Sex and The City Stylist Patricia Field Goes Pop For Crocs!


Fashion icon and mother of all things cool in NYC, Patricia Field, launches a new shoe ... See the Rest

#DragRace Queens on Instagram: Backstage At The VMAs With Miss Fame, Pearl, Gia Gunn, and MORE!


It's been four days since the big MTV Video Music Awards extravaganza with our RuPaul's DragRace queens, and I'm still not over the moment the glamazons stomped out onto that stage and made us all EAT IT! To celebrate ... See the Rest

Throwback Thursday: “I’m Real (Remix)” by Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule

Throwback Thursday

Oh my god, this song was my mutha-f*ckin' JAM! This song was number one this week WAY back in 2001. It was a good time for me. I had just started college at the University of Arkansas AND it was literally a week before everyone's life would be changed forever with the events of September 11. It was the end of the ... See the Rest

Actress and Icon Candis Cayne “It’s Nice to Know I had a Part in the Turning of the Tide “

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.21.19 PM

Glorious trans icon Candis Cayne sits down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about her childhood, her early days in New York, her transition, and the impact she's had on Hollywood. It's quite a talk. "It's kind of nice to know I had a part in the turning of the tide by getting on [Dirty Sexy Money], and playing a ... See the Rest

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: ConDRAGulations to David Parnes & Adrian on Their Recent Engagement!

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

It was already a big week for David Parnes from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles with his show premiering this week, but now we've just gotten news that he proposed to his ... See the Rest


king cobra

I hope all our Orlando queens are accounted for down in Orlando, FL! Roxxxy Andrews, you coo? Ginger Minj, you good? Anyone got eyes on Tyra Sanchez?! Hide yo wife! Hide yo kids! Hide yo husbands! There is a damn ... See the Rest

Justin Bieber Explains Why He Cried After His VMA Performance; Murders the Drums on The Tonight Show


When Justin Bieber made his comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend, most of us were pretty perplexed at what appeared to be an emotionally charged moment as he broke down into tears afterwards. Well, our dude was ... See the Rest

30 Isn’t a Drag: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Queens to Host 30th Anniversary Marathon of ‘Golden Girls’

30 Isn't a Drag

Logo will be airing a marathon of one of the greatest shows in the history of shows, Golden Girls, for it's 3oth anniversary with Shangela, See the Rest

#Breaking: Kim Davis Held In Contempt & Taken Into Custody By Federal Marshalls

Kim Davis, with her attorney Roger Gannam. Photo, Timothy D. Easley, AP

Federal District Judge David Bunning held Kim Davis in contempt of court today. She was led out by U.S. Marshals. The judge said that financial sanctions were not enough to ensure her compliance with the law. The sidewalk outside of the courthouse was filled with protesters on both sides of the issue. Davis’s ... See the Rest

Candidly Nicole #Recaps: Esther Povitsky is Recaps Episode 6!

Candidly Nicole

If you missed this week’s HILARIOUS Candidly Nicole, FEAR NOT! You can watch the full episode thanks to our friends at See the Rest

#InstasGrandpa: Was Andy Warhol the Original Instagramer? A New Book Says He Was, So…


We're all obsessed with Instagram ... See the Rest

#CatAstophes: THE Worst Pictures of Guys with Cats on the Internet


There may be a female or two mixed in, but nevertheless theses are some of THE worst pics of guys and cats out there. Oh, I can hear you Googling for worse ones already. Feel free to post those in the comments section on our See the Rest

#PupCulture: More Hot Dudes with Dogs

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.09.29 AM

Yes, we've featured the Instagram Hot Dudes With Dogs before. Their motto is; "These dudes with dogs will make you drool more than man's best ... See the Rest