A Happy Hamster Thanksgiving

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A tiny hamster and a small group of his furry friends sit down to enjoy a lavish miniature traditional Thanksgiving feast prepared by a very anxious Hello Denizen chef, who sighs with visible relief when he sees the animals devour the meal with gusto. (via The Laughing Squid) ... See the Rest

Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday: Cooking with Sharon Needles and Delta Work

Cooking with Needles Sharon Needles Delta Work

Happy Thanksgiving! This turkey day we are throwing it back to Cooking with Needles. A WOWPresents series starring RuPaul's Drag Race alumni Sharon Needles and Delta Work. Watch as they cook some of the most simple ramen noodle recipes! Click over to watch all episodes!  ... See the Rest

#MeanThanksgiving: If Your T-Shirt Said What You’re Thinking


Lots of people are home now for Thanksgiving to see their families, and maybe have to deal some people that you don't miss that much the rest of the year. Too late to get these shirts now, but you could hunt them up for your next holiday gathering. The last two, I will own up to... #SorryNotSorry. (via Buzzfeed; click here for links to get the ... See the Rest

Katie Price Live Tweets Latest Boob Job

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Honestly I have no idea what number boob job this is for Katie Price aka Jordan, but she's such a pro at it, she live tweeted this one! She posted this pic of implants with the caption,"like i've been saying, out with the old in with the new." Katie literally selfied and tweeted through the entire process save for when she was unconscious. That is dedication. ... See the Rest

Morgan McMichaels’ Living For the Lipsync – Latrice Royale, Fan Submission, and April Carrion!

Living For The Lipsync Morgan McMichaels

On this episode of Living for The Lipsync, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 lip-sync legend Morgan McMichaels directs you to check Latrice Royale's Pat Hodges Lipsync and a lipsync from our fan submission, Femelle D'Hyde! And also, get a drag tip from April Carrion! Click over, watch, and LIVE for the lipsync! ... Watch Now

First Look At Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Here's an early Christmas present from Disney and JJ Abrams. It doesn't give anything away, but it does make me look forward to NEXT Christmas. You get a quick peek at Mark Hamill but no sign of Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford –although you do hear him say, "You guys got room in this battle for an old war horse?" @Midnight's Hashtag Wars is now trending with #NewStarWarsSpoilers like this Tweet ... See the Rest

Why Does Everything Have To Make Sense? Have A Great Thanksgiving, Kids!


Aunt Louise and Cousin Stefi wish you a FABULOUS Turkey Day! ... See the Rest

#TBT: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Flashback

Greatest Hits 1931

I love these old pictures of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Turn on any TV this morning and you can see the 2014 version. Here's a bit of parade history from Wikipedia: The tradition started in 1924, tying it for the second-oldest Thanksgiving parade in the United States, along with America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit. In 1924, the annual Thanksgiving parade started by Louis ... See the Rest

#Gratitude: Happy Thanksgiving!


This is a post about being grateful, so if this isn't your thing, you can move on. For me, this holiday has always been about gratitude, not the Pilgrims and the Indians, football, family or stuffing yourself. (I don't eat meat, so the centerpiece of the meal has literally been stuffing.) But with the Michael Brown ruling just handed down, it's on a lot of people's minds today and it's tough to ... See the Rest

It’s Birthday, Bitch

Birthday Featured Image- World of Wonder

Tom Wolf Alison Pill Bill Nye Brooke Langton Caroline Kennedy Fisher Stevens Jaleel White James Avery Kathryn Bigelow Michael Vartan Robin Givens Samantha Bond Samantha Harris Sharlto Copley Twista Victoria Gotti William Fichtner ... See the Rest

Tune for Today: Liza Minnelli’s New Single “Until the End”

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 4.38.31 PM

The ever-iconic Liza Minnelli teams up with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis for a new song "Until the End" – and it's EXACTLY what you think it's going to be. (That's a good thing.) "I was delighted when J. Ralph first told me he had written a song with me in mind and when I heard it I new he meant it," Minnelli told The Huffington Post in an email statement. "It reminded me of some of the best ... Watch Now

#HappyThanksgiving: Laverne Cox, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett & Rosie Perez In One Shot!


Today The View had guests Laverne Cox, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett and after the taping, the fab Laverne Tweeted this candid pic. I'd like to know what that conversation was about...? Probably, "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?", just like everyone else today. Happy Tofurkey Day! (Sorry, I don't eat turkey.) ... See the Rest

Watch Now: WOWPresents Network Spotlight: Good Clean P0rn!

Good Clean P0rn WOWPresents

Meet one of the newest members of our WOWPresents Multi-Channel Network, Good Clean P0rn! Make sure you subscribe to Good Clean P0rn on YouTube so you never miss a new video! ... Watch Now