9 Marvel Characters Get Hello Kitty Makeovers

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Tumblr maestros Dreamstore, Leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas, and Nerdwegian gave Marvel superheroes (and villains) fabulous Hello Kitty makeovers, complete with pretty pink hair bows and barrets. Seriously loving the Winter Soldier outfit. Check out more edits from the series on Tumblr. (via The Laughing Squid) ... See the Rest

(Snap, Crackle) Pop Art Treats

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Rice Krispy treats become pop art confections in the hands of former fashion-darling-turned-snack-queen Jessica Siskin aka Mr Krispy. Check out these pics from her Instagram below. Yum. (via BuzzFeed) ... See the Rest

The 15 Instagram Pics That Will Convince You Raja Is the Most Sickening Queen EVAH

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RuPaul's Drag Race season three winner Raja aka Sutan Amrull is, without a doubt, one of the most GORGEOUS, ORIGINAL, and CAPTIVATING queens you will ever see. From showgirl drag to Ganesh realness – and everything in between – she covers the waterfront with her exotic beauty and fierce style. Check out some of her most fabulous Instagram pics after the jump. ... See the Rest

Behind The Scenes of Bianca Del Rio’s New WOWPresents Series

Bianca Del Rio WOWPresents

Stay tuned for details of Bianca Del Rio's new WOWPresents show! But click over now to check out some exclusive behind the scenes photos that were posted on Bianca's Instagram! ... See the Rest

Meet Amanda Hackey

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If you have not been seeing these videos in your friends facebook feeds then it is time to find new friends! These dancing videos from Amanda Hackey from andersandpoopoo are giving me life. More more more! Watch "Ride it, my pony" and her DUBSTEP kills it! ... Watch Now

Transformations: The Boulet Brothers

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Another amazing all-new episode of Transformations – this week, we have the spooky-sexy superstars of the LA underground fetish scene, the Boulet Brothers, who drop by to transform me into an 18th century sextaterestrial latex GOD. The outfit is simply ASTOUNDING. One of my favorites yet! And make sure to watch to watch to the VERY END to see the surprise guest wowlebrity! ... See the Rest

That Was the Front, THIS Is the Back: Angelina’s Stunning Wedding Dress Part II

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As Trey just mentioned, Angelina's fabulous Atelier Versace wedding gown featured dozens of designs from her children’s drawings sewn onto the dress and veil. Hello! magazine has a great pic of it on their cover. What a fabulous idea. And still so chic! I wonder if hand-sewn or silkscreened pics will become a trend in the coming months? From Hello! "We are delighted and honoured to ... See the Rest

Car Exhaust + Party Horns = WHEEEEEEE!

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What happens when you attach a dozen party horns to a car exhaust? FUN HAPPENS, that's what! And if you think I'm not running to Party City on my lunch break, you don't me very well.  This is the most exciting video I've seen in WEEKS. ... See the Rest

Must-Hear Song of the Day Julian Casablancas + The Voidz “Human Sadness”

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God bless Julian Casablancas for keeping rock interesting. Rolling Stone describes "Human Sadness" – his gorgeous new 11-minute experimental track with the Voidz  – as "a structure-less beast that features everything from jarring noise and warped, processed vocals to bombastic stadium rock solos and a hint of the gritty NYC punk Casablancas is best known for." That might not be enticing enough to ... Watch Now

“Nobodies Perfect”: Misspelled Tattoos Are Permanently Hilarious


Its all hear for you to sea. So, their are no werds, I guest – expect for "No regerts." (via Sad and Useless) ... See the Rest

Us Not Weakly: What Celebrity Mag Ran This Outrageous Cover?


None of them. It's a parody. Not one that I put together, but one I couldn't resist posting because; A. It's funny. B. I used to be the art director there! I've seen my share of parodies but this one is pretty on target. No specific news and scandal really but an overall fatigue with gossip weeklies is the theme. My one criticism? That space top right is PRIME cover real estate and would ... See the Rest

Not The Pitts: Brangelina’s Wedding Covers People


Yes, we all know by now, the world's most famous (and gorgeous) couple got hitched last week. But do you know who their "fancy" wedding planners were? Their six kids. The small ceremony on Aug. 23 – attended by just 20 friends and family members – was held in the chapel of Château Miraval, the Jolie/Pitt's estate in the French village of Correns. The wedding – including pics of the ceremony, ... See the Rest

Hot Look of the Day: Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber arrived at an Ontario ranch all gussied up in some crazy 1890s prospector drag. Love it. Serve that Gabby Hayes realness, hunty. From Pacific Coast News: Selena Gomez joins Justin Bieber on a trip to Canada, where they rekindled their relationship, after arriving on a private jet from LA. The couple went to a horse riding ranch with Justin's Dad and his brother and sister, ... See the Rest