RIP Polly Bergen


Emmy-winning actress and singer Polly Bergen had a LONG career died of natural causes today in her home in Southbury Connecticut. She was 84. Bergen was a household name from the beginning of her. She made albums and played leading roles in films, stage musicals and TV dramas. She also hosted her own variety series, was a popular game show panelist, and founded a beauty company too that made her ... See the Rest

First Look: Tim Burton’s Big Eyes


Go ahead and tell me Tim Burton doesn't have the best casts! I could go through the list, but you KNOW what I mean. To prove my point, here's a look at his upcoming film, Big Eyes. (Sad face... it won't be out until Christmas Day.) It tells the true story of Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), whose striking portraits of children with BIG EYES became a mass-produced sensation in the Fifties and Sixties. ... See the Rest

Flashback: Raw Celebrities In Johnny Rozsa’s Untouched

Leigh Bowery

I met photographer Johnny Rozsa about 15 years ago when I hired him to do a ambitious (very low-budget) photo shoot in two cities, no less. He did an amazing job and we became friends straight away. He's the kind of irresistible character that you want to be friends with. He was born and raised in Nairobi. "Living in Kenya made me curious,” he observes in his introduction to Untouched a collection ... See the Rest

It’s Birthday, Bitch

Birthday Featured Image- World of Wonder

Michelle Visage Alannah Currie Anne Meara Asia Argento Debbie Morgan Deborah Roberts Gary Cole Gunnar & Matthew Nelson Jon Bernthal Kristen Johnston Maggie Cheung Moon Bloodgood Phillip Phillips Sophia Loren ... See the Rest

Must-Watch: Sham Ibrahim’s World of Wonder Storefront Gallery Opening!

Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 8.55.44 PM

In which I grab you, the viewer, by the hand and magically whisk you through the night, introducing you to some of the most interesting people YOU'LL EVER MEET. There's the eccentric artist, himself, Sham Ibrahim, in his dotty mother-of-the-bride drag! There's the beautimous Courtney Stodden! There's Randy and Fenton and Lita and Janice and Angelyne and all the wonderful wowlebrities you've come ... Watch Now

Why Does Everything Have To Make Sense? Have a Great Weekend, Kids!


... See the Rest

Miranda Kerr Dons Geisha Drag for Japanese Vogue Cover: Fierce or Reprehensible Cultural Appropriation?

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.38.17 PM

Lively debate over in the comments section of ONTD on this one, with the Cultural Appropriation Police out in full force, condemning supermodel Miranda Kerr for wearing the outfits, Mario Testino for photographing them, and Anna Della Russo for orchestrating the whole "mess." On the other hand, it IS in Japanese Vogue, after all, and you have to ask: Can a Japanese magazine "appropriate" its own ... See the Rest

Watch This Video Now: WOWPresents The Weekly WOW Report at The World of Wonder Storefront Gallery!

Sham Ibrahim World of Wonder Gallery

On this episode of WOWPresents The WOW Report, Adam and Blake are at the World of Wonder storefront gallery talking about Ryan Serhant GETTING MARRIED, Boy with Brushes' joining our WOWPresents network, Raja and Raven TOOTING and BOOTING on Hollywood Boulevard AND they talk about Sham Ibrahim's opening at the WOW gallery! YAY! New episodes of WOWPresents The Weekly WOW Report every Friday ... Watch Now

Ear Porn: German Headphone Lives to Pleasure Ears

Video thumbnail for youtube video Ear Porn: German Headphone Lives to Pleasure Ears - World of Wonder

A giant headphone and a giant ear engage in some truly shocking behavior in this wtf Sennheiser commercial . Just watch. ... See the Rest

Your Daily Cry: Somebody Named JJ Watt (I Think He’s a Sports Person) Helps a Little Bullied Boy

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.17.31 PM

Little Billy is being bullied at school because of his teeth (awww) and because the way he walks. Enter football superstar JJ Watt who spends the day with Billy and introduces him to the wonderful world of the YMCA (Wyatt to Billy: "You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal, You can do whatever you feel ..."). Trust me: You WILL cry. And you'll absolutely love little Billy, omg poor ... Watch Now

The Best Gift I EVER RECEIVED: A Teen Wolf Poster Signed by the Entire Cast!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.19.07 AM

Last night, Million Matchmaker story producer Jordan Papadopoulos gifted me with the most fabulous gift EVER: A Teen Wolf poster signed by THE ENTIRE CAST. Can you IMAGINE MY DELIGHT?  Turns out, he's friends with the GORGEOUS Gage Golightly (Erica from Derek's wolf pack, of course), and she procured the autographs. I'm GOBSMACKED. Thankyouthankyouthankyou Gage! I'm off to frame it RIGHT NOW and ... See the Rest

Watch This Video Now: Homie$ For Ca$h – Jonny McGoverns and Lady Red Couture

Jonny McGovern Lady Red Couture

Comedian and host of Hey Qween, Jonny McGovern and his totally fabulous homie Lady Red Couture compete for cash and test how well they know each other on this episode of Homie$ For Ca$h! New episodes of Homie$ For Ca$h very Friday on WOWPresents! ... Watch Now

More Pics From Last Night’s AMAAAAAAZING Sham/WOW Gallery Show!

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.22.39 AM

The stars were definitely out last night! Celebrities, wowlebrities, reality stars, underground legends, up-and-comers... you name it, they all came to pay homage to Hollywood's Pop Art King, Sham Ibrahim! Check out the pics (by Jordan Papadopoulos) after the jump! ... See the Rest