Ellen Page: “Stop Calling Straight Actors Playing LGBT Characters ‘Brave’ – It’s Borderline Offensive”

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Ellen Page spoke to Time magazine about her role in the upcoming movie Freeheld, being an LGBT advocate, and why you should NEVER call her brave. "When people are called brave in regards to playing LGBTQ ... See the Rest

So What’s Going on with George W Bush’s Hair?

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I always feel a little malicious glee when I see receding hairlines on men. As someone who had an oh-so-tragic magenta combover at 27, it gives me no end of Schadenfreude to watch this Vine of George W Bush (in New Orleans this afternoon to mark the ... See the Rest

#FlashbackFriday: Britney Kissed Madonna 12 Years Ago Today at MTV’s VMAs


Just in case you needed more of a reason to celebrate other than today just being Friday. Britney, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and See the Rest

It’s Fun T-Shirt Friday!

Fun T-Shirt Friday - World of Wonder

Here at WOW, we’re having TOO MUCH FUN with our fun t-shirts, as today is fun t-shirt friday! Check out some of the employees of WOW staying COOL FOR THE SUMMER on the roof of WOW!   ... See the Rest

Hot New Magazine OTD: “Everyone Loves a Man Nipple Photobook”

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Nipples! We got nipples! And not just ANY nipples: MEN'S Nipples! JAPANESE Men's nipples! A whole magazine devoted to them! Because men's nipples don't get nearly the love they deserve! From See the Rest

#InstagramYouShouldBeFollowing: RuPaw’s Drag Race on Instagram

RuPaw's Drag Race

The internet LOVES cats and it LOVES RuPaul's Drag Race, so it was bound to happen, right? There is now an Instagram account called RuPaw's Drag Race in which a cat is dressed as some of your favorite Drag Race ... See the Rest

Drool Over World of Wonder’s Weekly Island Report


If you’ve been watching Island Hunters on HGTV, then YOU KNOW the jaw-droppingly sumptuous private islands that are out there on the market. Every week on our Island Report, we’re bringing you a hot new property you DIDN’T see on the show. This week check out See the Rest

Artist Hanksy Paints Street Portrait of Donald Dump, I Mean Donald Trump

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Hanksy, the Banksy parodist, has painted the perfect portrait of the Republican presidential candidate – as a steaming pile of fly-covered ... See the Rest

A Dark & Twisted McQueen Transfers to the West End From London


For the West End Premiere of McQueen last night a rainbow literally shone over this part of town. No surprise really as London's queer glitterati and fashionistas got ... See the Rest

This Kid Finds Out He’s Going To Be a Big Brother and His Reaction Is Priceless!

Big Brother

This is the cutest video I've seen all damn day! He finds out he's going to be a big brother and gets REALLY excited in the sweetest little British accent you ever did hear, then wants to double check and make 100% sure his mum isn't pulling his chain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSe0g7gV5uQ Best part: he gets to hold it AND push the ... See the Rest

#TrendAlert: Bean Sprouts Growing Out of Your Head Is All the Rage in China

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In "Sure, Why Not?" news, it seems everyone in Beijing is apparently walking around with small plastic sprouts emerging directly from the top of their heads. I LOVE IT. According to the See the Rest

Is A Trip To Dismaland Really Worth It?


Once upon a time there was a very clever artist who grew up in Bristol, who went for an evening stroll along an esplanade (boardwalk to Americans) in a nearby seaside town where he had an idea. Let’s embrace the decay of a fallen on hard times, weather battered, former fun fair and turn into a money making popular culture phenomenon and just like ... See the Rest

Condragulations! Debbie Reynolds, Gena Rowlands, and Spike Lee Will Be Getting Honorary Oscars This Year!

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It was announced today that the Academy will be bestowing honorary awards on actress/goddess Gena Rowlands and writer-director Spike Lee and will present ... See the Rest