In Celebration of Tonight’s Premiere of Candidly Nicole, Here are 15 Times Nicole Richie Taught Us How to React to Life


Our girl Nicole Richie, star of Candidly Nicole, which premieres with its season 2 tonight at 11/10c on VH1, is an expert at making hilarious yet super ... See the Rest

#FundThis: A New Documentary “Playing Gay” Shows How TV Helped Win Marriage Equality

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Kickstarter of the day: Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television is a new documentary that portrays the real impact of ... See the Rest

Stephen Saban Profiled in the New York Times Following Bout with Pancreatic Cancer

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Old pal Stephen Saban was lionized in today's New York Times calling him "the pivotal scribe of 1980s New York clubland" and a "scene-maker and star-maker in the era of Madonna, ... See the Rest

Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber Announce New Comebacks; Mass Hysteria Ensues


Today is a big day, everyone. Justin Bieber brought his gorgeous hair and a big smile to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to announce his comeback to the music scene. He revealed that the name of his single is "What Do ... See the Rest

Meet Dee Dee Delux – Artist Greer Lankton’s Creepy (But Oh-So-Fab) Alter Ego

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Greer Lankton was the iconic trans artist known for creating lifelike dolls that were often modeled on friends and celebrities like Andy Warhol, Diana Vreeland, and ... See the Rest

Minionistas! Fashion Icons Reimagined as Minions!

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Karl! Anna! Donatella! Cara Delevingne! Alexa Chung! and MORE! Stylight has reimagined all your favorite fashionistas as minions! With their blockbuster debut movie grossing over $625 million ... See the Rest

Kim Kardashian Channels Marie Antoinette for Hype Energy Drink Because Why Not

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So Kimmy is just out riding her bicycle, la la la, showing off her fetching new bangs, when – KERPLOP! –she takes a wicked tumble. Oh no! Oh dear! She's hurt! She's UNCONSCIOUS! Suddenly, we are back in the 18th century, because that's how time travel ... See the Rest

OMG We Can’t Wait! Little Women LA Premieres Tonight on Lifetime! Watch A Sneak Peak!

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CONDRAGULATIONS to some of our favorite WOWlebrities: The stars of Little Women LA, whose new seasons starts TONIGHT on Lifetime! More drama! More shenanigans! And two new cast ... See the Rest

Camille Paglia on Trump: “He’s a Great Stand-Up Comedian”


Wowlebrity, social critic, and professional provocateur Camille Paglia did a three-part interview with Salon in which she takes on Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, atheism, Jon Stewart’s Daily ... See the Rest

#DragHerstory: Bugs Bunny (America’s First Drag Superstar?) Turns 75!


Yesterday marked the 75th "birthday" of Bugs Bunny who is one the most beloved and iconic cartoon figures ever. He was the leading figure in Warner Brothers's Looney Tunes cartoon stable, but prior to his first ... See the Rest

#Voguing: Watch This Ridiculously Hot Male Model Show You How to Work Out ANYWHERE


It seems model Noah Mills swung by the offices between events at Men's Fashion Week to work out. Mills told Vogue that he occasionally fits in a weightlifting session at the gym, but he credits this physique ... See the Rest

#PETAPooper: Jane Birkin Tells Hermés To Stop Using Her Name For Their Iconic Bag After She Learns How They Make Them


Every fashionista for decades has coveted a Birkin Bag from Hermès, but did you know where the name comes from? It was created over 30 years ago and named for french model and muse Jane ... See the Rest

#DinerEnBlanc: Last Night 5,000 New Yorkers, Dressed In White, Dined Under the Stars


Yes, 5,000 people, all dressed in white, got together for the world's largest outdoor popup restaurant in NYC last night. The location was a secret until the last moment. Guests for Tuesday's Diner en Blanc (that's french for Dinner in White, y'all) ... See the Rest