#WerkingGurl: More Caitlyn Jenner Leaving Patricia Field Today

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She's slaying NYC! From Connie Fleming's Facebook page today; "Seen leaving Patricia Field's Boutique today in New York. The stunning Catilyn Jenner in a sequin mini skirt & David Dalrymple Neoprene Blazer, with BFF actress & entertainer Candis Cayne also in classic ... See the Rest

Let the Music Play: Get the T on Alaska’s “Hieee” and Find Out the Story Behind the Video

Let the Music Play

On the latest episode of Let the Music Play, Alaska sits down and tells all about her song "Hieee", from her hit album ANUS, and it's video featuring a TON of her sisters from RuPaul's Drag Race! Watch after the jump! ... Watch Now

Bennifer Shocker (NOT!): Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are Getting Divorced and I Know Why

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Yep. It's true. After 10 years of marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are calling it quits. The couple released the following joint statement to the press this afternoon: "After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We ... See the Rest

#OnThisGayDay: Bowers V. Hardwick


June 30, 1986- Bowers v. Hardwick “Bowers was not correct when it was decided, & it is not correct today. It ought not to remain binding precedent. Bowers v. Hardwick should be & now is overruled." Justice Kennedy on Lawrence v. Texas What a week with monumental ... See the Rest

Flashback 1973: The Revolutionary Sylvia Rivera Reminds Us What Stonewall Was Really About

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It was an absolutely perfect weekend, wasn't it? As close to bliss as I've ever come at a Pride parade. Things finally seem to be going our way. The LGBT movement is in some pretty capable hands. We've got lovely leaders like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Rachel Maddow, Dustin Lance ... See the Rest

Can You Guess Your Favorite Rock Stars From their Childhood Pictures?

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The fabulous Tara McGinley over at Dangerous Minds spent countless hours unearthing this fabulous treasure trove of rock star baby pics, bless her heart. They're all completely fascinating and completely adorable, who knew rock stars were actually children once? See if you can ... See the Rest

#HeadsUp: Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posted A Nude DM on Instagram

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The designer Marc Jacobs seems to have made the mistake every Instagram user (of a certain type) fears. He accidentally posted an image that was supposed to be a private DM! "It's yours to try," he wrote in the caption, seemingly referring to his bare butt (or the tip of his ... See the Rest

RuPaul’s Squirrel Friends: RuPaul Teaches All T & All Shade iPhone Secrets!

RuPaul's Squirrel Friends

RuPaul and his squirrel friends, All T & All Shade, are back in this week's all-new episode of RuPaul's Squirrel Friends! This week, Ru teaches the squirrels some quick tips for the iPhone! Watch after the jump. ... Watch Now

Watch Out, J-Law: Caitlyn Jenner Has an Even Hotter Bodyguard!

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The ever-more elegant Caitlyn Jenner stepped out for dinner at Tutto Il Giorno in New York wearing a midnight blue Hervé Leger bandage dress and looking like ten million bucks. And yet, as fabulous as she looked, all anyone could talk about on Facebook was her hunky bodyguard who ... See the Rest

#Halleloo!: McDonald’s Is Adding the $8 McLobster Roll To the Summer Menu!


Do we have to call it a McLobster Roll? Well, Mickey Dee's is adding the summer seafood sandwich to menus across New England as of Saturday. They say their lobster roll is made with “100 percent North Atlantic lobster and mayonnaise” that is loaded onto a bed of lettuce ... See the Rest

#WatchNow: NYPD Officer Gets Down with His Bad Self at Pride –In A Good Way!


It is sometimes tough to appreciate how much has changed since police raided the Stonewall Inn, sparking riots and our national gay rights, LGBT movement. But Sunday's Gay Pride parade in NYC, coming on the heels of a landmark Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, was such ... See the Rest

#YoureFired!: NBC Gives Trump the Ax & Donald Fires Back, Saying The Network Is “Weak” & “Foolish”


NBC is distancing itself from Mr. Blowhard, POTUS candidate, Donald Trump. Last week they issued a statement saying; "We do not agree with Mr. Trump on a number of issues..." And since then they are cutting ties completely... "... the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe ... See the Rest

#LawsuitOTD: Paris Hilton Was NOT In On The Plane Crash Prank & Is Going To Sue!


James St. James posted the viral video yesterday of the "plane crash" prank played on Paris Hilton but contrary to what many said, she was NOT in on it. According to TMZ, she's telling business associates she will sue the people responsible for putting her on a plane that ... See the Rest