... See the Rest

#BornThisDay: Actor, George Grizzard

George in The Twilight Zone, 1960

April 1, 1928 – You may not have heard of him, but he is a gay guy worth noting. He was one of those journeyman actors that inspired me when I was first getting in the biz: a strong supporting actor at important stages around the country & not above taking juicy bits in TV & films.  He had much of his success in plays written by gay playwrights. George Grizzard made more than 40 films ... See the Rest

It’s Birthday, Bitch

Birthday Featured Image- World of Wonder

Ed Magana Albert & Allen Hughes Ali MacGraw Annette O'Toole Asa Butterfield Barry Sonnenfeld Bijou Phillips China Chow Chris Evans Debbie Reynolds Hillary Scott Jane Adams Jane Powell Joe Francis Jon Gosselin Matt Lanter Method Man Phillip Schofield Rachel Maddow Sam Huntington Susan Boyle Taran Killam ... See the Rest